Banish Acne Scars Naturally: The Vitamin C Serum Solution for Clear, Glowing Skin Averr Aglow

Banish Acne Scars Naturally: The Vitamin C Serum Solution for Clear, Glowing Skin

The first month of the year can feel really looooong, right??? Dragged out. Never-ending. We’re returning to work or school after a crater-sized break in schedule, and it can be frigid, daunting, and somewhat depressing. Not only is our brain tired (need a vacation from your vacation, anyone?), but our bodies are too, logged down with too many sweets, too much Netflix, and not enough exercise. Many of us are trudging back to the gym where we will hopefully jump-start our health routines again. The exciting news is that it’s also a good time to jump-start our skincare routine and finally fight back against that dry indoor heater or outdoor chilly wind that has done no favors for our skin. It’s also time to rev up our pimple and acne scar treatment, our non-existent or neglected routine that has been left behind in the cold. New year, new start! 

Luckily, as we trot into 2024, we’ve released a Vitamin C serum specifically for acne-prone skin! Vitamin C sounds amazing right about now, right? I don’t know about you, but Vitamin C makes me think of beaches, sun, and all things healthy and glowing. So while you’re patiently waiting for the dark and cold months to pass and Spring and Summer to arrive, it’s the perfect time to start crafting your skincare routine! Especially for an issue that can be so persistently annoying through all seasons. 

Acne Scars Treatment

Acne is frustrating, and if you don’t have the facts about why and how it erupts, and how to correctly approach it, it can last for years. It’s literally the reason that our creator, Camille, started the Averr Aglow line! She struggled for 16 years trying to find the right products to solve her tenacious breakouts, to no avail, before finally giving up on the lonely drugstore aisles and buckling down to create her own line. A cruelty-free, sustainable, all-natural, gluten-and-paraben-free line that doesn’t just battle the gruesome invaders on your skin, but makes you feel lighter and more productive in the process! It’s quite simple, once you learn what you’re dealing with, and it’s a great feeling when you learn how to eradicate it and emerge victorious, with fresh, clean skin.

Acne presents itself in so many forms it’s hard to keep track. Whiteheads, blackheads, papules, pustules, nodules, cysts. No matter which variety you’re dealing with, they all contain the dreaded, icky oil-and-dead-skin combo, with some appearing red and inflamed, some deep-rooted and deep, and some large and fluid-filled. And most of them are painful and have already started to scar, which can add to the stress! So, our approach was to create products that will both treat existing scars and stop acne scars before they form, no matter which “type” you have. Even already-pockmarked skin is no match for this multi-blend lightweight product that absorbs easily and leaves you with a beautiful, clear, bright complexion.

Averr Aglow Acne Scars

The Contents of Sunshine

So what’s in this new sunlit serum? Well, when you dream of an all-natural Vitamin C product, what do you automatically think of? Yes, there are literally oranges in this serum! A rich, unique blend of blood orange fruit water, orange peel itself, and finger lime. And there’s more fruit-quenched liquid in this jar – including apple cellular water and pineapple fruit extract, which, when combined with the orange, help to clear up those clogged pores and relieve congested skin. Tagging along dutifully are Vitamins A, B, C, D, and E, with added minerals, which create the perfect balance in both nutrients and pH to banish redness, protect it from environmental pollution, and block UV light. In turn, the results are two-fold: replacing your painful acne with clear smooth skin, and preventing premature aging, fine lines, wrinkles, and skin damage. You get the bonus of both eradication and prevention!

“It makes my skin soft and glowy and smells amazing!” Our customer Sally wrote to us almost immediately after we released this serum, with Candice following, “This has really been helping to treat/prevent breakouts! Finally getting some relief in my trouble areas.” In a short time, we’ve already had so many more glowing reviews, the serum being called “light, penetrating, dewy, and radiant,” with a “lovely, citrusy scent.” We are hearing that it is perfect for a cold fall or winter night, at-home spa treatment!

The “Don’ts of Skincare”

We understand that one of the ways people tend to deal with their acne is by zit popping, which can be a weirdly satisfying, compulsive reaction. However, it is a myth that zit popping actually helps; rather, it can actually harm the skin even further! Pimple popping can cause the pus to seep even deeper into the skin (ugh!), which causes inflammation and increases the chances of additional breakouts, scarring, and hyperpigmentation. So essentially, you’re popping a zit just to create more zits! Which obviously makes little sense, especially when they are also so painful. Why do this to ourselves? 

Washing our faces with soap and water seems like a reasonable alternative approach since soap is supposed to clean, right? Nope! Overwashing can lead to more breakouts, and leave the skin depleted of nutrients, and ultimately, dehydrated. The smarter way to cleanse acne-affected skin is to use active, nutrient-rich serums that can penetrate the skin with a unique blend of non-greasy oils, and help heal from the inside out. 

Crafting your skincare routine

So this weekend, pamper yourself with a solo date or have some friends over, get cozy, pour yourself a glass of bubbly (we recommend fizzy water rather than champagne since alcohol can affect your skin!), put on your favorite tunes, and grab your exquisite Averr Aglow Clear Skin Kit or Forever Radiant Kit, your Superglow peptides, and now your fresh new Vitamin C Serum for Acne, and get to work – or, rather, get to pampering! You’ll love how your skin feels afterward, and once you’ve got your routine down, you’ll begin to notice a difference, quickly! 

Acne of any variety can bring our moods down, but we can assure you that your mood will be brightened by what our products can do for you and how they look, feel, and smell! The array of pebble pinks, oceanic blues, and now, mellow peaches, delight the senses, just what you deserve. Remember, treating your skin should also calm your mood, and your state of relaxation, and give you a break from the everyday grind. Clear skin is not just a state of confidence, but a general state of mind. 


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