A Rainy Day in Paris - Ingredient Spotlight French Pink Clay Averr Aglow

A Rainy Day in Paris - Ingredient Spotlight French Pink Clay

On one of my trips to Paris, I came across a clay that I fell in love with. It was the perfect color pink and when I ran my hands through it, it was as if I was running my hands through silk. The powder was weightless and when you tried to pinch it, it was almost as if it would dissolve right in your hand. I thought to myself, this is by far the softest, smoothest clay, I have ever felt. I had tried other pink clays, but none came close to this one. First, it was so pink, which I found out later, is very rare. The texture alone made me want to try it.

image with pink color bowl


I bought a little glass jar of it and went straight back to the boutique hotel I was staying at. After ordering some rose petal tea, I applied the clay on my face and opened my balcony windows, as I took in the sweet smell of cherry blossoms that filled the room facing the Eiffel Tower. Taking a bite of my raspberry macaron, I listened to the leaves ruffle in the wind as the old brick sidewalks were bustling below. I couldn’t imagine a more perfect spring day.  

After a few minutes, I walked over to the gilded marble sink pulled out one of the hotel's luxurious white plush towels, and began wiping the mask away. I looked in the mirror, as I ran my hands across my cheeks.  I was amazed by how smooth and soft my skin felt underneath. From that moment, I knew I had to add this delicate clay to my skincare routine! Over the next few days, I used up my beautiful polished jar of clay. My skin seemed to be glowing and vibrant, I just couldn't believe it.

I have tried many clays before, including other pink clays, but nothing compared to this one. I had to find out why this one was so different. I strolled past the stands of flowers to the luxurious boutique shop where I had first discovered it. A silver bell and a beautiful older Parisian woman greeted me as I escaped the soft, spring rain.

image with paris background


I explained I just had to have more of the beautiful pink clay and inquired as to why it was so different from so many clays I had tried before. She explained to me that not all clays are equal and there was something special about this pink clay in particular. 

Most pink clays are made by mixing white and red clays to create the look of pink clay and then they will sell it as French pink clay. Most of the time these red and white clays are kaolin clay. However, true French pink clay is made of montmorillonite clay, also known as bentonite clay. This clay is pink from the moment they harvest it from the earth and does not need to be mixed to achieve this beautiful pink color.

Pink bentonite clay is the rarest of bentonite clays. She explained because it is so rare, it is very expensive, so many other products containing pink clay use a white and red mixture of kaolin or other clays to create a pink clay appearance. I was surprised and now understood why I had never tried a clay as luxurious as this. I asked the Parisian woman, named Marie, can one put a price on a smooth, glowing complexion? How can companies say it's too expensive? We both laughed and she continued to explain.

While the kaolin clays when mixed might create a pink-looking clay, the montmorillonite clay's benefits over the kaolin clays, are not the same in their properties. 

Pink montmorillonite clay is made up of a high compound of volcanic ash from an inactive volcano in the south of France. This clay contains the highest levels of boron, along with having an abundance of minerals, including calcium, magnesium, silica, sodium, copper, iron, and potassium. This particular combo of minerals is what makes this clay pink.

clear skin elixir


This clay is gorgeous at gently exfoliating and polishing the skin, for even the most sensitive skin types and conditions. The clay shimmers with a negative electric charge, which in turn actively draws pimples and blackheads to the surface. It binds itself to bacteria and toxins on the skin and within your pores. This, in turn, leaves your skin clear, clean, refreshed, and oh-so-smooth.

After learning about how nutrient-rich this clay was and its unique toxin-absorbing properties,  it’s no wonder that my skin glowed.

I was in love with my newfound secret on how I kept my skin looking clear and smooth and planned on keeping this delicious secret to myself, however, at the same time, I was disappointed that I never came across this clay before. It was mostly because companies used blended clays over this precious bentonite pink clay from the heart of France.

So, I decided to create an elixir using this newfound clay along with some nutrient-rich plant extracts and botanical oils to make the perfect Clear Skin Elixir.

perfect Clear Skin Elixir


I use this elixir now every night before bed to detox and moisturize my skin and it has been amazing. I have even shared it with my team to help others achieve clear, glowing skin.

I hope you have enjoyed my clear skin elixir, as much as I enjoyed discovering the beautiful fluffy pink clay from the quaint, little street of Paris. Keep an eye out for my next ingredient post as I continue to highlight every ingredient I use in the Clear Skin Elixir and how it keeps my skin glowing and gorgeous.

Clear Skin Elixir and how it keeps my skin glowing and gorgeous


Until next time -

P.S. When I use the clear skin elixir, I like to close my eyes and think of the little bistros and bakery shops in France that sit in the shadows of the Eiffel Tower. I smile knowing the clay I am using is one of the most luxurious and true French pink clays that come from this beautiful city. It brings such a relaxing, calming effect to my evening routine and I hope it does the same for you.

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