How to Prep Skin For My Wedding Averr Aglow

How to Prep Skin For My Wedding

Whether you’re the bride, the groom, the wedding party, or the family of the betrothed, you know there’s a lot of prep for the big day. And not just picking out flowers, dresses, gifts, coordinating with family, traveling, and mentally preparing yourself for a life-changing event, but there’s also the matter of self-care. It’s easy to get lost in the minutia of the details and make sure everyone else is happy on your big day and forget about yourself. 

You are crucial in all of this, and not just because you’ll be walking down the aisle!  You simply deserve to give yourself all the things you need to stay healthy on the journey leading up to the event so that you can relax and just have fun on the big day. That includes making sure you’re eating healthy and cleanexercising (even if it’s just a meditative daily walk), and, for both indulgences after a long day of planning as well as confidence on your big day, your special pre-wedding skincare and skincare on the wedding day is crucial.

So, because we know you have a lot going on with the planning, let’s cut this down into a skincare routine you can easily follow! 

Wedding Skin Prep

Three months before the wedding:

Three months ahead of the event will give you plenty of time for the detoxification and healing process to transpire, and leave you with totally hydrated, glowing skin. Depending on your needs - whether it be advanced acne and blemishes, or hydrating and firming more mature skin, use either our Clear Skin Kit or our Forever Radiant Kit. Though each kit is a little different, both allow the skin to rebalance the oil and tackle bad bacteria. We’ll cover both options below!

In addition to the products we recommend below, remember it’s important to make sure that in these months before the wedding, you’re making sure to get a full 8 hours of sleep (a shower before bed using our Body Glow Duo will help prepare you for a good night’s rest!), eating clean for clear skin - here’s a list of 99 superfoods that will make you radiate from the inside out - including Omega 3s, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and many more, and cutting back on alcohol, whose chemical processes can directly cause acne. Save that sip of champagne for the wedding day! 

The Clear Skin Kit acne-fighting powerhouse helps to clear up breakouts and blemishes, exfoliates dead skin, detoxifies, and replenishes new skin cell growth while fading dark marks, balancing oil production, and smoothing.

Woman bride using elixir before wedding

The bundle includes our Clarifying Hydration Dew, Radiant Cleansing Nectar, Clear Skin Elixir, and Flawless Nourishment Cream. You can use this four-part, refreshing, and nourishing routine – using the hydration dew and nectar upon waking and before sleep, and adding the nourishment cream during the day and the elixir at night. The combination’s unique formula contains over 40+ natural ingredients,  apple seed oil, saw palmetto, cucumber, French pink clay, and rosehip oil (and all the wonderful scents that accompany them), the clear skin kit is both easy and indulgent. Below is a simple way to use it.

Clear Skin How To for brides wedding part

The Forever Radiant Kit is for more mature skin. Whether you’re tying the knot a little later in life (and so many are these days!) or you’re the mother of the bride, this set of four preventative aging products is for you. Each product works to uplift, brighten, refine, and recharge the skin and is full of potent natural-based ingredients like Kakadu plum, grape seed oil, cellular apple seed oil, and blue tansy. As always, it’s cruelty-free, non-toxic, and gentle on the skin. 

Below is the easy way to use this magical rejuvenating kit. 

Forever Radiant Kit How To

Skincare one week before the wedding:

Use the same routine as above, but remember these tips! 

1. No sleeping in makeup – This is a nightly rule, but especially a week before the big day! This is something that the Clear Skin Kit or Forever Radiant Kit can help you achieve – removing makeup and preparing your skin for rejuvenation.

2. Add a booster! Our triple-powered booster kit addresses dullness, congestion, and damage with booster serums featuring high-powered ingredients. You can go for the whole kit, or just choose one. Add them to your nightly/daily routine on their own or mix them with your moisturizer. Whether you choose the Ceramide NP Booster, the Phyto Ceramide .4% Booster, or the Super Peptide .34 Booster, each one of them cares for your skin in a different, super-charged way. 

Bridal Skin Care the Night Before the Wedding (either solo or with friends/bridesmaids!):

Bridesmaids and bride celebrating with skincare routine the night before the wedding

1. Exfoliate away dry-patched skin with our Illuminating Essence Exfoliating Mask. Extracting dead skin, toxins, and bacteria, it’s the perfect way to pamper yourself the night before your wedding day. Infused with Volcanic Ash, Silica, and Cloudberry Oil, you’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud, in many ways! And a bonus: exfoliating will help makeup lay perfectly on the skin without clinging onto any dry patches.

Pre wedding self care face mask bride

2. Then hydrate with our serums (#3 and #4 below) PLUS add a booster for a bonus! Use our Perfectionist Serum and Super Peptide Booster for acne-prone skin, or our Essential Renewing SerumPhyto Ceramide Booster for hydration plus pore refining.

3. Then, moisturize with our No.4 Flawless Nourishment Cream to lock in all that hydration!

4. Finally, moisturize lips (for that “you may now kiss the bride lusciousness!”) with our overnight Goodnight Kiss Lip Mask.

Wedding Skin Prep Routine – on Your Big Day!

Bride looking in mirror at skincare day of wedding

1. Cleanse with No.1 & No.2 of your Clear Skin Kit or No.1 & No.2 of your Forever Radiant Kit (described at the start of this article).

2. Hydrate with your Serums (Perfectionist for oily/combo skin or Essential Renewing for dry skin).

3. Dab and dew your skin with moisturizer for a dewy and flawless look, using either No. 4 Flawless Nourishment Cream for dry skin, or No.4 Flawless Water Creme for oily/combo skin.

4. Finish with Creamsicle Bliss Lip Balm – a buttery citrus blend, the perfect final before makeup if you choose to wear it!

These routines will leave you feeling fresh, exuberant, clean, and confident for your big day. You’ll be able to smile for all the photos – both professional and fun – knowing you have been taking care of yourself regularly and have a “glow” about you - in addition to the glow you’ll have to marry the person you love! Congratulations and let the pampering begin…don’t forget our travel kits for easy skincare on the go, whether it’s to your wedding or honeymoon destination!

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