How To Use Averr Aglow’s Luminous Complexion Toner Averr Aglow

How To Use Averr Aglow’s Luminous Complexion Toner

Looking for smoother more even skin, or perhaps something that helps reduce pore size and balance any excess oil on your skin? Then say “hello” to your new toner which now has a cult following. Why? It’s a non-drying toner that has been made to provide you with an even, smooth skin tone by helping reduce the look of pore size and provide a boost to clearing up acne/breakouts. Perfect for all skin types and will not leave your skin tight or dry like most toners on the market. Take the results this toner produces and add a scent that is relaxing and mesmerizing and it will quickly become the toner you’ll wish you had discovered sooner. 

A toner made to provide the fastest visible results in balancing skin tone. Made with a unique blend of natural ingredients like Kakadu plum and Comfrey extract which provide some of the highest levels of Vitamin C. These ingredients help even and brighten skin tones while reducing fine lines, and redness and provide a boost to your skin's immune system to help it fight off any acne/breakouts. Along with stimulating cell regeneration, this product helps promote healthy new skin cells that will leave you with a smooth, healthy-looking complexion.

Why the Luminous Complexion Toner Works

  1. Improves Skin Tone: With our unique herbal blend of ingredients like comfrey, lemon balm, and orange peel we have made a toner that helps even out your skin tone. This toner also helps the look of your pores and improves scar marks without making your skin feel dry and tight leaving you with skin that looks smooth, vibrant, and healthy.
  2. Clears Up Skin: When we discovered what the Kakadu Plum extract can do for your skin we had to include it in our toner. Having 100 times more Vitamin C than oranges, it was no surprise to see the exceptional results. The ingredients are a massive immune booster to your skin, helping it to clear up and fight off acne/breakouts leaving you with clear skin much quicker than you might expect from a toner.      
  3. Protects skin: With a unique blend of over 17 natural ingredients, this toner is the perfect balance of cleaning, toning, hydrating, helping clear up breakouts, and protecting your skin from free radicals. Truly a must-have for the perfect skincare routine, leaving you with a beautiful dewy complexion.

Luminous Complexion Toner Tutorial

You've purchased the Luminous Clear Skin Kit, which includes the Luminous complexion toner. Now, the only difference between the Clear Skin Kit and the Luminous Clear Skin Kit is it includes this addition. Now, the toner is nice, you don't have to purchase it to see clear skin, but a lot of ladies love the Luminous Complexion Toner because it helps with blotchy skin. It helps the look of pores.

And helps with refining while they go through the clear skin process. It also helps, you know, kind of deal with If the cleanser is a little bit oily, it helps kind of help that assimilate into the pores even more. 

Open it up and hold it onto a cotton pad. It soaks through. I generally do about two circles. You're going to wipe your skin and buff it just like you would the radiant cleansing nectar. Make sure to hit that jawline. Don't forget your neck. You're going to do that all over your face, and that is how you apply the toner. You would then move on to your moisturizer and your creams. 

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