Congratulations to Tresa, our very first Glowgetter of the Month! Thanks for your constant enthusiasm and positivity in our Averr Aglow community, and for sharing your amazing skincare journey with us!

Tresa Keeter, 32, of Myrtle Beach, SC

Averr Aglow Glowgetter of the Month


Student, previously in the Navy.

Were you ever stationed overseas?

Unfortunately, I never got out of training. I was injured in a car crash and ended up working stateside in a legal department as a secretary until I got medically retired out.

What's your skin type?

Cystic and hormonal acne, combination skin with wrinkles.

What was your primary skin concern when you started using Averr Aglow?

Cystic acne. Hormonal acne. Just all on my jawline and my neck, and it was just awful.

How long have you been struggling with this? Since you were a teen?

[I was] about 15, and nothing has ever worked. I tried everything under the sun—even medication. And medication helped somewhat. It definitely made it less, but my skin has never been this good in my entire life.

What was the first Averr Aglow product that you tried?

I got the Clear Skin Kit.

How long did it take you to see results?

In different spots in my skin, it worked differently. I had some pimples on my forehead and some down on my chin. The next day, I kid you not, I actually sent in a before and after like the very next day and my forehead was completely clear. Like the Clear Skin Elixir melted it away. It was crazy.

I still had some of the bigger cysts down here and a lot of scarring going on, and then a few months into it, I did get another breakout. But I stuck with it, and all of the sudden, the pimples just stopped. It’s crazy. I hardly ever get acne. If I do or feel one coming on, I just put the Elixir on it, and it just doesn’t ever come to head. I never see it.

How did you hear about us?

One of my best friends did an influencing program for you guys. She posted about it, and I trust her a lot, so I was like, I’m going to give this a try because it really worked for her as well.

Would you say that seeing your skin get better with our products helped your self-esteem? Did you ever deal with self-esteem issues from acne?

My side job is a promotional model. I’m working with beautiful women all of the time. We’re out at events promoting mostly liquor. And I’ve always felt self-conscious because in a photo you can cover it up, but in real life it’s there. I always felt like I wasn’t good enough to do that kind of thing, but now I feel right at home with the other girls. I feel like I fit in a little better.

Do you like that they are waterless?

Yup! I actually have my little bucket that has everything that I use, which is so convenient. I keep my stuff in the refrigerator, so I pull it right out, and it’s nice.

Do you do the routine in the morning and night?

Yes, I do the original products in the morning, and I bought the new anti-aging line, and I’ll use those in the evening.

Glowgetter of the Month

How have you experimented with the products?

I use both the masks. The Flawless Nourishing Cream — I like this product for when I have a pimple. The Decadent Restoring Cream doesn’t break me out like most moisturizers and I've noticed my wrinkles up here are a lot less and are plumped and filled in. People have asked me if I’ve gotten botox and I’m like, "Nope, it’s just these products."

I didn’t replace the spray—I’ve used the new one and liked the new one but I’m going to stick with the rose one because I like the smell of it. As for the cleansers, I’m definitely going to keep purchasing both. The Radiant Cleansing Nectar is good for when my skin is super oily and when I have makeup on. The Refining Cleansing Nectar is so moisturizing. It feels so good and so relieving on my skin.

What other stepshave you taken to clear up your skin? Have you tried dieting, exercise, different sleep routines, or anything?

Eating clean does help, especially with inflammation. I am on spironolactone—the pairing with that, the Averr Aglow products, and the diet are just phenomenal. Just amazing.

We always jokethat if you know you’re about to eat pizza, maybe apply the Elixir the night before to treat your skin or use it as a spot treatment.

Y'all's mask, the pigment. I know it wouldn’t work for everyone but in the winter I can almost get away with using it as a foundation. Because it matches my skin pigment so well. If I felt like I had a little bit of oil or pimple coming on, I would put it on the area and wear it as a foundation. I wouldn’t even wear makeup, just a little bit of the Elixir. It’s good for under a mask too.

Tellus a little more about yourself. What are your hobbies, interests,family, kids, etc.

I have a boyfriend of 4 years, and we have an amazing husky. That is my child. We’re both doing the student life. He was also in the military.

What are you going to school for? What are you getting your degree in?

I just obtained my Associate's in science. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I used to be a trainer. So right now, I’m transitioning to go into a physical therapy assistant program.

What activities do you do to unwind?

Weightlifting is huge. I also feel like weightlifting has helped me look a little younger than my age. I mean, your products definitely brought me back a few years, but I think the lifting has definitely helped keep me looking a little younger for sure.

Are you drinking more water?

I’m doing a 6-week fitness bikini challenge, and I need to drink a gallon a day. So, I am drinking my water.

If you were stuck on a plane for over 12 hours, what celebrity would you want to sit next to on the flight?

I really want to meet Post Malone. I was finding myself again after my brain injury, and I had a teacher that was really into music and it got me back into music. I eventually went to one of his concerts, and I just fell in love with that music. His songs are so complex that I just want to pick his brain.

What is your favorite TV show?

I just watched all the seasons of Criminal Minds on Netflix. I just fell in love with it and got addicted to it.

When did you realize Averr Aglow was the right brand for you? That it was really working?

That’s actually a really easy question because I left the brand. I tried Peach & Lily because it was a little cheaper, so I thought I’d give it a go. It also had an oil-based cleanser. Nope. My skin broke out so bad, like SO BAD. Then I tried Dermalogica. Nope. It didn’t work. I came crawling back. Within like a month, my skin was phenomenal. These products are worth that money. The quality ingredients—you just can’t beat it with anything else.

If we could make any other products, what product would you love for us to make?

Sunscreen for sure. That is number one. Possibly some hair products that are all-natural. Maybe some tinted moisturizers.

Finally, if you couldgive a message to your younger self or someone struggling with acne, what would you tell them? And why should they try Averr Aglow?

I would say just give it a chance because I’ve been there, and it’s very emotional and it hurts, like—what do you have to lose? And it definitely works. These products are no joke.

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