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Can the Forever Radiant Line Help My Post-Acne Skin?

Are you living every day with scarring, dark marks, or discoloration? You're not the only one.

By the time I hit my teenage years, my skin was so bad that I could hardly believe what I saw in the mirror every day. While my friends were glistening in the sun, wearing minimal makeup, and blossoming into beautiful flowers, I was hiding my face under hoodies, whole bottles of foundation, and mental walls of shame. Progressively getting worse, my breakouts became the anthem of my young adult life. They would happen continuously without rhyme or reason. Little did I know that this cycle of bad skin would follow me well into adulthood.

Fast forward to now, I am proud of the cosmopolitan woman I have become. However, if you look closely enough, you can still see the residual effects of years of shame, embarrassment, and breakouts. I have the literal scars to prove it, no matter how much I try to cover them up with makeup.

My story rings true for many women. It reverberates throughout the countless conversations of those who have essentially "grown out" of their breakouts as they've gotten older but can't bear the sight of their acne scars. And even though your skin is not trapped where it used to be, it is still a painful reminder of harder times. The discoloration, scars, and marks leave a little part of you stuck in that place and time in your life.

If you're anything like me, you're tired of hiding behind them and carrying the weight of skin issues through life. But perhaps there is a solution to this problem. As you get older, you don’t want to deal with skin issues from your teenage years while facing the signs of aging. A preventative aging kit that takes care of existing problems while keeping the signs of aging at bay is the answer you need.

Tips for Discoloration and Scars

It is no secret that acne leaves behind sad reminders; the real discussion is how to get rid of them.

You’ve probably fallen into the Pinterest rabbit hole a time or two, and seen a million DIY masks that supposedly help clear marks and discoloration. Realistically? Most of these don't work and can irritate your skin, dry you out, and cause other skin issues you didn't intend to. While it can be an uphill battle when you're dealing with dark marks and discoloration (usually in the form of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation), some tips can give you freedom from these issues while simultaneously preventing the signs of aging.

  • This first tip is a big one: Limit the amount of sun that you come in contact with. Overexposure to the sun and UV rays can stimulate melanin production in your skin like a defense mechanism. In turn, this can cause any discoloration to get worse. Also, extended sun exposure can cause premature wrinkles and age spots. Make sure to wear SPF to protect yourself from further damage.
  • Don't pick at any existing marks or out-of-the-blue pimples that pop up. Picking can cause damage to the skin and prolong the healing process. It can also cause post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, which can result in a patch of skin that's slightly darker than the rest of your complexion.
  • Use natural-based products that are non-irritating, non-drying, and can feed nutrients to your skin continuously. This will help your skin heal and thrive on its own.
Use natural-based products that are non-irritating


The Ingredients of the Forever Radiant Kit

Many companies talk a good game but rarely back it up. The main ingredients within most products that claim to help with acne scars or discoloration use synthetic ingredients, artificial fillers, and harsh chemicals that can end up doing more damage than good. How do I know this? For years, I would use top brands that are known for helping fade marks and discoloration. Did it help? Not. Not only did my skin not get better, but it did nothing for the other skin concerns that came up as I started to age.

That is when I realized that I had to pay attention to more than just the claims. I had to take my time to look into the ingredients and make sure that they were good for my skin's health. That is what makes the Forever Radiant Kit so unique. It’s full of natural-based ingredients and contains antioxidants, minerals, and a whole bouquet of vitamins for optimal nourishment.

Here are some of the skin-saving ingredients within this line:

  1. Kakadu Plum Extract - This extract is the first active and wild-harvested natural source of Vitamin C. For centuries, the Kakadu plum has been an important food source for its health-promoting properties and its healing properties. Packed with countless antioxidants, this superfruit is recognized as the world's richest source of natural vitamin C. It also helps reduce the appearance of pores, dark spots, fine lines, and even wrinkles.
  2. Basil Seed Oil - A unique ingredient in the skincare market. A gentle cold-pressed oil, basil seed is rich in fatty acids. Highly nutritious, this oil is bursting with Omega 3 and offers skin healing benefits to help diminish discoloration and dark marks.
  3. Bakuchiol- A 2014 study found that bakuchiol has the "same collagen-regulating and gene-modifying properties as retinol". It can also significantly decrease discoloration and hyperpigmentation with consistent daily use. Bonus: A 2010 study found that bakuchiol works to inhibit excess melanin production, so that dark spots don't continue to stay on the skin, and it is more effective than the leading skincare treatment arbutin.
  4. Chlorella Vulgaris Extract (a type of algae)- This skin-saving extract can lift hyperpigmentation, including acne scars and dark circles. Classified in the algae family, it is no stranger to skincare and has been used for years to help the skin achieve clarity. It is also a proven fan favorite for dermatologists.

True Freedom from Acne Scars and Discoloration

For all the times that you have wondered, "What would it feel like to have freedom from acne scars?" wonder no more.

Our new preventative aging kit can help every skin problem you have both old and new. Not only is it equipped to handle all of the signs of aging, including fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots, but it is infused with skin-healing ingredients for fewer acne scars and marks.

That means that all of the natural-based ingredients above are ready to help heal, restore, and nourish the skin. Customers have already seen a reduction of redness, wrinkles, and scars in as little as one month after using these products.

Forever Radiant Kit


Embrace all that your skin could ever be and walk with your head high as you see the results for yourself. Acne scars don't define me, and they certainly will never define you. Your best skin is waiting with the Forever Radiant Kit.

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