The Impact of Sustainable Skincare Practices Averr Aglow

The Impact of Sustainable Skincare Practices

When it comes to skincare and sustainability, we’ve made great strides collectively. More people are concerned about the impact that their routines have on their environment. Whether it’s vegan ingredients or not testing on animals, we’ve worked hard to be conscious consumers. 

With our products at Averr Aglow, we strive to keep our skincare as sustainable as we possibly can.

You can count on our products to be cruelty-free, vegan, and never tested on animals.

From our company’s inception, we know how important it is to make our products with the amazing quality that you’ve come to expect. But of course, it goes deeper than that. It’s embedded in our DNA to think about the impact that we have not only on our customers but on our planet as a whole.

The question at the forefront of our mind: What else can we do when it comes to a sustainable skincare routine?

We know how important it is to start from the ground up. And that includes where we source our ingredients from. How can we make our carbon footprint as gentle as possible? And how can we uplift global communities while doing so?

Can Skincare Be Sustainable?

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There are several ways to make beauty more sustainable. 

Reducing plastic and packaging is a big way to make an impact. Plastics can have a devastating impact on the environment. The less packaging used the less that goes into landfills. This plastic can also end up in our oceans and devastate marine biodiversity.

Another way is to cut back on the usage of unnecessary chemicals in cosmetic formulations. Chemicals can cause reactions to sensitive skin types. However long-term usage of certain toxic chemicals can cause a wide range of health issues including cancer.

A big way to help the world through cosmetics is by getting ingredients from a sustainable source. And making sure that the workers grow and thrive with the growing worldwide beauty and cosmetics industry.

How Can We Make Beauty More Sustainable?

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We’ve partnered up with AAK as a way of giving back to the world at large. Through their Kolo Nafaso direct sourcing, the shea butter in all our products comes from West Africa. But through each purchase, that money goes to the women who collect the shea nut and their communities.

West African women can have control of their local economy in a way that they’ve never been empowered to do. 

Because of the fair amount of money that the harvesters make, they’re able to give back to their communities at large. This can go to anything that makes a difference and their lives better. 

With the help of this initiative, children can attend school. Communities can have a closer source of drinking water and food to eat.

The other reason that this initiative is so amazing is that the shea nuts are never over-harvested. There will be more than enough to sustain growing demand without wiping out a community from its valuable resources.

Skincare really can be sustainable. And the more that companies partner up with global communities like these, the better off that we'll all be for it.

To learn more about the Kolo Nafaso program, check out AAK’s YouTube here. You can find testimonials from the shea harvesters themselves about how initiatives like these are helping their communities grow and thrive for the better.

Our Skincare Products That Support Kolo Nafaso

To continue to support the women and their communities in West Africa, consider these products. They’re favorites of our customers. But you can buy them in good faith knowing that your purchase goes toward making our global community a better place.

One of our most talked about products - The Clear Skin Kit - gives you a choice between the Flawless Nourishment Cream or our Flawless Water Crème. Both of these products contain skin-nourishing ingredients including Shea butter. 

Our Decadent Restoring Cream is an age-defying moisturizer. If you're looking to add anti-aging benefits to your skincare routine, look no further than this cream. It fights against the appearance of fine lines, dark marks, dry skin, and wrinkles while supporting your skin's collagen production. 

When it comes to body care, our Simply Pure Whipped Body Butter contains Shea as well. Formulated with acne-prone skin in mind, it works to nourish without leaving a greasy feeling or clogging your pores.

And finally, if you're looking to perfect your pout, our Perfect Pout Lip Kit contains three products to help you do so. Between the Strawberry Souffle Lip Polish, the Goodnight Kiss Lip Mask, and the Creamsicle Bliss Lip Balm, your lips will be the juiciest they've ever been. All three of these products contain shea butter to help nourish your lips and keep them plump and healthy. 

Some of these products featured are our best sellers. Others have been widely talked about by our loyal customers. And we have the wonderful women of West Africa and their hard work to thank for these products.

We encourage you to click on our links to check them out. And know that with the simple purchase of an item, you could be making a huge difference to communities across the western African continent.

The Takeaway

It’s entirely possible that skincare and sustainability can go hand in hand. It takes each of us to be a conscious consumer. Every time you buy products that support sustainable initiatives, it shows more and more companies that this is a MUST and not an option. Through all of us, we can make a difference where we put our money. 

It's not hard to make skincare a sustainable thing. But it takes our conscious awareness with every product that we buy.

Make sure it’s towards companies that make an effort to lower their carbon footprint, strive to make skincare sustainable, and make a difference in the global community at large.

With these efforts in place, we can work to have good quality skincare while also helping the world.

Sustainability efforts are possible, and they start with us.

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