5 Steps to Transition Your Skincare Routine for Your 30s

5 Steps to Transition Your Skincare Routine for Your 30s

Not 30 yet? Start with the 6 Things You Should Know About Skincare in Your 20s

Entering your 30s can be quite a mental adjustment. You may find yourself mourning the passing of your younger persona and struggling to let go of habits that aren’t serving you anymore.

But you’re no longer in your 20s, and it’s okay to let things change. After all, you probably aren’t still drinking the same go-to cocktail, or rocking the same haircut, or hanging out at the same coffee shop/food court/disco tech.

(Where do the kids hang out these days? As a 30-something, I am too old and uncool to know what’s “hip.”)

All this change may seem a little scary, but it’s also exciting. A whole new you is emerging!

Much of this transition will be internal as you embrace your new perspective. But don’t forget that your skin is changing, too, and requires an evolving skincare routine.

Your 20s skincare routine was all about protection, but 30s skincare needs to focus on prevention stopping problems like dull skin and premature aging before they take a toll on your complexion.

Time to adjust your product lineup. Keep your face looking fresh with these steps to perfect skincare in your 30s.

1. Keep Up the Basics

If you already established a go-to skincare routine in your 20s, the first step of your 30s skincare journey will be an easy one. Just keep up those good habits, and remember to commit to your regimen both morning and night!

If you slacked off on skincare in your 20s, I know the feeling. But don’t worry, it’s never too late! Now is the perfect time to get your 30s routine up and running.


Or, you can make things easy on yourself by selecting an all-in-one line like our Clear Skin Kit. With 40+ natural-based active ingredients, its products are designed to work together and deliver maximum results for your skin.

This botanical-powered kit includes not only the perfect cleanser-moisturizer duo but also complements them with an anti-inflammatory facial mist and a purifying overnight mask. It’s a complete solution for all skin types!

Averr Aglow Clear Skin Kit


2. Focus on Exfoliation

Now that your complexion is settling into life as an adult, you may notice that you’re waking up to skin that seems drier or duller than you remember. You’re not crazy — this is biology at work.

From childhood into your 20s, your skin excels at self-rejuvenation. It undergoes a complete turnover of skin cells every 10 to 20 days, so your face is always looking youthful and bright.

In your 30s, this skin cell turnover begins to slow down, taking 30 days or more to complete a cycle. Old, dry skin cells linger longer on the surface of your skin, giving you a dull, worn appearance.

The answer here is exfoliation.

By removing dead skin cells with an exfoliant, you can reveal the healthy cells underneath and help your complexion maintain its glow. However finding the right daily exfoliant may be difficult, as most exfoliating products can be too harsh or damaging for regular use.

Enter our Radiant Cleansing Nectar. It’s a cleanser, yes, but exfoliation is its secret superpower!

Applied with cotton rounds, the Nectar helps gently buff away dead skin cells and other impurities to let your natural radiance shine through. Meanwhile, botanical ingredients like manuka oil promote healthy skin cell turnover to help prevent a dull skin traffic jam.

Best of all? The Nectar is gentle enough for daily use, so you can cleanse and exfoliate all at once. Multitaskers, rejoice!

Does your complexion need extra exfoliation oomph? Add our Illuminating Essence Exfoliating Mask once or twice a week to leave your skin fresh and bright!

Bonus: If you struggle with adult acne, regular exfoliation can help prevent clogged pores and breakouts. It’s a serious win-win.

3. Pamper Your Problem Areas

As young and cool as we still feel, our 30s is when the march of time begins to show itself on our faces — namely, with the first appearance of fine lines.


Your complexion in your 30s will undergo a gradual decrease in the proteins collagen and elastin, which usually keep your face looking plump and tight. As a result, your skin may begin to show signs of sagging, drooping, or wrinkling.

To stall the loss of collagen, start pampering problem areas with collagen-boosting products. The most common target areas will be those with extra-delicate skin, such as the area around your eyes — which is prone to fine lines like crow’s feet.

Our Perfectly Fresh Eyes Kit includes not one but two exclusive eye products to help keep Father Time at bay. Start your morning with the Ageless Eyes Day Cream to soothe overnight puffiness and refresh your skin. Conclude with the Satin Eyes Night Mask, which infuses intense, luxurious hydration to help your skin repair itself after a long day.

Averr Aglow Perfectly Fresh Eyes Kit


Both creams feature rejuvenating botanicals like bakuchiol and kahai oil, which come loaded with antioxidants that nourish your skin and help fight premature aging. Bakuchiol also serves as a vegan, plant-based retinol alternative, helping reinvigorate collagen production.

Remember, your 30s skincare watchword should be prevention. Taking care of your complexion now helps preserve your natural beauty for later.

So say “eye do” to eye creams and “no thanks” to crow's feet!

4. Manage Your Stress

Stress management is something that I didn’t think about until my 30s. Suddenly, I found myself worrying about my budget, my career, my health...all things that hadn’t concerned me in my 20s.

Little did I know, that addressing my stress could also help address my skin issues.

Chronic or extreme stress can contribute to premature aging. You feel anxious, your skin responds with inflammation, and your body releases hormones that can damage your DNA and interfere with your cells’ normal regeneration cycle.

Long story short, stress can upset your complexion and make it harder for skin cells to repair and replace themselves.

Stress hormones like cortisol and CRH can also lead to breakouts, especially for those of us who already deal with acne-prone skin.

Tired of adult acne? Our Clear Skin Kit was created with 40+ active botanicals to help heal your sensitive adult complexion!

Don’t let stress take it out on your face. Try incorporating some de-stressing techniques into your week, both for the sake of your skin and your overall happiness.


  • Quality time with close friends, family, and pets. Connecting with loved ones is good for your soul and releases relaxing brain chemicals.
  • Meditation, yoga, or other mindfulness practices. Let go of past regrets and future worries, at least for a while.
  • Enjoying some aromatherapy. Light a few candles or burn some incense. On the go? Spritz an instant pick-me-up with the light, rosy scent of our Clarifying Hydration Dew.
  • Spending time on relaxing hobbies. Pottery, cooking, knitting... what’s your happy place?
  • Catching up on sleep. A nap or an early bedtime can be beneficial for your stress and your skin.
  • Writing lists or making plans. Help yourself feel more prepared and less stressed in the moment.
  • Indulging in a little pampering. What’s your favorite way to spoil yourself? Mine is soaking in the bath and scrubbing up with our Rejuvenating Essence Body Polish.
Averr Aglow Rejuvenating Essence Body Polish


5. Adjust Your Skincare to Your Lifestyle

The last step to perfect your 30s skincare routine is to adjust it to your current lifestyle. Whether or not you want to admit it, your lifestyle now probably looks pretty different than when you first started caring for your skin.

For many people, your 30s are the busiest decade yet. So while you may love the look of that 12-product Korean beauty regimen, do you have time to follow each step before you run out the door to work or collapse into bed?

Simplify your routine with skincare that is quick yet effective. Our Luminous Clear Skin Kit cuts to the chase with five products that promote a healthy, balanced complexion.

More and more women are also waiting until their 30s to get pregnant. If that’s you, it can mean adjusting to a pregnancy skincare routine that drops dangerous products and prioritizes clean, baby-safe ingredients instead.

And once you embark on parenthood, child-wrangling throws a whole new wrench into your skincare practices. Free time to pamper yourself is now a distant dream. Good luck chasing that toddler while wearing a sheet mask, friend.

Ultimately, your ideal 30s skincare routine is going to be a reflection of your perfect 30s lifestyle. Don’t settle for half-decent products you used eight years ago or the first drugstore brand you happen to see.

Listen to your skin and find the products that are perfect for you!

Hint: They may be closer than you think.

Averr Aglow skincare products


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