Get Your Perfect Pout With an Easy, 3-Step System for Luscious Lips Averr Aglow

Get Your Perfect Pout With an Easy, 3-Step System for Luscious Lips

Life is busy, and sometimes you’re in too much of a hurry to pause for a moment of self-care. So when dry lips appear, what do you do? Quickly slap on a coat of the nearest chapstick and hope for the best. We’ve all been there.

But then your dry lips reappear again...and again...and again. Those cheap chapsticks aren’t cutting it.

For a rejuvenating routine that supports the health of your luscious lips, you need more than a surface-level stopgap. But all those petroleum-based jellies and balms just sit on top of your skin, shallow and ineffective. Is there no better alternative?

To truly break the cycle of dryness, level up your lip care with three natural, harmonious steps:

Exfoliation, nourishment, and hydration.

1. A Lip Polish for Gentle Exfoliation

What better way to start your lip care routine than by creating the perfect, smooth canvas?

To achieve the silky-sleek lips of your dreams, your first step is mild exfoliation. But it’s all too easy to overdo it with rough sugar scrubs, which can tear up your delicate lips. How many times have you tried DIY scrubs or acid-based peels that left your lips irritated and raw? They’re simply too strong for the thin, sensitive skin on your pout.

That’s why the Perfect Pout Lip Kit begins with our Strawberry Soufflé Lip Polish. This unique exfoliator is gentle enough for daily use and effective enough to leave your skin healthy and glowing.

Averr Aglow Strawberry Souffle Lip Polish


Crafted with natural strawberry seeds, our polish softly buffs away dry, flaky skin without damaging the layers underneath. As you rub it across your lips, they’re treated to an invigorating massage that encourages circulation and leaves your lips looking vibrant and renewed.

The whole experience is a spa-worthy event, from the delectable, creamy-pink shade of our polish to the subtle sweetness it gets from stevia leaf extract. And by the time you rinse, your lips are left clean, velvety, and kissably soft.

Step one is complete, and you’ve got your smooth canvas — now it’s time to maintain it with true, skin-supporting nourishment.

2. A Lip Mask for Deep Nourishment

The second step to lips that just won’t quit is cultivating them with a blend of nurturing ingredients.

Often, your regular skincare products are brimming with this vitamin or that nutrient, but do you ever think about nourishing your lips? The skin on your lips is up to 5 times thinner than the rest of your face and a lot more sensitive. So shouldn’t you provide extra-special care for this extra-special skin?

Luckily, this level of lip-enhancing care is easy with the Perfect Pout Lip Kit, which includes our deeply restorative Goodnight Kiss Lip Mask.

Averr Aglow Goodnight Kiss Lip Mask


Safe for even the most sensitive complexions, the mask’s long-wear formula sinks in while you sleep to deliver deep-reaching nourishment to the very foundations of your skin. Vitamin-rich botanicals like tea oil, raspberry seed oil, and snow mushroom extract deliver results by first reinforcing the health and well-being of your irreplaceable lips.

Simply apply the lip mask before you go to bed and let these natural ingredients work their magic overnight. You’ll awake to lush, revitalized lips that start your morning off with confidence-boosting allure.

To carry this pout-alicious self-assurance through the rest of your day, all you need is the final, moisturizing step in our lip care trifecta.

3. A Lip Balm for Daily Hydration

At last, hydration. This is where your old faithful chapsticks can finally prove their worth, right?

Well, not quite. Most chapsticks give your lips a temporary moisture reprieve, but they’re merely treating the surface-level symptoms of dry lips rather than the underlying cause. That’s why your endless stream of chapstick addiction has never produced lasting results.

Enter our Creamsicle Bliss Lip Balm, the luxurious hydrator that completes our Perfect Pout Lip Kit. Gliding on with a transparent luster, this fortified balm helps you achieve a luscious, natural look that compliments every skin tone.

Averr Aglow Creamsicle Bliss Lip Balm


More than your average chapstick, our balm boasts a concentration of high-quality botanical oils and butter that bathes your lips in profound moisture without feeling heavy or greasy.

  • Shea Butter: A sumptuous base that infuses your lips with rich hydration while soothing dryness and irritation.
  • Avocado Oil: A light oil with deposits of vitamin E and oleic acid, which help firm and smooth your lips for a perfectly ripe pout.
  • Fig Seed Oil: An antioxidant-rich extract that helps heal and protect your lips from harsh environmental damage.
  • Pomegranate Seed Oil: A superior natural moisturizer, pomegranate helps soften and repair the fragile skin of your lips to produce a flawless finish.

Ready to indulge your lips with lush ingredients? These extraordinary botanicals are only the beginning. Apply our citrusy balm as often as you like to infuse your lips with unsurpassed moisture and a light, glossy glow.

We’re doubling down on hydration — all 3 steps in our Perfect Pout Lip Kit contain moisturizing strawberry seed oil.

Averr Aglow Perfect Pout Lip Kit


With the complete triad of our Perfect Pout Lip Kit, you get everything your lips need to succeed: smoothing exfoliation, enriching nourishment, and plumping hydration.

Plus, our products support the fundamental health of your skin, so your lips will continue to become more and more vibrant and voluptuous as you use them!

This kit is no temporary fix or dry-lip placeholder — it’s a pout-empowering lifestyle.

What are you waiting for? Your thirsty lips are crying out for love and care. Treat them to the Perfect Pout Lip Kit and discover the plush, irresistible lips you’ve been missing.

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