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Self Care Face Masks

As you know, we are huge proponents of self-care, and we believe that you deserve every chance you get to pamper yourself - even if it's just a quick 20 minute bath alone, or taking an entire solo evening to yourself with Netflix, a heated blanket and an oat milk hot chocolate. We know you’re tired, and that you work hard. We know you study hard, parent hard, or take care of friends and family hard. You work on your body with exercise, your brain with meditation, even if it’s just for 5 minutes per day. We know things can be difficult and exhausting. So we ask you to take a moment, bring your energy down, and be soft. Be slow. Be steady. Allow yourself to rest. 

Especially during the winter season, we feel the harsh winds and dry air as a daily battle, and our bodies start to crave warmth. Our skin begins to beg for hydration and moisture as it becomes dry and red. Your skin, your largest organ, deserves and truly responds to care and nutrition both inside and out.

Feed your skin from the outside in

We talked recently about feeding your skin with foods and nutrients that you can seek out in the winter when there are so many diversions and temptations at family and friend gatherings. We talked about finding and enjoying those vitamins and nutrients, fortifying from the inside out. Now we’ll talk about finding the solution to taking care of your skin from the outside in. 

Take a deep breath. How do you respond to the following images? Do they make you relax? Do they make you feel calm? When you look at the different scenes, what do you smell? Can you taste the sweetness of the whipped cream? Do you hear the snow fall? Do you hear the waves crash? What would it feel like to touch the drops of dew, or the dollops of clay? Or immerse yourself in a luxurious warm bath? 

Bath cozy fireplace dew nature wave beach hot cocoa snow clay

How do you feel?

Whatever you’re feeling when you see these images, imagine that feeling illuminating both in and on your body, when you’re provided products that contain the ingredients and feelings evoked above. 

We have the perfect solution.

Camille has developed a seasonal, limited-time trio of face masks called “Discovery Box.” Masks of Glacial Clay Blue Tansy, Amazonian White Clay Snow, and It's Mint to Be Pink Clay. 

Averr Aglow Face Masks

Cami has applied the three masks to her skin to show you how they work and feel, and after reading about each one below, check out her video below where she talks about each one as she applies and then removes them to reveal luminous, glowing skin. 

Three featured masks for your seasonal pleasure

As you begin your pampering, let’s start with the the brand NEW Glacial Clay Blue Tansy Mask. This winter berry, seed butter, fruit wax, and isomyl cocoate sea silt is thick and dense, derived from the  blue tansy flower from Morocco. It has an arctic berry scent, filling your senses and waking up the skin at the cellular level with coffee and saffron. It’s rich and moist with peptides (building blocks for collagen) that help improve acne-prone skin, tighten maturing skin, decongest and brighten dull skin, and boost fullness for a luminous glow. After you let it sit on your skin for about 20 minutes, (a soaking bath would be a great accompaniment) then wash it off gently with a warm washcloth. 

Three Face Masks Clay

Our second new mask is our Amazonian White Clay Snow. When you watch Camille’s video below, you’ll see it on her forehead. It helps exfoliate the dry dead skin that’s been building up due to harsh bitter winds, and then forms a barrier to protect your skin from the elements. Like a sweet fluffy cream from Starbucks in both feel and smell, it nourishes and hydrates by feeding the skin probiotics and ingredients like Siberian Pine nut and luxurious Amazon White Clay. Again, once you let it settle onto your face and allow it to seep in, wash it off gently with a warm cloth. Take deep breaths between masks and either lay quietly with gentle music or enjoy a warm bath or shower.

Three masks in the Discovery Box

Back for a limited time is our fan-favorite “Mint to Be Pink Clay.” With a unique powerhouse of 2 different collagen peptides provided by French Pink Clay, French Plum Kernel Oil from France, and Shea Butter, this soft creamy mask has a sweet peppermint smell, a smooth gel coating, and smooth supple elasticity elements, to provide a luminous glowing, vibrant look once removed.  

Before gathering your trio of masks and indulging, watch Cami’s video here as she shows you just how she developed them to work against the elements and seasonal enemies, and bring softness, dewiness and peace to both your life and skin.

Cami talks about self care face masks

Camille showing us her Discovery Box face masks

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