9 Tips for Softer Lips: How to Maintain a Flawless Kiss Averr Aglow

9 Tips for Softer Lips: How to Maintain a Flawless Kiss

A satiny, kissable pout. It’s the holy grail of lip care, and the craveable base for all your lip looks, from that dramatic burgundy matte to that petal-pink gloss.

But for something so fundamental, vibrant lips can be surprisingly tricky to achieve. Between their thin, fragile skin and lack of a protective oil barrier, your lips lose moisture like crazy — leaving them oh-so-vulnerable to dryness and chapping.

So how can you cherish your pout as it deserves and maintain lush lips 24/7? We’ve gathered 9 top tips to help combat dry skin and keep your lips soft, smooth, and sensuous.

1. Pamper Your Lips With the Very Best Ingredients

We all know the phrase, “You are what you eat.” But when it comes to skincare, we tend to ignore the painfully true equivalent: “You are what you apply.”

Ingredients make or break a product, especially on extra-sensitive areas like the skin of your lips. So it stands to reason: if you want to achieve healthy, naturally gorgeous lips, shouldn’t you start with healthy, natural ingredients?

To get the best bang for your lip care buck, select products that support your pout with skin-enhancing botanicals like hydrating natural butter, antioxidant-rich fruit extracts, and moisture-locking plant waxes.

2. Break Up With Artificial Fragrance (and Other Irritants)

On the flip side of our first tip, there are a whole host of drying ingredients that can pop up in lip products — even though your pout isn’t a fan. These include hormone-disrupting artificial fragrances and “tingly,” lip-aggravating ingredients like mint or cinnamon. These add-ins may feel or smell nice at the moment of application but can end up contributing to chapping and dehydration.

So when choosing an indulgent pick-me-up for your lips, keep one eye on the ingredients list and kiss useless, lip-irritating ingredients goodbye.

Averr Aglow Infographic - Common Ingredients That Can Irritate Your Lips


3. Feeling Dry? Don’t Pick or Peel

When your lips start chapping, your first instinct may be to pinch off that dead, peeling skin. But this can damage your delicate lips! We’ve all felt that sudden, stinging feeling — you’re trying to nip off a little flake, but end up peeling off a stretch of healthy skin, too. Cue the ripped-bandaid sensation.

Now your lips aren’t just dry; they’re also raw and vulnerable. Skin picking is the epitome of one step forward, two steps back, so resist that fidgety, impatient urge to peel. Tip #3 has a better option to help you ditch dry skin.

4. Gently Exfoliate With a Natural Lip Polish

To safely remove dry skin and prep your lips for hydration, a natural exfoliant can refresh your pout without all the lip-picking damage. But some exfoliating products are too rough on your sensitive lips. So how do you know which scrub is the right fit? 

Instead of sharp-edged sugar scrubs or harsh, acid-based peels, we suggest a lip polish with a gentle, botanical base. That’s why our Perfect Pout Lip Kit includes the Strawberry Soufflé Lip Polish, a unique scrub crafted with whole strawberry seeds. Naturally rounded, they treat your lips to an invigorating massage and gently buff away flaking skin. Result? Effective exfoliation that’s even safe enough for daily use.

And with a scrub this delectable, you’ll be craving it daily. We completed the polish by encapsulating our strawberry seeds in a creamy, lightly sweet base. The finished product is a spa-like indulgence that helps leave your pout silky-smooth and refreshed.

Averr Aglow Strawberry Souffle Lip Polish


5. When in Doubt, Don’t Lick Your Lips

This tip may be the biggest surprise on this list, but when your lips are crying out for moisture, licking them won’t help. It may cause your parched lips to lose hydration even faster.

The moisture you deposit when you lick your lips quickly evaporates, and as it does, it pulls out yet more moisture from within your lips. Plus, saliva may leave behind a residue of enzymes that are too severe for your lips’ fragile skin. So by licking your lips too much, you essentially end up driving away hydration and replacing it with irritation!

But when your pout is feeling cracked and dry, you can’t just ignore it. That’s why we're all about the next tip.

6. Keep Your Lips Hydrated With a Moisturizing Balm

To keep lips soft and supple, many of us turn to chapsticks and balms. But not all lip balms are worth your time. Most pad their formulations with slick jellies that form a smothering barricade over your lips without actually contributing any hydration.

Forget mediocre, run-of-the-mill lip care. All Averr Aglow products are packed with multi-tasking botanicals!

Why not reward your lips with something truly restorative? A first-rate lip balm begins by infusing hydration, then locks in moisture for lasting results.

The Creamsicle Bliss Lip Balm in our Perfect Pout Lip Kit is a perfect choice. Sumptuous and smooth, this balm glides across your lips, bestowing a natural gloss that complements every skin type and tone.

Plus, it doesn’t waste any space on ineffective fillers. Instead, it’s fortified with wholesome ingredients like moisturizing shea butter, firming avocado oil, protective fig seed oil, and lip-softening pomegranate seed oil. Even if you’re facing a cold or dry-weather day, your luscious pout is always left gorgeously plump and hydrated!

Averr Aglow Creamsicle Bliss Lip Balm


7. Cultivate Hydration By Drinking Plenty of Water

This tip will come as no surprise to the skincare savvy. Just as your water intake impacts your skin's luminosity, it also affects the plump hydration of your lips.

Most skin cells — those on your lips included — contain up to 30% water. And if you don’t constantly replenish the water levels in these thirsty cells, they can become tight, flaky, and prone to wrinkling. Just one more reason to keep your water bottle handy!

How much water do you need to drink daily?

It varies from person to person. So here’s a guideline to help you set your unique hydration goals!

  1. Find your weight (in pounds).
  2. Multiply your weight by 0.66 to find your baseline daily water goal (in ounces).
  3. If you have an active lifestyle, add 12 oz for every 30 minutes of exercise.
  4. Drink up!

8. Keep Lips Soft Overnight With a Nourishing Lip Mask

During the day, you can keep your lips moisturized by drinking water and touching up your pout with high-quality lip balm. But what can you do overnight? Without assistance, dehydration can easily creep in while you sleep. After all, you’re still losing water in all the usual ways, including evaporation, sweating, and with each outward breath.

To help lock in moisture and prevent dry lips, you can level up your night routine with a lip mask that’s lavish with nutrients. The final product in our Perfect Pout Lip Kit, the Goodnight Kiss Lip Mask, was specifically crafted for overnight wear. Its long-wear formula takes its time to deposit enriching vitamins, minerals, and lasting moisture.

And just one application of this thick and velvety mask is enough to see you through a whole night of beauty sleep. So you can start each day with a morning-ready pout that’s rested and refreshed!

Averr Aglow Goodnight Kiss Lip Mask


9. Protect Your Pout from Drying Lipsticks

We all adore a matte lip look, but we don’t adore the way it sucks our poor pout dry. Luckily, you can help prep and protect your lips ahead of time, so there’s no need to kiss your matte colors goodbye.

Our Perfect Pout Lip Kit provides everything your healthy lips need, with a complete trifecta to exfoliate, nourish, and hydrate. Practice these three easy steps before lipstick to create a silky-soft canvas for flawless application and help protect your lips from drying throughout the day.

How to Prep for Lipstick With the Perfect Pout Kit

  1. Remove dry skin and unveil a smooth surface with the Strawberry Soufflé Lip Polish.
  2. Enrich your lips with the Goodnight Kiss Lip Mask. Before lipstick, apply the mask for 10-15 minutes, then dab your lips clean.
  3. Finish prepping your look with a layer of the hydrating Creamsicle Bliss Lip Balm.
  4. Apply your favorite lip color and admire your picture-perfect pout!
Averr Aglow Perfect Pout Lip Kit


If you’re tired of lips that look dry, chapped, or dull, let this list be your guide on the road to better lip health. Remember, self-care is more than a hastily snatched moment here and there — and more than a halfhearted swipe of chapstick. Don’t you and your lips deserve better?

Just like you follow a faithful skincare routine to keep your complexion on point, your lips need a little focused TLC to be at their best. With the addition of our simple, three-step Perfect Pout Lip Kit, you can easily turn lip care into a sensual, rejuvenating experience that delivers unparalleled results.

It’s the dawning of a new, lip-positive era. So give your precious lips the love they’ve been missing with Perfect Pout!

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