How To Use Averr Aglow’s Flawless Nourishment Cream Averr Aglow

How To Use Averr Aglow’s Flawless Nourishment Cream

Dealing with dry or combo skin and needing a moisturizer that can provide deep hydration while not clogging your pores or leaving you feeling greasy. The Flawless Nourishment Cream, made with only plant butter and oils, our most nutrient-dense cream provides deep hydration that helps protect and bring skin back to life. Specially created for dry or combo skin to restore dull, lifeless complexions to glowing, hydrated, smooth, and healthy. Clinically tested to be non-comedogenic (not pore-clogging) this creamy face moisturizer will be your secret weapon in helping you fight against acne/breakouts and restoring your skin to the dewy complexion of your dreams. 

Why the Flawless Nourishment Cream Works

  1. Fully Hydrates: We discovered that when we blend jojoba oil with other rich plant oils they work together to mimic your skin's natural oil and help balance oil production in the skin. This allows our moisturizer to absorb quickly without the worry of it clogging any pores, giving you an all-day hydrated glow and clearer-looking skin.
  2. Keeps Skin Clear: Blended with oils that help kill acne/breakout-causing bacteria, this special blend helps prevent new acne/breakouts from forming while also providing deep hydration for your skin.
  3. Repairs skin: Made with skin-repairing oils like rosehip, camellia, and pumpkin seed, these oils combine to provide skin with high levels of nutrients like vitamins A & C, D, E, and omegas and are rich in oleic acid and zinc. This combo has been clinically proven to help repair the skin quickly meaning acne,  breakouts, and scars clear up faster.

Flawless Nourishment Cream Tutorial

This sweet-smelling, luxurious cream is perfect for flawless skin. Specially designed to keep your face supple and hydrated, it's the perfect everyday moisturizer!

After you've cleansed your skin, the next step in the routine would be to do the hydration of the cream. So we have two versions, flaws nourishment cream, and flawless water cream. You say, what's the difference? 

First is our flawless nourishment cream. Now, this is a very dense formula of oils and butter, and you only need a little. I mean, we're talking half a pea size. This is going to be better if you're more on the drier side, and you're more prone to if you're in areas of the world that are drier, harsher on the skin, you need a little bit more moisture or especially more, ideal for winter climates as well.

And then you're going to take the clarifying hydration do, and you're going to spray it in your hand. A couple of sprays, maybe two to three. And you're going to rub it to Now, why would you do this? The reason is because this is full of oils and butters, it's very rich. Again, same concept, they like to sit on the surface of the skin, the oils, and butters because they have a large molecule size.

With the dew, it's gonna help break that down. It's going to make a little bit of a manual emulsion your hand of kind of that cream concept, and then you're gonna pat your face and spread it all over. And that is what will help you if you are on the drier side. Now, again, the same thing.

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