How This Face Mist Can Transform Your Skincare (and Your Skin) Averr Aglow

How This Face Mist Can Transform Your Skincare (and Your Skin)

To mist, or not to mist? That is the question.

When it comes to facial sprays, skincare connoisseurs tend to fall into one of two camps.

Are you a mist-lover who can’t go anywhere without that refreshing spray tucked in your purse? Or are you a face mist skeptic, not sure why they’re worth the hype (or the money)?

Both opinions are valid. And honestly, a lot of mists probably aren’t worth your time. But what if we told you that the right face spray could both refresh your skin and help you get more value out of the rest of your products?

Hard truth: if you aren’t using a face mist, you probably aren’t experiencing the full potential of your skincare.

Why Face Mist is Key to Unlocking Your Skincare’s Potential

You invest a lot of time and money hunting down skincare that suits your unique skin. Hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars go into your search as you guess and test one product after another.

So once you finally find your perfect skincare routine, don’t you want to reap the full benefits?

Unfortunately, your skin has a strong barrier that can keep all those cleansers and creams from sinking into its lower layers. Between tightly bonded cells and waxy, water-repelling skin oils, it’s an uphill battle for your skincare to penetrate.

You might think that applying skincare to a dry face would be the answer, allowing your skin to suck up product like a thirsty sponge. But actually, the opposite is true. When you apply skincare to your dry face, it gets caught in the upper layers of your skin, wasting all the regenerative benefits on the old, worn-out skin cells that your body is trying to shed. 

For best product absorption, damp skin is the real hero you need.


Dampening your skin with a face spray loosens and hydrates those outer barriers, allowing the product to slip through the cracks and permeate deep into your skin. This complete penetration is key! Most skincare products do their best work when delivering benefits to the fresh, active cells hidden within your lowest skin layers.

And because these new cells have a lot of life left, you’ll be able to enjoy your skincare benefits for weeks instead of days (or worse, hours).

Plus, have you ever noticed how products glide so smoothly across damp skin? That barely-there layer of moisture eases the way for skincare application. So you’ll need less product to cover your face, and all those precious cleansers and serums will end up going further. That’s more bang for your buck! 

Long story short, damp skin is a must. But why do you need a face mist? Couldn’t you just use water?

You can certainly use water, but that won’t produce the best results. The quality of tap water can vary wildly, containing everything from moisture-stripping chemicals to barrier-damaging pH levels. This can strain your skin and interfere with the effectiveness of your products, basically counteracting any advantages of dampening your skin to begin with.

Why undermine your damp skin by using tap water, when instead you could use a revitalizing face mist that introduces even more benefits to your skin?

The Opulent Hydration Dew: More Than Just a Mist

Still, feeling skeptical? Understandable. Other face sprays may have let you down before, padding out their formulations with skin-drying preservatives or hormone-upsetting fragrances. With counterproductive ingredients like that, of course, they won’t deliver results.

This is why most face sprays are mere side dishes to your skincare routine, overshadowed by your mainstay products. But our Opulent Hydration Dew is an exceptional case. This natural-based mist is more than a side dish it’s a whole meal.

Averr Aglow Opulent Hydration Dew


With a gentle, herbal-sweet scent and the color of a summer sky, the Opulent Hydration Dew lays a chic foundation of nourishment for your skin. And unlike cheap, synthetic sprays, this light and refreshing face mist wastes no time on fillers or artificial fragrances.

Instead, the Dew is reinforced with nutrient-rich botanicals and peptides that get to work soothing and illuminating your skin. With an eye towards preventative aging and carefully crafted for even the most sensitive complexions, the Opulent Hydration Dew bathes your skin with ingredients like:

  1. Organic Apple Cellular Water: A super-rare hydrator concentrated with skin-enhancing minerals and vitamins A, B, C, D, and E. This potent vitamin cocktail helps cultivate your skin from within and protects it from environmental damage.
  2. Finger Lime Extract: This citrus extract is a natural booster for your skin barrier, helping calm inflammation and impart moisture to your dehydrated skin.
  3. Pineapple Extract: This wild-harvested botanical helps smooth and glow up your skin, all while infusing a whole host of anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties.
  4. Kakadu Plum Extract: The world’s richest natural source of vitamin C, this superfruit helps brighten and defend your precious complexion for unmatched luminosity.

And these ingredients are merely the tip of the iceberg. Our Opulent Hydration Dew is the perfect intro to your skin-empowering daily routine. That’s why it’s the first step in our Forever Radiant Kit!

Mist your face before cleansing for deeper, more thorough purification, and before your moisturizer for penetrating hydration that lasts.

No more wasting valuable time and product. Now you can truly feed your complexion with our Dew, and prep your skin for radiant success. Get your Opulent Hydration Dew today, and see how far your skincare can take you!

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