Why We Love Overnight Skincare (and You Will, Too) Averr Aglow

Why We Love Overnight Skincare (and You Will, Too)

Life is busy. Between work, chores, errands, and those oh-so-valuable slices of time spent with hobbies and loved ones, are there ever enough hours in your day?

We didn’t think so.

With so many other obligations vying for attention, it can be hard to find time to care for your skin. Fortunately, there’s an efficient and effective solution: overnight skincare.

Overnight products slip easily into your packed schedule and go hand-in-hand with your body’s natural cycles to complement the work your skin is already doing at night.

What Your Skin Does While You Sleep

You're not the only one who needs a chance to rest and repair. At night, your skin is also trying to restore itself. This essential restoration is one of many reasons that getting better sleep is so crucial.

Lack of sleep can disrupt your natural rhythms and contribute to a weakened skin barrier and premature aging.

But you already understand that quality sleep is vital to your health and well-being. Tell us something we don’t know! Like, how does sleep affect your skin, specifically?

The Upside: Nightly Rejuvenation

During the day, your skin is busy fighting off UV rays and other environmental damage. But at night, its priorities shift from protection to recovery.

As you sleep, your level of stress hormones decreases, and your rate of cell regeneration increases. This gives your skin a chance to start repairing any damage and creating fresh new layers from within. Your rate of regeneration during deep sleep can be three times faster than during the day.

Meanwhile, your body also begins producing more collagen — one of the proteins that keep your complexion smooth and bouncy. More collagen means less visible fine lines and wrinkles, helping maintain your ageless mystique.

The Downside: Moisture Loss

Alas, there are also drawbacks to those long hours of rest. Your skin produces less natural oil at night, leaving it less protected and more prone to moisture loss as water evaporates and escapes. Your skin temperature also tends to be hotter as you sleep, contributing further to dry skin. This is why you may wake up to a complexion that feels crepey or dehydrated, even if you usually have an oily skin type.

But never let fear of dry skin stand between you and a good night’s sleep! Sufficient rest is vital for your health, and there are other, easier ways to keep your skin dewy and glowing.


What Overnight Products Can Do For You (and Your Skin)

If sleep affects your skin with both pros and cons, how can you upgrade your experience and ensure that your eight hours are pure beauty rest?

This is where overnight products come in. They capitalize on processes that are already happening in your skin during sleep, helping counteract the negatives and make the positives even better.

1. Achieve More Potent Results

For one thing, your skin is more permeable and receptive as you sleep. Yes, your skin loses moisture faster at night, but there’s a silver lining — better absorption of skincare products. Thanks to your more vulnerable skin barrier, nighttime becomes an ideal opportunity to imbue your complexion with restorative nutrients.

Overnight products also don’t have to focus on a specific daytime look or feel. Because they aren’t meant to be layered with makeup or used with SPF, overnight products can indulge in a richer formulation that emphasizes performance ingredients. Hello, hydrating butter.

Long-wear formulas allow plenty of time for nutrients to fully sink into your skin. By reaching down to the very deepest layers of your complexion, overnight products can provide peak results.

2. Deliver Nourishment When Your Skin Needs It Most

At night, your skin cells get a metabolism boost and begin replicating and regenerating. But all this work requires a lot of energy. To power these efforts, your skin is begging for an influx of fortifying nutrients. That’s why vitamin-rich products have an even greater impact at night, delivering crucial nourishment straight to your cells.

It’s just like feeding the rest of your body. When do you appreciate food the most? When your metabolism is running hot, and you’ve actively worked up an appetite. And while busily rebuilding themselves all night, your skin cells are hungry.

Hydrating overnight products can also help combat water loss while you sleep. Moisture-rich ingredients help replenish your hydration and support your skin barrier, keeping water right where you want it: illuminating your complexion from within.

Averr Aglow enhances and illuminates your skin with natural overnight skincare products


Now, how do you take advantage of all these nighttime benefits? By curating a lineup of exceptional overnight products specially designed for your delicate skin.

Why Natural-Based Overnight Products Are the Perfect Fit For Your Skin

With overnight formulas, it’s more important than ever to prioritize clean, natural skincare that works with the health of your precious skin.

Would you rub salt into a wound (and then leave it there for 8 hours)? Of course not. Then why would you stress your complexion with harsh, chemical-laden products when your skin is at its most open and vulnerable?

At Averr Aglow, we always craft our skincare with sensitive skin in mind. We love the healing potential of nighttime skincare so much that we’ve created an entire selection of botanical-infused overnight products to address every concern. So no matter your skin type or tone, you can treat your skin to a wholesome night’s sleep.

Averr Aglow overnight products -- Clear Skin Elixir, Invigorating Renewing Elixir, Perfectionist Overnight Serum, Satin Eyes Night Mask, and Goodnight Kiss Lip Mask


For Deep Detoxification: Our No 3 Elixirs

Clear the way for regeneration with a detoxifying mask that helps remove lingering impurities. Our No 3 Clear Skin Elixir is ideal for oily, blemish-prone complexions, drawing out contaminants and bacteria with its purifying base of French pink clay.

Or, for extra rejuvenation, you can cleanse your skin with glacial oceanic clay in our No 3 Invigorating Renewing Elixir. Usually reserved for the most exclusive spas, this rare clay contains luxe mineral deposits that smooth and firm your complexion.

Concerned about both anti-aging and blemish control? These complementary elixirs can be used as a team. Alternate days to reap both sets of benefits, or strategically apply each mask to the areas of skin that need their special attention.

Double-masking with the Averr Aglow Clear Skin Elixir and Invigorating Renewing Elixir


For Rich Nourishment: Perfectionist Overnight Serum

At night, your skin yearns for extra nutrients to help it renew and repair itself. With our Perfectionist Overnight Serum, you can begin your restful sleep with an infusion of vitamin-rich botanicals. Ingredients like passionfruit and acai nurture your complexion with protective antioxidants, while deeply moisturizing prickly pear helps stave off overnight dryness with essential fatty acids.

One of our most coveted products, this serum looks like liquid gold — and will make your skin feel just as priceless.

For Smooth, Youthful Eyes: Satin Eyes Night Mask

The delicate skin around your eyes needs more overnight help than most. That’s why we crafted an especially enriching product to care for it overnight: the Satin Eyes Night Mask.

This revitalizing cream doubles down on hydration to reinvigorate fragile skin while helping ward off dark circles and crow’s feet. With beneficial extracts from milk thistle, licorice, and kahai nuts, you can start each day with beautiful, bright-eyed confidence.

For Soft, Kissable Lips: Goodnight Kiss Lip Mask

Often overlooked, your lips are desperate for overnight care. Have you ever woken up to parched, chapped lips? With skin up to 5 times thinner than the rest of your face, they lose moisture in a flash.

To instill healing hydration and lock moisture in place, we developed the Goodnight Kiss Lip Mask, one of three lip-enhancing pillars in our Perfect Po ut Lip Kit. Made with rich illipe butter, gentle snow mushroom, and refreshing strawberry seed oil, it’s a delectable overnight solution for ripe, velvety lips.

How to Achieve Your Perfect Overnight Glow-Up with Averr Aglow


With so many beneficial overnight options, why waste all those precious hours? Instead, you can harness the power of sleep to make a real difference for your skin.

Whatever your skincare goals, Averr Aglow has an overnight solution to help you cross the finish line. Pick your overnight products today and rest easy, knowing that the clean, restorative powers of nature are helping rejuvenate your one-of-a-kind complexion.

Sweet dreams, Glowgetters!

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