Return Policy

Due to the nature of these products, we do not accept returns on items from an opened shipping box.

Once a shipping box is opened, it is not eligible for a return. An unopened shipping box may be returned within 10 days, but requires a return authorization via our customer support at Please note we do not refund our original shipping cost.

If something arrives damaged we will be happy to help. Please note, we require a photo of the damage including how it arrived in the shipping box. Please notify us within 48 hours of delivery of any damage. 


A few things to note about our products:

  • It takes time to see results. Each person is unique in how long it takes to clear up. Some need a couple weeks, some need a couple months. Depending on how long you have been dealing with breakouts and how much inflammation is below the surface will dictate how long it takes to see results. It takes time to help reduce the inflammation below the surface of the skin and to work through the breakouts you have had for many weeks, months, or years. 

Some users clear up really quickly while others need more time. This is based on your skin and the nature of the way breakouts work. 

  • These products can make you break out before you see clear skin. This doesn't happen to everyone and isn’t specific to our products. When you introduce new skincare, it works to speed up new skin cell growth and to pull inflammation below the surface up and out. This process generally takes a few weeks but great results are seen after this and no new breakouts will form and appear. This won't last forever and note these breakouts would have come up on their own time regardless. :) If you want to help skip this process, pair the products with a facial with extractions. (If you are an esthetician and want to be included in our recommend facialist list, please contact our support team 

If a package is shipped back to us please make a note of tracking as we are not responsible for lost or undelivered packages. 

We reserve the right to refuse any return.