The Kissable Magic of Strawberry Seed Oil

The Kissable Magic of Strawberry Seed Oil

Soft. Supple. Plump.

Like the intoxicating scent of sun-warmed fruit, these words capture our imaginations. And what embodies them more than the irresistible lusciousness of a fresh strawberry? If only we could capture their essence for ourselves and grace our lips with the same tantalizing ripeness.

But is it such an impossible dream?

To finally achieve those soft, supple, and plump lips you’ve been craving, strawberries themselves hold the key. Satisfy your skin with the indulgent nourishment of strawberry seed oil — an oil derived from berries so sublime, that we import it from Europe.

Strawberry Seed Oil, a British Botanical Masterpiece

When we behold a perfectly flawless fruit, it seems to have arrived from some distant utopia. And is there any more picturesque setting than the verdant fields of England? Sun-drenched country lanes overgrown with elderflowers and ivy, charming stone cottages nestled into the rolling landscape, the faint trilling of birds and bleating of lambs...

All this scenery unfurls before you like an idyllic, Jane Austen-worthy daydream.

the English countryside


Here in the pastoral paradise of England, our berries begin their journey, ripening into glistening jewels fit for a queen. It’s no surprise that strawberries have become an iconic British treat, pressed into thick, ruby-red jams or served fresh with a drizzle of cold cream.

But enticing flavor isn’t the only reward from multi-talented strawberries — they also contain nutrient-rich treasure in their tiny, overlooked seeds. And when these humble seeds are pressed, that treasure bursts forth in the form of a light, silky-soft oil.


Golden and slightly transparent, strawberry seed oil shimmers like liquid sunshine. From the moment of its pressing, it brims with nutrients and carries a subtle, sweetly nutty scent. Highly covetable, strawberry seed oil is revered in wellness circles from haircare to aromatherapy.

And lip care is no exception. You see, strawberry seed oil isn’t just good for your lips. It’s remarkable.

Enhance Your Pout With the Benefits of Strawberry Seed Oil

Aren’t you tired of heavy products that smother the delicate rosebud of your lips? Strawberry seed oil is a wonder of nature, bathing your lips in healing moisture without leaving behind any thick sheen or residue.

And unlike the mediocre petroleum in cheap chapsticks or jellies, this natural, nutrient-laden emollient instills essential nourishment to elevate your pout.

Enriches Your Skin and Supports Elasticity

Narrow or full, pillowy or dry, all lips long for an infusion of skin-renewing vitamins and minerals.

Strawberry seeds and their sumptuous oil are an excellent source of such nutrients, cultivating your skin with smoothing vitamin E, moisturizing fatty acids, and protective antioxidants. This potent blend helps revitalize the health of your lips and supports their natural bounce. So with each pout-affirming infusion, you take another step down the path to lush, youthful lips.

Strawberry seed oil is safe for the most sensitive skin, including the extra-delicate skin of your lips.

Strengthens Your Defenses and Locks in Hydration

At some point or another, we’ve all fallen prone to dryness, flaking, and chapping as precious moisture escapes our lips.

Strawberry seed oil restores hydrated balance by rebuilding your skin's defenses. As it fosters a firm barrier, this oil also helps protect your lips from damage, retain moisture, and release a pout that’s plump and kissably soft.

Absorbs Into Your Skin With a Velvety Finish

The coup de grâce for these lip-restoring benefits? Strawberry seed oil is considered a “dry oil,” meaning that it absorbs into the skin of your lips effortlessly. There is no heavy, greasy shine to contend with and no long wait for its benefits to sink in. Your lips can immediately revel in a whole new level of lustrous, botanical-inspired nourishment.

Averr Aglow Perfect Pout Lip Kit


Using Strawberry Seed Oil to Perfect Your Pout

So, how can you take full advantage of strawberry seed oil and its natural wonders? You must begin with an oil of the highest pedigree.

Many people take care to select foods that are clean, healthy, and of high purity. Isn’t it time to take the same care with ingredients that end up on our skin?

At Averr Aglow, we always prioritize minerals and botanicals of peak quality — no exceptions. Because if it isn’t good enough to eat, why should it be good enough for your precious lips?

That’s why we sought out exceptional, food-grade strawberry seed oil for our groundbreaking new Perfect Pout Lip Kit.

Averr Aglow Perfect Pout Lip Kit


Determined to maximize the benefits to your irreplaceable lips, we invested strawberry seed oil into all three steps of this unique kit.

  1. EXFOLIATE with the Strawberry Souffle Lip Polish. Pairing lush strawberry seed oil with the gentle texture of whole strawberry seeds, this mild exfoliant buffs away dry skin to reveal fresh, vibrant lips.
  2. NOURISH with the Goodnight Kiss Lip Mask. This overnight lip mask imbues your lips with penetrating nourishment. Its long-wear formula allows vitamin-rich botanicals like strawberry seed oil to rejuvenate your pout from the very foundations of your skin.
  3. HYDRATE with the Creamsicle Bliss Lip Balm. This silky, lightweight balm keeps your lips thoroughly moisturized. Perfect for all seasons, skin types, and times of day, it delivers restorative hydration 24/7.

With this comprehensive lip care system, you can saturate your lips with the unparalleled power of strawberry seed oil and finally unveil their healthy, radiant allure.

Your lips do so much for you, expressing your truth with each smile, each song, and each whispered word. Don’t they deserve to be cherished in return?

Thanks to the Perfect Pout Lip Kit, showing them love has never been easier. With all three products, you can harness the golden beauty of strawberry seed oil and bathe your lips in the soothing, pristine essence of English country life. Don’t miss this opportunity — get your kit now and finally embrace the plush, berry-ripe lips of your dreams.

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