How Often is Too Often to Do Clay Face Masks for Acne/Oily Skin? Averr Aglow

How Often is Too Often to Do Clay Face Masks for Acne/Oily Skin?

If you’re acne-prone, have oily skin, or just want your face to feel and look fresh, and dewy, and prevent breakouts, we’re asking you to pull up a chair and join us for lunch today. We’re sharing an açai bowl, and telling you all about our favorite Elixir, one which not only tackles the issues above, but also dims scars and marks, and evens out your complexion. What is this magical product? And how often can you use it?

When our founder, Cami, decided to create a solution to her own sixteen years of painful, relentless hormonal breakouts, bad skin, and dermatology failures, she planned to achieve four significant results for both herself and others:

  • Create skin health and an even complexion
  • Fight and prevent breakouts, and clear up hormonal acne
  • Provide instant relief from redness and pimples
  • Design a soothing, non-abrasive overnight rejuvenation

After diligent, passionate research, studies, and testing, one of the many products she came up with to achieve these soothing outcomes is the Clear Skin Elixir Mask, whose collection of over 20 natural plant and mineral-based ingredients features FRENCH PINK CLAY.

Just saying “French Pink Clay” evokes so many senses, doesn’t it? And not just in our imagination; within the elixir, it has a wonderful scent, look, and feel. Citrus, tea tree, grapefruit, and chamomile waft up from the silky cream, and it feels like satin as you apply just a few fingertips to your face. The icing on the cake is that it’s so pretty in its vessel – translucent, pink, creamy. Your nighttime routine suddenly isn’t “routine” anymore – it’s an experience. Did we mention that it’s infused with volcanic ash from the south of France?

Clear Skin Elixir Mask


We mentioned many other potent, all-natural ingredients that mingle with the French Pink Clay. Here are a few:

1) Raspberry Seed Oil, which is rich in Vitamin A & E, and Omegas 3, 5, and 9. This combination reduces inflammation and breakouts and creates smooth, glowing skin.

2) Fossilized Coral, which is harvested from above-ocean coral beds that have migrated upward from the depths of the sea; it contains 73 different minerals, and provides nutrients to produce healthy and plump new skin cells.

3) Chamomile Water, which is sated with antibacterial properties; this refreshing liquescent reduces bacteria, purifies your skin, and is especially helpful with sensitive skin and soothing sunburns.

Other ingredients include fruit oil, grape seed oil, and grapefruit peel oil.

So How Often Can You Use This Clay Mask?

The word “mask” sounds so heavy, right? But this Elixir is the opposite – it’s light as air! Combine that with its “all-natural ingredients” and there’s our answer – you can use it daily!

We recommend using it every night when you first begin, as part of your daily skin routine. It’s designed for all-night soothing, working beneath your skin's surface, depositing nutrients that heal, fighting breakouts, balancing oil, and stabilizing any excess production, all while you’re snoring in a cloud of pillows.

And the Elixir won’t come off on your pillowcase, which has been proven by thousands of customers!

So How Often Can You Use this Clay Mask


Once your skin clears, you can reduce the use to a few nights a week, or solely as a spot treatment. But again, only after your skin clears.

Many companies push the idea that you can just “spot-treat” pimples or breakouts as they happen. But that’ll both break the bank and break the spirit because it’s never-ending. To see long-term results and keep your skin clear, you need more than the occasional spot treatment. This Elixir mask starts working immediately, tackling redness, breakouts, and inflammation overnight. But even better, it also ensures that your skin is continuously healthy for fewer breakouts in the future.

It will not dry you out, cause redness, or cause your skin to peel. The Elixir has a hydrating formula that allows your skin to breathe and revive, as a cacophony of vitamins and minerals float gently underneath the surface.

(By the way, a couple of helpful hints: If you are currently not using our cleansing system, and your skin is on the drier side from your cleanser, we recommend moisturizing or using a serum before applying The Elixir.

Also, an ideal combo with the Elixir is our Overnight Perfectionist Serum. The Elixir locks in the nutrients from the serum, and the two work as a synergistic combo to boost skin and push the rogue pustule rascals right out the door.)

So with just 2-3 pumps of this satiny, silky, cruelty-free (no testing on animals, phew!) skincare, you can rest easy knowing the Clear Skin Elixir Mask is working 9-5 on the night shift, clearing your acne and renewing your skin, while you get your much-needed and much-deserved rest.

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