Why Nourishing Lip Balm is a Can’t-Miss Lip Care Staple

Why Nourishing Lip Balm is a Can’t-Miss Lip Care Staple

We’ll admit it: we’ve all had on-again, off-again love affairs with lip balm. From the wildly cola-flavored chapsticks of our childhood to the utilitarian petroleum jelly we tried as adults, our dry-lipped odyssey has seen plenty of highs and lows.

And yet, we still find ourselves searching and wondering:

Are lip balms worth it?

It’s time to put those questions to rest. Because a truly nourishing lip balm can be more than just a fun skincare extra — for supple, hydrated lips, it’s a must-have.

Do You Need a Lip Balm?

It’s okay if you’re skeptical. Maybe you’re in the lucky percentage of people who only rarely get dry, chapped lips. Do you still need a lip balm?

Girl, yes.

Here’s the thing: the skin of your lips is much thinner and more sensitive to your environment than the rest of your face. (For reference, the skin of your cheeks or forehead is made of 15-16 cell layers. Your tender lips only contain a flimsy 3-5.) Because their skin barrier is so thin, your lips are extremely prone to moisture loss.

Plus, your lips aren’t protected by the same natural oils that defend the rest of your complexion. So your lips lose hydration even faster.

Just add a mattifying lip product, and your pout will be crying out for help.

Averr Aglow infographic - 9 Common Causes of Chapped Lips


Enter quality lip products. With the right lip balm, you can help restore and maintain healthy moisture levels while giving your lips extra protection from external damage.

A hydrating lip balm can also make your mouth look fuller, healthier, and more kissably soft. Yes, yes, and yes!

But this all begs the question:

How do you find the right product?

How to Choose the Best Lip Balm

Seeking out your ideal lip balm may sound simple. What are you looking for, after all? A product that is hydrating, beneficial for your skin, and free of harmful ingredients. How hard could that be?

Unfortunately, most run-of-the-mill chapsticks and balms merely focus on instant gratification rather than your ongoing health. They give your dry lips a temporary boost but don’t penetrate beyond the surface. So your lips don’t improve over time, and you’re still stuck in the neverending cycle of thirsty, unquenchable skin.

To make matters worse, many products sacrifice the well-being of your lips to add “soothing” flavors and tingly, sensation-centric ingredients. But some of these lip care favorites are irritants, like:

  • Eucalyptus
  • Cinnamon or mint-based flavors
  • “Fragrance”
  • Menthol
  • Camphor
  • Salicylic acid
  • Lanolin

When in doubt, pass on products that tingle or burn. That’s not a sign the ingredients are working, it’s a sign that your lips are being irritated.

I hear you — simple is better. I’ll avoid cheap chapsticks and go for pure petroleum jelly.

We like where your head's at. Simplicity is a great value to strive for! But you may want to hold off on that tub of off-brand Vaseline. This so-called lip care “classic” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

4 Reasons to Kiss Petroleum Jelly Goodbye

1. It’s a toxic byproduct of crude oil.

Originally discovered coating the bottom of oil rigs (ugh), raw petroleum jelly is unsustainable, toxic, and sometimes even cancer-causing. Most refined petroleum jelly that makes it to store shelves has supposedly had those dangerous compounds processed out. But not all petroleum-based products use jelly of this highly refined grade, meaning there may still be toxins and carcinogens lurking inside. Do you want to risk slathering them on your vulnerable lips?

2. It creates a barrier that’s too thick.

Do you strictly cleanse or sanitize your lips before applying chapstick? If not, those impenetrable petroleum-based products can trap dirt, bacteria, and other perilous contaminants against your skin. (And as those of us with problematic skin already know, trapped contaminants can be a one-way ticket to skin damage and breakouts.)

3. It doesn’t contribute any hydration.

Many people love the dense slide of petroleum jelly on their lips because it feels richly hydrating. Alas, this isn’t the case. Petroleum’s greasy finish may give your lips a temporary shine, but it doesn’t deposit any real moisture into your parched skin.

4. It’s not suited for oily or acne-prone complexions.

On top of everything else, petroleum jelly is so heavy that it may contribute to oiliness, block your pores, and contribute to new breakouts. Why do that to yourself when there are better options, safely crafted with your sensitive skin in mind?

Why Our Creamsicle Bliss Balm is Everything Your Lips Need (and More)

Remember when we laid out our ideal lip balm? We wished for a product that was healthy, moisturizing, and made with lip-friendly ingredients, but surprisingly few lip products fit the bill.

That’s why Averr Aglow knew it was time to create unique lip products that align with our clean, health-first values. And a luscious lip balm was at the top of our list!

Averr Aglow Creamsicle Bliss Lip Balm


A cornerstone of the Perfect Pout Lip Kit, our Creamsicle Bliss Balm is the whole package, enriching your skin with high-quality, natural-based botanicals, butter, and oils. Each ingredient was carefully selected to infuse your lips with the nourishment they need, including essential fatty acids, rejuvenating nutrients, and protective antioxidants.

And guess what? It’s petroleum-free! Instead of wasting space on counterproductive petroleum jelly, we saturated our balm with naturally sumptuous shea butter. This luxuriant base helps soothe and restore your lips with true hydration that is safe for every skin type. And it’s not alone — our shea butter is partnered with a vibrant array of helpful, vitamin-rich botanical oils.

  • Moisturizing strawberry seed oil
  • Firming avocado oil
  • Barrier-supporting cloudberry seed oil
  • Skin-softening pomegranate seed oil
  • Protective fig seed oil
  • Enriching lingonberry seed oil

Thanks to this spectrum of supportive oils, the Creamsicle Bliss Balm glides on with a smooth, light finish that’s never greasy or heavy. Your lips are left with a lush, natural look that complements all complexions and skin tones.

Averr Aglow's Perfect Pout Lip Kit is is perfect for all skin tones and skin types


Your precious lips deserve nothing less than perfection. That’s why our Perfect Pout Lip Kit takes this unmatched balm and pairs it with two other unbeatable products — a gentle polish and a nourishing lip mask. Together, they’re a total solution for lips that are deeply moisturized and pillowy-soft.

So enough with the disappointing chapsticks and ineffective jellies! Isn’t it time to lavish your lips with the care they deserve?

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