Kakadu Plum, Skin-Brightening Vitamin Bomb Averr Aglow

Kakadu Plum, Skin-Brightening Vitamin Bomb

Does your complexion need a pick-me-up? Has your skin been looking dull or tired?

Not for long!

Meet skincare’s bright new king of vitamin C: Kakadu plum.

There’s no match for this rare super-fruit. A keystone ingredient in our Luminous Complexion Toner, Kakadu plum is packed with benefits for every complexion and skin type.

This essential antioxidant is a secret weapon you need to reclaim a youthful glow and reveal your inner radiance!

What is Kakadu Plum Extract?

Kakadu plums, also known as the Billygoat Plum, are nutrient-dense fruit from Northern Australia and is one of the world's richest source of natural vitamin C. Unlike the fat, purple plums you may be picturing, Kakadu is yellow-green and adorably small, about the size of an olive or cherry.

A traditional part of the Aboriginal diet, the Australian Kakadu plum can be eaten raw, but its flavor is on the tart side — a little citrusy, a little appley, and even a touch floral. As such, this native Australian fruit is ideal for jams, drinks, and prepared desserts. Some of the indigenous communities in Australia have known the many uses of Kakadu plums for years.

...But good luck finding Kakadu jam anywhere in the northern hemisphere!

Kakadu plums are little known outside of Australia, only in recent years gaining an international reputation for their profound health benefits.

The secret that makes Kakadu plums so valuable is their incredible nutrition. To survive the harsh Australian climate, Kakadu developed a dense concentration of nutrients and vitamins. They are rich in antioxidants, potassium, and dietary fiber, not to mention insane amounts of vitamin C.

Kakadu boasts the highest levels of vitamin C of any natural source on Earth — up to 55 times the amount of vitamin C in oranges!

No wonder they’re considered a superfood. We’re gonna need a Kakadu smoothie, stat!

Bar graph: Vitamin C per 100 grams of fruit


Interested in vitamin-rich rosehips?

Find them in our Flawless Nourishment Cream!

How Kakadu Plum Benefits Your Skin

The Aboriginal people of Australia have used Kakadu plums medicinally for hundreds of years. From flu relief to soothing antiseptic balms, Kakadu has excelled in a variety of holistic treatments.

Now Kakadu plums are proving just as useful in the realm of skincare! Their intense supply of nutrients provides an answer to almost any skincare need.


Kakadu plum helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines and promotes collagen production. Meanwhile, vitamin C and other antioxidants fight off photoaging by neutralizing free radicals — harmful molecules that destabilize your skin cells. Skip the environmental damage, and let Kakadu Plum maintain your youthful glow!


Thanks to their high antioxidant levels, Kakadu plums are the natural enemy of redness and inflammation. This anti-inflammatory property makes Kakadu ideal for sensitive skin types, especially those with inflammatory conditions like acne or eczema.


Vitamin C is fantastic for your immune system, skin included. The skin is your body’s first line of defense, but its immunity can be damaged by environmental factors like UV rays. Topical vitamin C helps preserve your skin’s immunity, keeping it strong to protect you from threats...like acne-causing bacteria and environmental toxins!

Fades dark spots:

Vitamin C impedes the production of melanin, aka the skin pigment behind your dark marks. Applying vitamin C topically — say, through our Kakadu-rich Luminous Complexion Toner — can help your hyperpigmentation fade into the past.

Averr Aglow Luminous Complexion Toner



Perk up your tired skin with vitamin C. It’s known to smooth and balance uneven skin tone, act as a natural anti-inflammatory, and brighten your overall complexion.

Prevents scarring:

The vitamin C in Kakadu plums even helps speed up wound healing. If you struggle with blemishes, this could make all the difference in preventing acne scars. Healthy skin recovery reduces your risk of scarring or further infection.

Sourcing the Best Kakadu Plum

All the vitamin C and powerful antioxidants from Kakadu plums can serve as loyal allies on your skincare journey. However, not all vitamin C formulations are effective. Some vitamin C products use cheap synthetic alternatives or contain only trace amounts of the vitamin.

That’s not good enough for your precious skin!

Forget the weak, man-made stand-ins. Vitamin C from Kakadu plums is the real deal, natural and concentrated enough that your complexion can soak up every benefit.

Kakadu Plums 55 times more vitamin C than oranges


And at Averr Aglow, our Kakadu plum is a head above the rest.

We source our Kakadu plum extract directly from Australian suppliers, who draw it out using the innovative “cellular extraction” method. This method preserves the plums’ active compounds without stressing the plant cells or compromising quality.

The resulting extracts hold the highest level of purity and potency. Accept no substitute!

Adding Kakadu Plum to Your Skincare Routine

Kakadu plums are the gold standard of skincare ingredients. But how can you take advantage of them in your daily routine?

Look for products that let Kakadu plums shine at center stage. Even better if the products are crafted with complementary botanicals that boost and support Kakadu’s natural healing power.

Our Luminous Complexion Toner is the perfect vehicle to get your Kakadu fix. Suitable for every skin type, this soothing toner pairs Kakadu plum with cell-regenerating comfrey. Together, they help brighten, rejuvenate, and even out your skin tone to reveal the glowing complexion hiding within.

Averr Aglow Luminous Complexion Toner


It’s that easy. Want fresher, clearer skin? Just say “G’Day!” to Kakadu Plum, and put some Australia in YOUR beauty routine!

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