Butt Acne: Get to the Bottom of Your Breakouts

Butt Acne: Get to the Bottom of Your Breakouts

If you're like me, you look for every excuse in the book to flaunt the attributes that you’re most proud of in hopes that everyone else is a secret worshipper of them, too! For some, it may be your smile, your impressive superhero-like chest, your long statuesque legs, or your...butt.

Let's face it. For some people, their butt is the best thing happening right now, so they should be proud of it! Whether you worked for it, were born with it, or had it "specially installed," your butt is an important part of your body.

The only thing that can ruin your confidence is butt acne. Keep reading to see how you can prevent and get rid of butt acne!

Is Butt Acne a Real Thing?

The first thing to know is that butt acne, aka buttne, is the name given to bumps or zit-like lesions on the surface of the butt.

The second thing to know is that buttne is not technically acne.

Often coined as acne (because of the way it looks and feels), butt bumps are usually folliculitis.

Folliculitis happens when one of your hair follicles becomes irritated, inflamed, and swollen. This can result in a painful or itchy bump that develops a white head.

What causes folliculitis, you ask? Dermatologists believe that butt acne is completely linked to the fashion trend of today— tight clothing. Tight clothes create friction and this breeds irritation for hair follicles.

In addition, buttne can occur because of excess sweat lingering on the skin for an extended period. This sweat can lead to an infection that produces further irritation and inflammation.

How Can You Prevent Butt Acne?

To achieve freedom from buttne, you have to make a few sacrifices that may or may not affect your overall level of sexiness (remember, I told you first!). Here are four tips to get you one step closer to clear skin.

Embrace Mom Jeans for the Win

So, I'm not saying that you need to throw away all of those thigh-hugging, apple bottom jeans, but you may want to consider how often you wear them. Non-breathable, tight-fitting clothing is the breeding ground for buttne. As the clothing continuously rubs against your skin, it begins to create friction. This, in turn, creates a situation where sweat, dirt, oil, and dead skin can irritate the hair follicles and cause buttne.

Switch to Cotton Underwear

We all know that no one loves granny panties, but if you want to see significant changes, you have to take the necessary steps! Cotton underwear is less harsh on the skin, doesn't stick to or irritate the skin like silk underoos, and is proven to be breathable. Also, for those of you that love a nice thong, tight ones could lead to chafing and cuts in the inner butt region. If not attended to, this could result in infection that could contribute tofolliculitis. No thank you!

Get Rid of Excess Sweat

After you’ve worked out, it may seem like the ultimate pain to quickly change out of those sweaty clothes. To avoid acne, however, it's worth it. Sweat, as mentioned above, is a huge factor in causing irritation. If sweat is sitting on the skin, it will begin to irritate the hair follicles, and your whole acne situation begins.

Stop Picking Those Bumps

What's worse than butt acne? Butt acne scars. Picking a bump can make the situation worse, prolong the healing process, and create one heck of a scar. Getting rid of buttne is relatively easy if you follow these steps, but getting rid of buttne scars can take much longer and leave you with a good amount of frustration in the end.

How to Get Rid of Butt Acne

So, what is the solution to your buttne issue? The Rejuvenating Essence Body Polish.This one-of-a-kind body polish is packed full of healing antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals like:

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This product will be your new go-to whenever you feel a buttne attack brewing. Just use the polish in the area of problem, rub in a circular motion, and rinse. It's literally that easy!

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