Perfect Pout Lip Kit
Perfect Pout Lip Kit
Perfect Pout Lip Kit
Perfect Pout Lip Kit
Perfect Pout Lip Kit
Perfect Pout Lip Kit

Anti-aging Skincare

Perfect Pout Lip Kit

Gluten Free

Peta Approved

Paraben Free

Made In Usa

The Perfect Pout Lip Set is the ultimate reset for dry, chapped, or flaky lips. Uncover your luscious lip pout with this beautifully crafted, three-step lip kit. Deeply hydrating and nourishing, every product is infused with plant-based extracts, waxes, butters, and exotic oils to help make your lips unbelievably soft and supple. Instantly reveal baby-smooth lips perfect for seamless lipstick application or a natural, ready-to-wear look.

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Uniting Lumninescent Sheen with Lush Hydration

The Perfect Pout Lip Kit is your answer to around-the-clock nourishment that helps plump, hydrate, and restore dry, cracked lips. Full of clean and delicious ingredients, this lip care kit prioritizes the health of your lips and infuses them with constant moisture. Unlike other lip products on the market, our kit does not contain petroleum-derived ingredients—only skin-friendly, lip-enhancing, plant-based infusions. Result? Thriving, buttery-smooth lips that are utterly soft and kissable.*Bonus: this lip treatment kit also contains antibacterial and antimicrobial properties to help fight acne and fine lines around your lips.

Rejuvenates Chapped and Dry Lips

Safe enough for sensitive skin, this lip scrub is infused with ultra-pure, natural, and plant-based ingredients to help restore your lips back to a supple, velvety-smooth pout.

Cultivates Hydration

Natural plant-based ingredients like snow mushroom and green tea create the ultimate restorative cocktail. This lip mask provides deep hydration while locking in moisture for long-lasting results.

Fortifies the Lips to Reverse Damage

Decadent fruit oils, rich in vitamins and antioxidants, help protect your sensitive lips against environmental damage and harmful free radicals.

Steps to Glowing Skin


Apply the Strawberry Soufflé Lip Polish and gently scrub your lips in a circular motion before rinsing lips completely. (For extra-intense hydration and nourishment, leave on for 1-2 minutes before rinsing.)

Apply Mask

Next, apply the Goodnight Kiss Lip Mask and sleep soundly, knowing your lips are getting the deep-reaching nourishment they need.

Balm the Day Away

Apply the Creamsicle Bliss Lip Balm whenever your lips are feeling thirsty. You can use it to start your morning, perk up your afternoon, and wind down at night!



Gentle on Skin



Highest Quality Ingredients

No Artificial Fragrances

No Parabens

No Sulfates

No Hidden Ingredients

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