How Can I Prevent Wrinkles? The Truth About Anti-Aging Cream and What to Use Instead Averr Aglow

How Can I Prevent Wrinkles? The Truth About Anti-Aging Cream and What to Use Instead

     Wrinkles shouldn't be part of your lifestyle. Weren't you 19 just yesterday? Crow's feet and worry lines aren't even on your radar.

On a typical Monday morning, wrinkles are the last thing on your mind. The floor is cold on your bare feet as you roll out of bed, but you still manage to slip into your Lululemon leggings and mount the Peloton for a rousing round of cardio.

The day ahead is full, and you move through your morning routine like clockwork, mulling over the various tasks standing in your way before your evening glass of rosé.

You take your time applying makeup, always concerned about looking your best. Finishing with a swipe of Kylie's top-selling Candy K, you take one final look in the mirror, and it's at this moment you notice it.

It's small, perhaps indiscernible to the untrained eye. But in the bright light of your vanity mirror, it's all you can see.

It's a wrinkle.


You could chalk it up to your fate as a woman who's recently entered a new age demographic, but why have you been spending a cool $65 every two months on fancy wrinkle moisturizers if they're not preventing wrinkles?

Never fret, darling reader, a wrinkleless future is still within reach. There is a solution to the tiny lines that have unceremoniously appeared on your face, and it's not another trip to Sephora.

Anti-Aging Creams Are Not the Answer

In the pre-wrinkle stage of your life, choosing skincare is a real head-scratcher. Brands don't seem to offer aging solutions when you don't have wrinkles yet.

Using anti-aging cream on a face without wrinkles is like adding bubbles to an empty bath: fruitless and unnecessary.

So, if anti-aging isn't the elixir of youth you were hoping for, how do you preserve your existing beauty and prevent wrinkles? The secret behind stopping those fine lines in their tracks isn't anti-aging at all, but preventative aging skincare.

Preventative aging is a concept invented by none other than our visionaries at Averr Aglow. It doesn't exist at your local Sephora because we're the first to uncover the magic within a unique blend of ingredients.

Preventative aging is your skin's nutrition, workout, and recovery:

  • It feeds your skin the vitamins and minerals necessary to maintain a complexion unmarred by lines and marks.
  • It gives strength to tired skin cells, encouraging them to stay plump and firm.
  • And on those days you can't seem to rub the sleep from your eyes, it restores an invigorated look into your skin for that well-rested glow.

With preventative aging on our side, we're sure to skip wrinkles entirely and sashay into our 80s as gracefully as the queen Coco Chanel herself.

coco chanel


Coco Chanel: An icon at any age.

The time has come to gather your anti-aging creams with their empty promises and tuck them into the back of your bathroom cabinet with the rest of your skincare rejects. There's a new moisturizer in town, and her name is Decadent Restoring Cream.

The Decadent Restoring Cream is Different

Have you ever found yourself scanning the label of an anti-aging cream in hopes of finding retinol listed front and center? You're not alone. Retinol sits high on its wrinkle-reducing throne, praised for its ability to energize skin cells and unveil smoother brighter skin. But with its potential benefits comes an array of uncomfortable side effects. I speak from experience.

My first ordeal with Retin-A, a retinol cream, caused so much pain that I was left clutching my tender face in a fit of despair. Only one solution soothed my raw skin: nothing other than good old ice water. Set in my determination to perfect my moneymaker, I kept using the cream, hoping it would be worth it. Spoiler: It wasn't.

If only Averr Aglow had existed during my synthetic retinol-riddled youth. At Averr Aglow, we favor a gentler approach to skin healing. After all, something meant to heal shouldn't irritate. With fresh botanicals like candy leaf providing us with preventative aging power in full force, you can kiss that retinol burn goodbye.

Lucky for us, candy leaf is just as sweet as it sounds, but I wouldn't recommend tasting it. This confectionery ingredient satisfies your complexion's craving for smooth skin. You know the wrinkle damage you can get from the blue light of your phone? Candyleaf helps defend your skin against that and other environmental damage, effectively easing your wrinkle concerns.

environmental stressors that age your skin


And with that, your confusing skincare dilemma is solved. Or is it?

Perhaps there's something else you need your moisturizer to do, something you didn't even know you were missing. If you could find a moisturizer that also calms your senses and relaxes your overworked mind, wouldn't you want it?

A Moisturizer That Does More

The deciding factor that sets the average skincare routine apart from an indulgent, spa-like self-care experience is the ability to pique multiple senses. It's here that the Decadent Restoring Cream towers above potential rivals.

From the moment you lift the lid, the fresh scent of blue tansy washes over you. As the central ingredient in the Forever Radiant line, blue tansy acts as an instant skin-soother to reduce inflammation and revive collagen production, but it also has potent therapeutic properties. The sapphire-colored extract has been found to promote a positive mood and ease feelings of tension. Many people love the essential oil and rely on it to set a relaxed, calming atmosphere in their homes. It's not every day that you find an ingredient your dermatologist and aromatherapist can agree on.

averr aglow decadent restoring preventative aging cream sitting next to box


Listen, life is stressful. Don't you think you deserve a quiet moment to yourself, a moment free from berating questions and constant requests, where you can simply be present and unwind?

You've earned the right to indulgent self-care as a daily practice. What better way to implement this vital means of self-compassion than with a moisturizer that you already use?

Repurposing your daily habit of skin hydration into a thing of mindfulness is telling yourself that you matter. You don't have to add another task to your neverending list of to-dos, reminding yourself to practice self-care. Merely restructure your mindset to let your skincare routine become your transportation to a carefree moment of bliss.

As you gently massage the lightweight cream into your grateful skin, the tense feelings you've been holding onto will begin to dissipate while the cream sinks in.

Stay Calm and Wrinkle-Free

You work hard. Day in and day out, you're always doing something for someone else, whether it be your boss, your husband, your children, or even your mom. You have enough to worry about without adding wrinkles to the list.

Let us take care of your wrinkle worries so you can focus on more important things. With your complexion woes under control, you won't have any more Monday mornings spent identifying new lines on your face. And with a consistent self-care routine built into your day, forever radiance is finally within your reach.

All you have to do is grab it.     

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