How We Created the Forever Radiant Line: Our Chemist Explains it All Averr Aglow

How We Created the Forever Radiant Line: Our Chemist Explains it All

What makes Averr Aglow Lab unique? You see on Instagram the soft silhouette of mixing equipment, the beautiful glass bottles packed full of intoxicatingly rich hues of pink or blue, and the ingredient drums adorning every wall (and some corners too). While all of those things are incredible and give a glimpse into the Averr Aglow world, it's the people behind the scenes who carry the magic of our brand.

Our senior chemist, Erica Tuttle, is one of the faces behind our New Forever Radiant Line's success. Adorned in her lab coat and bold red lip, Erica is often somewhere mixing something delightful and radiantly potent. Waves of floral scents float throughout the lab at any given time— always evocative but never overpowering. She handles everything she does with care.

New Forever Radiant Line's success


Her calming nature and gentle smile are the fuel behind each product's precision and accuracy. From testing new formulas to getting direction from our fearless leaders about a new product, she is part of the reason our products are so effective. Thankfully, she is also the resident storyteller who can describe the process of making the products, the history behind the ingredients we use, and how each one can work for your skin. Always eager to answer whatever question you want to ask between batches, she was excited to sit down and discuss the ins and outs of our new line.

What Went into the Brainstorming of the Forever Radiant Line?

Erica: It all started with blue tansy. Cami talked about how much she loved it, and I did a little research and realized how amazing it is. I got a sample of the raw ingredients and just fell in love. It smells so good and looks amazing with that rich blue color.

Blue tansy is in all of the products in the Forever Radiant Kit except the Opulent Hydration Dew. The Dew is water-based, and as I’m sure you know, water and oil don’t mix.

[Cami and Levi] wanted to keep the steps the same for this line but just incorporate ingredients to focus on aging concerns instead of acne.

The number four was the first product created in the Forever Radiant line. Cami and Levi wanted me to create something that was more than anti-aging, something that could help prevent the signs of aging.”

no.4 radinat skin


Were there specific skin concerns you were trying to address?

Erica: The basic signs of aging you would expect: are wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots.

I wanted to do something that targets not only your face but your neck. My grandma ingrained in me that you need to put cream on your neck, too, because it shows the first sign of aging. She always said you’re never too young to worry about the wrinkles on your neck. It’s a very forgotten area.

All four of these products are good for that. This line also targets other skin conditions that make your skin overly dry. Dry skin is more prone to wrinkles. So if you have eczema or any kind of atopic dermatitis, this line is going to be great for you.

I just really wanted to create products that would help with hydration. So many people only focus on the wrinkles and not the cause of them. With hydration under control, you’re less likely to develop wrinkles.

How did you choose the ingredients?

Erica: I like to talk to vendors and see what the latest ingredients are. It could be trends or just what new things have been discovered.

This time around, one of those new ingredients was the Chlorella Vulgaris Extract, which is a super unique alga. The vendor we got it from tested extensively, and their test results were crazy impressive: reduced texture, redness, pigmentation or age spots, and even fine lines.

Did you know that the singular form of algae is alga?

I remember the vendor warning me how expensive it was, but I knew that was okay because we’re so focused on quality here. That’s one thing I love about working here. Other brands might get expensive ingredients and not even put enough of it in a product for it to do anything, but they can still claim that it’s in there. We don’t do that. We put in the recommended amount for it to work.

We also use a ton of expensive active ingredients. When I was developing the number four, it had all these expensive ingredients, and I showed it to Cami, and she said, “Add more.” I was blown away and excited.

Ingredients are more expensive when the vendors do thorough testing and when they come from other countries. This alga is from Spain, for instance.

What were your favorite ingredients to work with?

Erica: The blue tansy. Of course! I’m obsessed with it. I also really loved the glycerol stearate and brassica alcohol. You wouldn’t think they’re super fun to play with, but they’re the emulsifiers, so they make the formulation come together. They take the water and oil and turn it into cream. The Brassica alcohol isn’t traditional; it’s a fatty alcohol, so it’s hydrating your skin.

The wild strawberries are super cool because they’re encapsulated strawberry cells. It smells like if you were to cut a fresh strawberry like that’s how fresh it is. It gives your skin moisture and keeps it healthy.

What is so unique about this line compared to other skincare routines designed to help with signs of aging?

Erica: It’s unique because we’re incorporating both preventative and restorative aging skincare. Not only does it help the fine lines you already have, but it also prevents you from getting more. This line is good if you’re in your early twenties or my grandma’s age, which is 80.

What is a common misconception that people have about anti-aging skincare?

Erica: I think many younger people believe that they don’t need to worry about aging skin until they’re older and already have wrinkles. But it’s always better to be proactive. It’s easier to prevent than repair.

Is it okay to use if you’re acne-prone?

Erica: If you’re acne-prone, I think this is the most trustworthy line you can use for anti-aging because even though we didn’t make it for acne, we kept that in mind. We wanted to make sure it would be effective for all skin types.

Is it okay to use if you’re acne-prone


How do these products work together?

Erica: I think the spray is suitable for every step, honestly. Even after you apply your makeup. That’s what I like, personally. Whenever you have slightly damp skin, it helps every other product absorb faster and more efficiently.

The cleanser, elixir, and cream are created in such a way that you can layer them on top of each other and get every preventative aging benefit you can imagine. You’re covering all your aging bases in every step.

How does it prevent aging?

Erica: The biggest thing is that we have activities that help restore and prevent collagen and elastin loss and disorganization. Collagen and elastin are what make your skin look plump, hydrated, and full. When that breaks down, that’s what causes your wrinkles.

How soon can someone expect to see results from using this line?

Erica: It varies depending on the person, of course. I would say 28 days. It usually takes a month for your skin to adjust to a new product and start seeing benefits. That doesn’t mean that you won’t see results in a week or even immediately for it to look plump and bright. But for the wrinkles, it will be closer to 30 days to start seeing those results. I mean, the wrinkles didn’t happen overnight, so they’re going to take a little time to go away.

Are there any other products they should add to their routine to help with aging concerns?

Erica: Sunscreen for sure! I’m a huge lover of sunscreen. If you don’t wear sunscreen, you’re just wasting your money on skincare products because you’re constantly damaging your skin for no reason.

You should always put it on your face, your neck, and your ears at the very least. Even when you think you’re just going to be inside all day, light from windows or even artificial light can be damaging to your skin.

What if someone is acne-prone and wants help with anti-aging? What is the best way to combine Averr Aglow’s two skincare lines?

Erica: The dews would be the easiest to swap out. I’d recommend using the creams in conjunction. You do one morning and one night, or you could even layer the Decadent Restoring Cream under the Flawless Nourishment Cream. It won’t be too heavy for your skin because one is water-based and one is oil-based.

If you’re concerned about acne, definitely keep using the Clear Skin Elixir at least a few times a week. You could also spot-treat acne and wrinkles with both Elixirs at the same time.

Averr Aglow Clear Skin Elixir


If someone wanted to just try one product from the Forever Radiant Line, which would you suggest?

Erica: I may be biased, but I’d say the number four. All our products are concentrated, but since it’s a cream, it’s the most concentrated one with all of the activities. Because you can still use the original number four with it, it fits more seamlessly into your existing routine.

What do you want people to know about the Forever Radiant Line?

Erica: We worked hard to make this line the best there is for aging skin concerns. It’s effective because the priority of the products is overall skin health. Healthy, hydrated skin is less likely to wrinkle in the first place. Only after we’ve addressed skin health can we work on diminishing the signs of aging. We’ve covered that with ingredients that support the skin where wrinkles have formed, to create a more youthful appearance. I genuinely stand by these products for age prevention. I mean, I’m only 28, and I use them. If you’re young and want to prevent the signs of aging, you should too.

Get your Forever Radiant Kit today!

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