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What We Learned During Quarantine 2020

Jocelyn Langford
Written by
Jocelyn Langford

For the last three months, the Glowteam offices at Averr Aglow have been dark and quiet, absent of the typical easy listening background music, clickety-clack of keyboards, and intermittent laughter. When Governor Kemp enacted a shelter-in-place order here in Georgia, we scooped up our iMacs (very carefully) and started working from home. 

Regular video chats and Slack messages kept us connected and on task, but the extra time at home gave us all a lot to think about.

For some of us, the time at home was an excellent opportunity, while a few of us went a little stir crazy. Ultimately, like many who are quarantined, we decided to make the best of our situation and learn something new. 

Take a look at what the Glowteam learned during quarantine. Maybe you'll even get some ideas for yourself!

I Learned to Set Aside Time for Myself

What did I learn in quarantine? Well, that's a super loaded question!

For me, quarantine has been about resetting to the person that I always envisioned. I used to be the one that prioritized my work and getting educational degrees above anything else.

Self-care? Taking a break? Doing something that you really love? I had no time for any of that. 

But during quarantine, I have been forced to slow down, and that's when I started picking up things like baking! And, you know what? With a little bit of baking and a whole lot of reflection, I began to rediscover me.


I Turned My Stress Off and My Oven On

A big goal of mine is to learn how to cook. I decided what better time than quarantine to start practicing!

I acquired some recipes from my mom (who is an amazing cook), and of course, I had to try some Pinterest recipes: shout out to the chicken avocado burgers!

I also learned cooking is a great way to zone out and relieve yourself from stress!


I Studied the Life of a Dog

I always wondered what my dog did while I was at work! SLEEP! I think it is safe to say an English Bulldog sleeps 20-22 hours a day! I can't say I am not jealous! 


I Discovered Peace in Mindfulness

I think one of the biggest things I learned while in quarantine is practicing being more mindful! 

My favorite way to do this is by laying out in my backyard or walking around the neighborhood. I love taking 10-20 minutes of my day to focus on my surroundings — noticing any sounds, sights, and smells. It's a great way to relax and focus on your thoughts.

While being surrounded by nature, I found myself getting back into photography as well! 


I Learned the Difference Between Busy and Unmotivated

I feel like I learned so much! I learned that even with extra time in the morning and evenings, I'm really just too lazy to work out, and now I can't blame it on a lack of time or being tired. 

I also learned essential items are relative. At the beginning of quarantine, I stocked up and resisted the urge to go to the store for small things. Now, chips and other cravings are deemed essential. 

I learned how needy my dog is. He must lay in my lap all day, the whole 8 hours.

I also learned that even when everything is closed, I still manage to spend the same amount of money.

But in all seriousness, I started diving into the stock market and investing along with working on building more financial assets.


I Found My Inner Song

I've never been super musical, but my husband gave me a ukulele a while back, and now I'm trying to fumble my way through chords and simple songs. The ukulele’s name is Marigold, and she's very patient with my struggle.

Current songs I'm strumming (badly) on repeat: "Wake Up" by Arcade Fire, "You As You Were" by Shearwater, "Shank Hill St," by Shovels and Rope, and "Party Favor" by Billie Eilish.



I Realized I Was Dating The Wrong Guy

I learned what I want in a relationship, and that mine wasn't fitting the bill. There were definitely red flags before quarantine, but there's nothing like being stuck in a house with a person 24/7 for months to teach you who they really are. You can tell a lot about a person by how they react in times of stress and frustration.

It was a hard lesson to learn and an awkward time to learn it, but at the end of the day, I'm grateful that I got it out of the way. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?


Jocelyn Langford
Written by
Jocelyn Langford
Jocelyn is an Editor and Copywriter at Averr Aglow. While she spends the weekdays wrapped up in words, weekends are reserved for everything beauty-related. When she’s not crafting a blog post or trying out a glitter-based makeup look, you’ll find her planning an exotic vacation, hunkered down with a good book, or bingeing The Office. Again.


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