The Canadian Super Ingredient: Glacial Oceanic Clay Averr Aglow

The Canadian Super Ingredient: Glacial Oceanic Clay

Every so often, you run across something so spectacular that it leaves you awestruck and a bit confused as to why it is not more widely known. When it comes to the northern coast of British Columbia, this is the case. Carved out by ancient glaciers, this three-dimensional castaway is not your usual vacation spot. It is home to silver-capped mountain peaks, gentle cascading snow, and mesmerizing blue-black waters. The dusky, fog-layered valley enveloping the earth below reminds you that this place is much more than meets the eye. The northern coast embodies more than great beauty, however. Inhabited by the First Nation, an indigenous group that has resided in the land long before industrialization, this place is powerfully alluring.

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Easily the muse for love novels, the northern coast is steeped in mystery as it sits untouched most of the year.

So, who would've thought that this valley would hold skin-enhancing secrets?

Buried underneath the cold ground of this glacial valley is a clay so rare and exceptional that it can only be found here. That is why most would find it surprising that Averr Aglow has glacial oceanic clay, almost 3,000 miles from its home, and has included it in our new Invigorating Renewing Elixir.

What Makes Glacial Clay Unique?

2.5 million years in the making, glacial clay is the gateway between old-world traditions and 21st-century preservation for your skin.

Usually only reserved for the most exclusive spas, glacial clay is far more extraordinary than most other clays used in the skincare field. Why is this? When the frigid air sweeps through the Canadian tundra or the tide is high, glacial clay is being nurtured and born. It is no stranger to harsh conditions.

Commonly referred to as sea silt, this ingredient is made from glacial and oceanic deposits that have formed and matured over thousands of years. Only plentiful in isolated parts within Canada's borders, it has been used medicinally for hundreds of years to heal both internally and externally. Enriched by the steady flow of pristine ocean water and sand, this ingredient contains over 60 rare earth minerals unique to this part of the world. It is simply unadulterated.

The richness of every single mineral is what sets this clay apart from the rest.

The question on your mind: What can it do for my skin?

How Can Glacial Clay Help Your Skin?

When it comes to helping your skin, glacial clay outdoes the competition. It has been known to have an immediate effect in reducing the appearance of pores, while gently purifying and detoxifying. It can also be used for healthy exfoliation, blood circulation, visible smoothing and firming, and wrinkle reduction.

Is that all? Not!

This ingredient can also help with:

  1. Healing your skin from signs of damage, including scars or wounds
  2. Stimulating skin regeneration
  3. Cleansing your skin from harmful environmental toxins
  4. Reducing excess oil on your face
  5. Depositing nutrients deep within your skin for a natural, earth-enriching experience

Did you know that this clay is also non-irritant and hypoallergenic?

For all of these reasons and more, our chemists knew that they had to include it within our Forever Radiant line. So, which product did they choose? The preventative aging masterpiece, the Invigorating Renewing Elixir.

This overnight mask helps prevent the signs of aging, such as wrinkles, fine lines, and inflammation, with ease. It also has the added benefit of helping the skin heal for fewer problems in the future. In this mask, the benefits of glacial clay are complemented by other natural-based ingredients such as Sea Buckthorn, French Plum Seed Oil, and Blue Tansy.

Together, these powerhouse ingredients can help soothe eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea. It can also nourish and protect the skin, encourage collagen production, and re-energize elastin for a firmer, younger appearance.

This overnight mask is in a league of its own.

When we first discovered glacial oceanic clay, we knew that it was special. More than just another clay, it is the answer that you have been seeking to keep your skin youthful, radiant, and luminous. Spectacularly paired with over 30 natural botanicals, this clay is free to perform at its peak ability for your skin.

When it comes to the long-lasting health of your skin, there isn't any doubt that you deserve only the very best. Try the Invigorating Renewing Elixir today and experience true rejuvenation.

Invigorating Renewing Elixir

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