How To Use Averr Aglow’s Clear Skin Elixir Averr Aglow

How To Use Averr Aglow’s Clear Skin Elixir

A one-of-a-kind overnight face mask that not only helps clear up your acne/breakouts, this light, breathable mask is worn overnight to help work against those breakouts all through the night to wake up to clearer, smoother skin, and no it won’t rub off on the pillow! This nutrient powerhouse not only helps clear up current breakouts but quickly goes to work on preventing new ones from forming. 

Loaded with ingredients to help reduce redness, irritation, scars, and marks that come along with acne, this silky overnight mask will become your new best friend for battling breakouts. It can be used as an all-over mask or as a spot treatment where needed. Many of our customers call this product liquid gold, due to it clearing their skin so quickly while also reducing redness and irritation. With just one application, this product will give you visible overnight results.

Why the Clear Skin Elixir Works

  1. Purifies and Clears Skin: Made with a special blend of French Pink Clay, Tea Tree, and Manuka Oil it has been clinically proven to pull out impurities deep from within your skin and help kill bacteria that cause acne/breakouts. Crafted to help remove toxins and clear up acne/breakouts without leaving your face feeling tight and dry like a typical clay mask. This is why we call it an elixir, leaving you with results so good it almost feels magical. 
  2. Evens Out Complexion: There’s nothing worse than red, splotchy skin that seems to make your acne/breakouts look even worse. The good news is the Clear Skin Elixir has been made with natural-based ingredients that are designed to reduce redness and irritation almost overnight to provide you with a beautiful, even skin tone that looks happy and healthy.
  3. Fades Scars and Marks: Using above-sea fossilized coral we can pack in over 70 trace minerals into this product. These minerals are some of the main building blocks needed for repairing your skin and providing smooth new skin cells to give you a nice, smooth complexion. 
  4. Proper Nutrition: We made this product to leave on your face overnight. This allows your skin to absorb all the nutrients that the 20 natural ingredients in this product provide to the fullest. With over 70 minerals and trace minerals along with high levels of vitamins A, E, and Omegas, 3,6,9 you’ll wake up to skin that looks clearer, healthier, and happier. 

Clear Skin Elixir Tutorial

This pink overnight mask is a clear skin product that helps balance skin to reduce unwanted breakouts!

The Clear Skin Elixir is an overnight face mask that you're going to apply nightly after you've cleansed, it's full of wonderful extracts and oils and pink clay to help keep those breakouts at bay, smooth skin, clear inflammation, all those bumps, blackheads. It helps with all of that skin imperfection.

You would use about one to two pumps to cover the entire face. It's going to look a little translucent. It shouldn't be thick pink, but a little semi-translucent as you rub it in. You first apply it, you're gonna see it's a little wet. And as you rub in, it's going to go to a little bit more chalky. And that's how we're getting the mask to stay on your face, and that's the point you want it to be at when you're applying and rubbing it in. You're going to apply it about ten minutes before bed. Before you hit that pillow, it won't rub off on the pillow if you've rubbed it in like that, and that's what you apply through the night.

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