Troubleshoot Your Products: Averr Aglow Skincare FAQ Averr Aglow

Troubleshoot Your Products: Averr Aglow Skincare FAQ

So you’ve leaped and joined our community of Glowgetters. Welcome to the tribe!

Now that you’re getting to know your new products, you may also have a few new questions. It’s only natural. (Just like our products!)

Get the best results from your Averr Aglow skincare with these insights from our experts, and perfect your routine to fit your one-of-a-kind skin and lifestyle.

Trying Averr Aglow for the first time? Check out our general FAQ and help center for information on our company values, ingredients, and order shipping.

Averr Aglow Skincare Product Line


I’m adding a new product. Where should it go in my daily skincare routine?

  • Luminous Complexion Toner:  Buckle up — your skin is going to LOVE this toner. As we recommend in our Luminous Clear Skin Kit, the toner fits perfectly into your AM routine after cleansing and before moisturizing.*
  • Overnight Perfectionist Serum: This serum will be a game-changer in your nighttime routine. Simply press it into your skin after cleansing and enjoy deep, nutrient-rich hydration! (Hot tip: some of our Glowgetters also like to use the Serum in their morning routine, right before moisturizing. Try it out and see what works best for you!)*
  • Ageless Eyes Day Cream: For a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed morning, add this effortless eye cream at the end of your AM routine, after your moisturizer. Just give it a few minutes to absorb, and you’re ready to apply your favorite makeup look!
  • Satin Eyes Night Mask: Ready for some beauty sleep? This thick and luxurious mask is best applied at the end of your PM routine, after applying any serums or spot treatments.
  • Sunscreen: Adding sunscreen to your Averr Aglow routine? High five! To protect your precious skin, you should wear sunscreen every single day. We recommend selecting a water-based sunscreen of SPF30 or higher and applying it after your morning moisturizer.

*Since these products help speed up your skin cell turnover, you may experience a brief acne purge as your skin expels nastiness and impurities. Don’t worry, this is normal!

I use Averr Aglow in the morning and at night. Can I also use it after my workout?

Yes, absolutely! Your Averr Aglow products are perfect for a quick post-workout cleanse, especially if you’re worried about sports-induced blemishes like acne mechanica.

We even have a few suggestions to tailor your routine to fit your exercise plans!


Working out at home? No need to remove any remaining No. 3 mask from the night before — just go ahead and do your workout. You can complete your AM routine when you’re finished. (If you’re following up with a shower, just skip your face and proceed to do the morning cleansing routine as usual afterward.)

Going to the gym? Use your preferred method to remove any remaining No. 3 mask, such as massaging off with a warm, damp washcloth. Then just spritz your face with Dew, and be on your way! You can complete your full AM routine after working out (and showering).


Immediately after your evening workout (and shower), you can go ahead and complete your full PM routine. Or, if it’s still on the early side, you can cleanse now and apply the No. 3 mask closer to bedtime.

p.s. Good for you, getting regular exercise! We hope this works for you. Looks like you are on the right track toward your skin and fitness goals!


My skin seems to be getting oilier. Am I using the products correctly?

If you tend to have an oily complexion already, you may experience a period of extra moisture while your skin acclimates to your new Averr Aglow products and balances its production of sebum. This oiliness should chill out after a few weeks.

Oiliness may also be a sign that you’re using a little too much No.4 Cream. Unlike moisturizers you may have tried butter the No.4 is intensely concentrated with nourishing butters and botanicals, so you only need a very small amount!

Try tweaking the amount of moisture you’re introducing to your skin by using slightly less No. 4 Cream or slightly more No. 1 Dew. Everyone’s skin is unique, so experiment a little to find your perfect Cream/Dew ratio!

My skin feels dry after I use the Elixir. What should I do?

Our Clear Skin Elixir is formulated with deeply detoxifying French pink clay. Besides looking cute in a selfie, one of this clay’s many excellent properties is helping remove excess oil from your skin.

If you’re experiencing too much dryness after using the Elixir, your skin may not need as much oil-balancing help. Try decreasing your use to every other day or using the Elixir as a targeted spot treatment instead of applying it across your entire face.

Alternately, you can bolster your skin hydration with a bit of pre-mask moisturization. 

For a deeply saturating complement to the Elixir, we recommend our Perfectionist Overnight Serum. It’s suffused with antioxidant-rich botanicals like prickly pear, passionfruit, and acai to help protect and nourish your complexion.

After your evening cleanses, simply press the Serum into your skin and then apply the Elixir on top. Used together, these two products work as a synergistic power duo to help boost skin health, purification, and healing.

Don’t have any serum handy? Your No.4 Cream will also do the trick! Apply the Cream as normal with a spritz of Dew, and massage into your skin. Let it sink in for a few minutes and then add the Elixir before heading off to Dreamland!

Averr Aglow Clear Skin Elixir


My product is a different color. / My product smells different. What’s happening?

Since many of our ingredients are plant-extracted botanicals, there can be a natural variance in the color, smell, or texture. Botanicals can be affected by all sorts of variables, such as:

  • The time of year the plant was harvested
  • How much rainfall does it receive
  • Its local soil conditions

So if you notice any slight differences from batch to batch, don’t be concerned! It’s because Averr Aglow sources our materials from nature.

If it seems that your product looks or smells different from the day it arrived, make sure you’re storing it properly. Our products are made without harmful synthetic preservatives and should be kept in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

For optimal freshness, we also recommend using our natural products within 6 months.

My Nourishment Cream seems grainy. Can I still use it?

All Averr Aglow products are put through stability testing to ensure they arrive to you in pristine condition. But on rare occasions, they may experience extreme temperature fluctuations during transit, which can affect the texture of your No. 4 Cream.

Luckily, there’s a simple DIY fix.

  1. Boil enough water to fill a bowl about ½ inch deep.
  2. Make sure that the lid of your No. 4 is on tight, and place the jar in the bowl of hot water. It should be about halfway covered, but not submerged. Let sit until the water is warm rather than hot, and you can remove the jar safely.
  3. Remove the jar from the water and carefully open the lid. Confirm that No.4 has melted to a completely liquid consistency. If you like, use the spatula to give it a stir for good measure.
  4. Close the jar securely and pop it into the freezer for a day. (The freezer, not the fridge — the butter in the Cream needs to solidify quickly to prevent separation.)

Once your No.4 is solid again, it should be fine sitting at room temperature.

And rest assured, this melting process doesn’t affect the product’s potency or efficacy. After all, it’s always intended to luxuriously melt before it’s applied to your skin!

Averr Aglow Flawless Nourishment Cream


My products arrived frozen! Are they still safe to use?

We conduct rigorous stability testing on all of our Averr Aglow products to ensure that they are perfect when you receive them. But in rare instances, they may be subjected to extreme cold during their journey, thanks to plane altitudes or severe weather conditions. (We’re looking at you, Canadian winter!)

This severe cold can occasionally cause freezing, especially of liquid products like our No.1 Dew, No.2 Nectar, or Luminous Complexion Toner. 

If your products arrive frozen, simply allow them to thaw back to room temperature. They are still safe to use, and the freezing/thawing process should have no impact on their potency.

Can I use the Clear Skin Kit on body acne?

Real talk: Now and then, some of us may use the No.3 Elixir to help shrink stubborn shoulder breakouts. There’s nothing risky about using the products from your Clear Skin Kit on body acne.

That said, the Clear Skin Kit is designed with your face in mind and may not be as effective on body acne. The skin on your torso and limbs is thicker than that on your face, so it’s more difficult for our products to penetrate.

If you’re looking for a product targeted at body acne, we would instead recommend our Rejuvenating Essence Body Polish. Crafted with detoxifying black clay, it can be used in your shower or bath 2-3 times a week to help keep your skin clear and lightly exfoliated.

Averr Aglow Rejuvenating Essence Body Polish


Sometimes, the Elixir comes off on my pillow. What can I do?

The No.3 Elixir is designed for overnight wear and shouldn’t cause any problems with your bedding. If you notice that the mask is wiping off on your pillow, try the following:

Apply a lighter coating. We know you’re used to slathering on other brands’ thick and suffocating masks, but that excess isn’t necessary with our Elixir! A thin layer is plenty sufficient for the French pink clay to penetrate deep and detoxify your skin from within. (Plus, you’ll get more uses out of your product! Win-win!)

Massage the mask in after applying. Unlike a typical mask, most of our Elixir is absorbed into your skin while you sleep. To help this process along, you can give your face a relaxing massage as you mask up for the evening.

Let your mask set for 10-15 minutes. Some days you just want to fall straight into bed and pass out. We feel you! But to keep the Elixir on your face (and off your pillow), allow 10-15 minutes of drying time before you go to sleep.

The Exfoliating Mask seems thin. Is it supposed to be this way?

The first time you try our Illuminating Essence Exfoliating Mask, you may be surprised by its soft, loose texture. Aren’t exfoliating products supposed to be thick and scratchy? How else will they scrape away rough skin?

Girl, no. Over-exfoliating is a real thing, and microbeads are not your friends.

That’s why we designed our Exfoliating Mask to be nourishing and effective, but also gentle. Instead of harshly sanding down your face, our mask uses volcanic ash and silica to delicately buff away dead skin and impurities. It even goes above and beyond by infusing your complexion with beneficial vitamins and nutrients!

The result? A light mask that doesn’t require a heavy-handed application. (Or a mega-thick texture!)

Averr Aglow Illuminating Essence Exfoliating Mask


The Satin Eyes mask seems thick and hard to spread. Tips?

As you’ve noticed, our Satin Eyes Night Mask is not your typical eye cream. This mask is densely packed with nutrient-rich botanicals to glow up your skin while you sleep. Its deeply nourishing formulation gives it a uniquely thick texture that may be different from what you’re used to!

To help the mask spread more easily, we recommend dabbing it beneath your eyes and then allowing it to sit for a minute or two. Your body heat will warm the mask, making it more pliable. You can then gently smooth it into the skin around your eyes and look forward to tomorrow’s exceptional results!

Haven’t tried our eye creams yet? Add focused rejuvenation to your AM and PM routines with our Perfectly Fresh Eyes Kit.

Averr Aglow Perfectly Fresh Eyes Kit


The Body Polish stained my skin! Is this normal?

If you’re trying our Rejuvenating Essence Body Polish for the first time, get ready for a spa-like experience. Inspired by restorative Icelandic mud baths, this scrub includes purifying black clay to cleanse and infuse your skin with nutrients.

Because this clay is naturally dark in color, it can leave a lingering tint behind if not washed thoroughly. Like the thick mud baths that inspired it, the Body Polish may take more than water to remove. Massage the Body Polish off with a washcloth as you shower, or use your favorite skin-friendly soap or body wash to cleanse away any residue.

A little extra effort? Yes. But worth it for a scrub that can help with everything from body acne to skin elasticity! And to think — we don’t even have to fly to Iceland for the experience.

Help! My product is leaking from the bottle when I shake it.

That feeling when you spill your precious, precious skincare products:


If a leaky Averr Aglow bottle is giving you skincare anxiety, check your bottle cap. There should be a clear plastic piece slotted inside, keeping your product safe and sound.

Occasionally, this clear piece can become dislodged and fall out. DO NOT THROW IT AWAY. Just slide it back into the bottle cap and click it into place.

If you discard the clear plastic insert, your products will no longer be completely water-tight, and some products may leak out around the edges when shaken. (We also learned this the hard way.)

I think my Elixir pump is clogged. What should I do?

Our Clear Skin Elixir features a superstar ingredient called French pink clay, which draws impurities from your skin with the power of science. (No, seriously — it’s all about the clay’s ionic charge.)

Since the Elixir is a natural clay product, it can absorb water and become thicker over time. This may cause air pockets to form, preventing the tube of your pump from sucking up Elixir. (The same as if you were to suddenly hit an air pocket in your milkshake.)

Recommended fix: Take the bottom of the bottle and give it a few firm taps in the palm of your hand until all remaining Elixir falls to the bottom of the bottle. This disperses the product evenly and helps close any air pockets. After a few pumps, it should pump again. Do this tapping regularly as needed.

If the problem persists, your Elixir may have become too thick to travel through the pump.

Recommended fix: If your Elixir has become too thick, add one or two drops of distilled water to the bottle and give it a thorough shake. This should help restore the product’s natural creaminess and allow it to pump out evenly again.

Go forth and get that magical Elixir back into your PM routine!

Averr Aglow Clear Skin Elixir


Still, have questions? Reach out to our resident experts at We’re happy to help you one-on-one!

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