You Can’t Afford to Skip Eye Creams — And Here’s Why Averr Aglow

You Can’t Afford to Skip Eye Creams — And Here’s Why

What does your daily skincare routine look like? Is it a 15-step ritual, or more of a quick cleanse-and-run?

Whatever your regimen, it probably includes the obvious basics like cleansers, moisturizers, and SPF. But there may be a whole genre of must-have products that you’ve overlooked:

Eye creams.

You might be thinking, “Must-haves? Really? Eye creams seem more like an optional extra.” But these add-on products can have a bigger impact than you might expect.


Why Eye Creams are Irreplaceable Skincare Staples

Even if you prefer a simple, on-the-go routine, your skin can’t afford to go without quality eye creams.

Your gorgeous eyes are the main focal point that other people connect with — but they’re also surrounded by some of your thinnest, most vulnerable skin. This delicate skin is more susceptible to wrinkling and damage and tends to be the first area that shows signs of aging.

When a loved one is making meaningful eye contact, do you want them distracted by crows’ feet and under-eye bags?

Of course not. This is why the fragile skin around your eyes needs extra attention in your skincare routine. But why drop money to add an eye cream when you could just use your regular moisturizer? 

Because your regular moisturizer was created for different skin, and simply isn’t the right choice for the job. Formulations that seem perfectly moisturizing on your cheeks and forehead can smother the sensitive area around your eyes, weighing your skin down instead of freshening it up.

It’s like choosing the best photographer for your wedding. You might trust your non-photographer friends to take pictures on a night out or a vacation. For those events, their skillset was enough to fit the bill. But for your wedding, you’d hire a professional photographer to capture each moment and ensure your precious photos stand the test of time.

To treat your eyes with the same special care, you need a product with expertise. Unlike a full-face moisturizer, eye creams are specifically built with thin, delicate skin in mind. They’re the eye care professionals you need on your team.

"Too young” for eye creams? No such thing! Self-care now will keep you glowing later.

With the right products, you can smooth and illuminate your eyes for a younger look. Of course, this begs the question: how do you find the right products?

Many eye creams target one specific concern, so you could start by deciding which skin issue concerns you the most. Is your biggest eye worried about fine lines? Dark circles? Chronic puffiness?

All of the above?

As we said, you could pick an eye cream that focuses on a single issue. Or, you could give your eyes total support by selecting products that tackle all of these concerns.

Why pick and choose which symptoms to address and which to ignore? There’s a better option: the Perfectly Fresh Eyes Kit, a unique eye cream duo that revitalizes your skin across the board for a complete, bright-eyed transformation.

How the Perfectly Fresh Eyes Kit Outshines the Competition

When we crafted the Perfectly Fresh Eyes Kit, our priority was creating a 24/7 solution to cultivate and support the health of your skin. We didn’t settle for just a few hours of fresh-skin perfection — we created round-the-clock synergy with an AM/PM pairing that continuously supports the vulnerable skin around your eyes.

Begin your morning with the light and refreshing glide of our Ageless Eyes Day Cream, which leaves your skin glowing and hydrated for the day ahead. And before bed, you can turn to our luxurious Satin Eyes Night Mask for deep overnight restoration.

Averr Aglow Perfectly Fresh Eyes Kit


But what makes this pairing so much more effective than your average eye cream?

It’s all in the active ingredients. The formula of a typical eye cream contains about 10% active ingredients floating around amongst ineffective additives, preservatives, scents, and fillers. So 90% of that expensive product is doing nothing for your skin!

Is it worth the price tag?

Our eye creams take a different approach. Crafted for quality, the Perfectly Fresh Eyes Kit is infused with over 80% active ingredients, a stunning 70% above industry standard. Instead of stuffing our formulations with cheap extras, we imbue them with exceptional skin-enhancing minerals and botanicals.

With this kit, get your fill of naturally restorative ingredients like:

  • Bakuchiol — A powerful, plant-based alternative to irritating retinol, bakuchiol helps boost collagen for plumper, smoother skin.
  • Saffron — A soothing anti-inflammatory that helps calm under-eye puffiness and even out those stubborn dark circles.
  • Milk Thistle — Milk thistle gently helps repair your skin barrier. This locks in vital moisture and protects you from prematurely aging skin damage.
  • Kahai Oil — An antioxidant super ingredient, kahai oil helps heal, color-correct, and hydrate your complexion.

And these ingredients are just the tip of the iceberg, bolstered by 150+ other natural-based ingredients ready to bathe your skin in unparalleled nourishment.

Your eyes are the windows to your soul. Don’t they deserve 5-star treatment?

Whether you’re an eye cream newbie or ready to end your long search for a holy grail product, the Perfectly Fresh Eyes Kit is your gateway to luminous, eye-sparkling beauty. These creams are tailored to deposit deep hydration and revitalize fragile skin from within, so your eyes will never be overshadowed by any dark circles or fine lines.

So what are you waiting for? Youthful, rejuvenated eyes are within your reach. Get your own Perfectly Fresh Eyes Kit today, and reveal your bright-eyed glory to the world!

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