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You wake up every day dreading looking in the mirror. Embarrassed by what others think of your skin, you slather on the thickest foundation you can find hoping no one will notice your breakouts.  Some days are worse than others, you’ve skipped out on social events with friends and have even called in sick to work because it was just that bad. 

You've Tried Everything, and I mean everything under the sun

You google “Tips on how to clear up your skin” but realize this is where the real headache starts. You read multiple websites sharing top ten lists to clear up your skin. Each article has similar information and conflicting thoughts.  

After scouring websites for advice, you are left confused as to what to do next.

You think about all the time, money, and effort spent trying to fix your problem.

You throw your hands up and say "Screw it; I don’t care."

You give yourself a pep talk in front of the mirror on how you don’t have to have good skin, and it doesn’t make you who you are.

24 hours pass and you realize you can’t give up on yourself like that and now you’re sucked back into the vortex of searching, hoping, digging, looking for results again. You come across an article talking about how hormones and internal factors affect breakouts and then you have an AH HA moment.



● You visit a hormone doctor

● You visit a naturopath

● You follow a clean diet

● You try every vitamin supplement

● You went vegan (until your husband found out you served him a tofu turkey for dinner)

You implemented all the suggestions, excited you finally figured it out, only to wake up day after day,walking over to the mirror and still seeing little to no difference than before.

Hi, I'm Camille, founder of Averr Aglow

Have I covered it all?

Have you nodded along saying "Yep, been there, done that?"

How do I know this?

You're not alone, because this was my story.

I battled breakouts and bad skin for over 16 years.

I’ve been through every single thing mentioned above and still had the worst skin of my life.

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