How to Prevent Neck Wrinkles: Definitive Skincare and Lifestyle Tips Averr Aglow

How to Prevent Neck Wrinkles: Definitive Skincare and Lifestyle Tips

If you were to go to your skincare shelf and count all the face products, how many would you find? What if you were to go to that same shelf and count the products for your neck?

You don’t have to tell us the answer...we already know that the first number is significantly higher than the second.

Of course, your face, in all its expressive glory, takes the top place in your list of skincare concerns. Rightly so. It’s your first impression of the world, the canvas for your makeup looks, and the luminous subject of your most-liked Instagram posts. But doesn’t your neck deserve love, too? An often-overlooked problem area, your neck may soon start undermining all the beauty efforts you’ve been lavishing on your face.

Have you been ignoring this delicate stretch of skin? Or perhaps your best efforts have been falling frustratingly short, and you need some new strategies in your skin-pampering arsenal.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a skincare newbie, the condition of your neck may dramatically age your look. But it’s not a mere matter of slapping on some moisturizer and calling it a day.

So how can you set your neck up for radiant skin success?

We’ve got answers to all your questions. Read on to demystify your neck woes, keep lines at bay, and embrace youthful radiance with this complete lowdown on preventing neck wrinkles.

Why Your Neck is So Vulnerable to Wrinkles

As much as we’d like to pretend they don’t exist, neck creases are a typical side-effect of getting older. Your neck is one of the places most susceptible to the signs of aging. No wonder the nickname “Turkey Neck” is a thing.

But what makes the skin of your poor neck such a target for sagging and wrinkles?

For one thing, it’s much thinner than the skin on your face and deceptively fragile. And just like a fragile china cup can more easily chip or crack, the thin skin of your neck can more easily develop fine lines, wrinkles, and deep creases.

Your neck also has less complexion-plumping collagen than the cushiony skin on your face. So when your skin begins losing strength and elasticity with age — a process that can kick off as early as your 20s — your neck is first in line to develop wrinkles.

Preventative aging can support your neck's precious skin health


Then there’s the whole environmental issue. Do you wrap up in a scarf every day or have nothing but turtlenecks in your capsule wardrobe? Because otherwise, your neck is contending with the same environmental aggressors as your face.

Yep, your neck is fighting to shield itself from dirt, air pollution, and goodness knows what else — often without the benefit of protective skincare products.

And did you realize that your neck is one of your most sun-exposed body parts? We love vitamin D as much as the next girl, but UV exposure is criminally dangerous for your skin. Too much sun dries you out and triggers distressing skin issues from acne to premature aging. Hint: That includes those unwanted lines across your neck.

Long story short, your neck is facing an uphill battle in the war on wrinkles.

Thank goodness you’re not doing anything to make it even worse, right? ...Right?

5 Ways You’re Making Your Neck Wrinkles Worse

To err is human. None of us get it right all of the time! So even if you’re blessed with miraculous, gracefully aging genetics, you may be undermining the appearance of your neck with one or more of these common mistakes. 

  • Tech neck. You know the pose: slumped in a place like a wad of dirty laundry, chin tucked into your chest as you endlessly scroll your feed for another meaningless update. We’re all battling social media addiction already, but who knew there were physical consequences? The constant downward tilt of your head compresses your neck, creating “very prominent horizontal wrinkles” that aren’t going to look great in your next selfie.
  • Constant screen time. Do you know how much time you spend staring at a screen every day? Girl, it’s a lot. Phones, tablets, computers, televisions...all practically inescapable, and all emitting an incessant digital glow. Alas, these wavelengths of blue light blaring from your device screens can stress your skin and trigger signs of premature aging. Enter the unwelcome dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and, yes, wrinkles.
  • Neck exercises. Have you ever actually tried any of those neck and face exercises so adored on social? Sorry, but they won’t prevent wrinkles. Unnecessarily exercising those muscles may worsen wrinkles by stretching and loosening your skin. It’s like that one t-shirt that used to hug your curves perfectly. You ended up wearing it too much, and now it just hangs limply off your shoulders like a used Kleenex. Not cute.
  • Smoking and vaping. Ever seen a James Dean movie and marveled at his pinnacle hotness, jealous of the cigarette hanging from those pouty lips? Smoking isn’t as sexy as it used to be — RIP, Rebel Without a Cause — but as skincare guides, it’d be careless for us to skip over the risks of this notorious, skin-ravaging habit. Tobacco smoke weakens your collagen, leaving your skin looking flimsy and deflated. Meanwhile, nicotine restricts your blood flow, starving your complexion of oxygen and resulting in a dull, tired finish. Is the supposed cool factor of smoking enough to overcome “tired” and “deflated?”

2013 study of identical twins revealed that smokers had far more wrinkles than their non-smoking twins.

Is it starting to seem like the world is against you (and your neck)?

All is not lost. To delay the onset of wrinkles and sustain the slender arch of your neck, there are easy steps you can take to support your skin health and embrace a complexion-friendly lifestyle.

How to Cancel Neck Wrinkles with the Power of Preventative Aging

What would you say is the most immediate and effective change you can make for the ongoing condition of your skin? Getting silk sheets and washing them every single night? Dropping a mint on regular facials? Drinking even more water than you already are?

The answer is much simpler.

To achieve lasting, flawless-looking skin first and foremost comes protective skincare. Specifically, products crafted to elevate the total health of your skin through preventative aging.

You’ve been told for years that anti-aging is the way to disguise fine lines and wrinkles. But you don’t want to get those wrinkles in the first place! If there were products that could keep your skin in premium condition from the start, wouldn’t that seem like a better investment?

In the case of any valuable resource, upkeep is always easier than repairs.

Do you have any special pieces in your jewelry collection? Perhaps a family heirloom or a wedding ring. You don’t just wait for these irreplaceable keepsakes to get battered and worn away, do you? No. You treat them to regular cleaning and polishing and get the settings re-tightened to protect their precious gems.

The priceless skin on your neck is just as valuable and just as deserving of pampering. So why would you skip simple maintenance? With just a quick, five-minute routine, you can pump up your skin’s defenses and imbue it with nourishment for years of porcelain-smooth perfection. 


Regular cleansing and exfoliating.

If you asked someone to pie you in the face, but only the face, would you shout at them for getting Boston cream below your ear? No, because you know that the skin of your neck is fair game. It doesn’t have a special pie-repelling shield built-in.

In the same way, daily grime and skin impurities don’t magically cut off at your jawline. But purifying the skin of your neck with a gentle, restorative cleanser will help remove dirt, toxins, and other devastating environmental irritants.

What about dull, dry skin? It isn’t confined to your face, either. Complementing your cleansing with occasional exfoliation will encourage cell renewal and help keep your neck brighter, clearer, and more vibrant.

With the cleanser in our Forever Radiant Kit, you can practice both cleansing and exfoliating in one seamless step. And it doesn’t take any extra time or effort — just glide that soft, nectar-soaked cotton pad over the planes of your cheeks, the delicate hollow of your collarbones, and everywhere in between.

There’s a reason we don’t just call it facecare. The best skincare routine includes your neck!

Hot tip: When applying product to the skin of your neck, use a sweeping upward motion to promote tightening and lifting. Sorry, gravity this is a no-sagging zone.

Vitamin C.

For peak skin-enriching nourishment, the best results come from products lavish with antioxidants like vitamin C. Vitamin C naturally defends your skin against environmental damage, brightens your skin tone, and supports new collagen for supple, wrinkle-resistant softness.

“I hear you. But there are so many vitamin C options on the market. Which do I choose?”

Let us ask you a question in return. Given the option between mass-produced artificial vitamins and botanically sourced natural vitamins, which immediately sounds better to you?

You can forget cheap skincare thrown together with lab-made synthetic vitamins. Your body struggles to even use them. Meanwhile, natural sources of vitamin C include supportive enzymes and micronutrients that make the vitamins more functional in your body. 

Have you ever thought about doing some home improvement? Maybe you’ve lost a few (hundred) hours watching Fixer-Upper and envisioning your dream kitchen. Now, suppose you decide to bite the bullet and make that dream kitchen into a reality. You save up some money, hire a construction firm, and wait for the breathtaking results.

But on the first day of renovations, only the foreman shows up. What the heck? It’s going to take him months to do it on his own. There’s only so much one person can do in a day. This, my friends, is the story of synthetic vitamins.

What are you hoping for when you hire that firm? Ideally, that foreman is instead going to arrive with a full crew of construction pros, each with their part to play. Working together as a team, they transform your kitchen into an open-plan masterpiece in a matter of days, not months. This is the story of natural vitamins.

Like that squad of construction specialists, naturally sourced vitamins come with a specialized crew of micronutrients that quickly and efficiently help your skin extract the vitamins’ complete benefits. So when it comes to selecting vitamin C in skincare products, you can feel confident that natural sources are the way forward.

Now, you could start by scanning your skincare labels for citrus fruits, but are those the end-all, be-all? Despite what Tropicana commercials might suggest, vitamin C comes from more than just oranges.

Infographic on the vitamin C content of fruits like oranges, rosehips, kakadu plum


Australian Kakadu plum is the unparalleled choice for true vitamin C luxuriance, saturated with up to 50 times more vitamin C than your average orange. And you don’t have to scour the internet for this coveted ingredient or survive a cramped two-day flight to Australia. We’ve included this rare, illuminating botanical in not one but two products in our rejuvenating Forever Radiant Kit.

So why waste any more time digging through hundreds of skincare products that might work? With Forever Radiant, bathing your skin in vitamin C is as simple as applying a quick spritz or a creamy face mask.

Penetrating hydration.

Of course, no preventative aging skincare routine is complete without a quality moisturizer. Why would skincare for your neck be any different?

When a lack of hydration leaves your neck dry and brittle, it’s all too easy for those insidious wrinkles to creep across your throat. Surface-level moisturizers may provide the illusion of hydration — at best, a temporary fix — but they won’t save your skin in the long run. How many times have you tried a cheap lotion and ended up reapplying it every two hours?

For lasting, lustrous skin, you need lasting, lustrous moisture. 

Our Forever Radiant Kit includes deeply hydrating botanicals like strawberry extract, which foster the moisture-loving hyaluronic acid in your complexion. Hyaluronic acid clings to water molecules even harder than your needy ex-boyfriend clung to you, keeping that crucial moisture in your skin where it belongs.

Who doesn’t want a dewy glow? Forever Radiant is a win-win, first delivering intense hydration and then helping your skin hold onto it. This moisture won’t immediately evaporate like the sticky lotions you’ve tried before. It sinks in deep so you can maintain a fresh face and neck for years to come.

Averr Aglow Decadent Restoring Cream


Extra Lifestyle Tips to Help Prevent Neck Wrinkles

Looking for some extra credit on this skincare project? In the race against neck wrinkles, preventative aging skincare will do the heavy lifting for you. But if you’re keen on setting some self-improvement goals, girl, get it! Your go-getter attitude is inspiring.

To get you started on the right foot, we’ve rounded up the best neck-savvy lifestyle goals to complement your wholesome skincare routine.

  • Sun protection. When applying your daily sunscreen, do you always remember to extend that protective layer down your neck? We recommend greeting each morning by defending your face and neck with SPF30 or greater. Seriously — it may decrease your signs of aging by up to 24%.
  • Skin-firming fascia massage. Skin-firming What message? Fascia is a connective tissue that exists throughout your body, including your neck. Treating this tissue with a therapeutic massage can naturally encourage tighter skin and better blood flow, creating an all-around healthier and younger-looking appearance. For a thorough, targeted massage, we like using Ashley Black’s fascia tools, including her perfectly neck-sized FaceBlaster. (And no, we weren’t paid to say this. We have tried these products in-house, and honestly think they’re fantastic!)
  • Switching (or ditching) perfumes. Did you know that artificial fragrances hide chemicals that can throw your skin into a state of hormonal chaos? These chemicals can be full-blown hormonal disruptors, wrecking your balance of skin-supporting estrogen and giving premature aging the upper hand.
  • Better screen habits. We’re not suggesting that you swear off social media or throw your iPhone out with the trash. But aren’t you tired of the constant crick in your neck? Instead of instinctually craning your neck to your phone or tablet, angle your device into a more comfortable, upright position.
  • Cutting back on the smokes. You get it already, cigarettes are dangerous. We won’t harp on about it. (Or how quitting could make your skin look a whopping 13 years younger.) But if you need some extra inspo to help you quit, just add smoother, more youthful skin to your list!

Ultimately, only you know which habits will fit into your ideal lifestyle. However you choose to tackle your wrinkle prevention, Averr Aglow has your back.

On a strong foundation of clean botanicals and skin-cultivating nutrients, our Forever Radiant Kit provides the nourishment and protection that your neck needs to be its best, most elegant self. Not just for today - but for each new and beautiful season of your life.

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