Return Policy


We accept returns and exchanges within 60 days of purchase.

We stand behind our products and want you to love them for first-time purchases and users. We understand ordering over the internet can be a little scary so we eliminate the risk by allowing returns on first-time purchases so you can see and feel the benefits of our skincare without the risk.

Many indie beauty companies do not accept returns, but we want you to love your purchase. Because we are a small, family-run company, please take note of the following before you purchase since we are unable to reuse your products if you return. 

A few things to note about our products before you buy. 

  • We recommend using the products for at least 60 days. It takes time to help reduce the inflammation below the surface of the skin and to work through the breakouts you have had for many weeks, months, or years. 

Please do not purchase if you are not willing to stick with the products for this timeline. 

Some users clear up really quickly while others need more time. This is based on your skin and the nature of the way breakouts work. 

  • These products can make you break out before you see clear skin. This doesn't happen to everyone and isn’t specific to our products. When you introduce new skincare, it works to speed up new skin cell growth and to pull inflammation below the surface up and out. This process generally takes a few weeks but great results are seen after this and no new breakouts will form and appear. This won't last forever. If you want to skip this process, pair the products with a facial with extractions. (If you are an esthetician and want to be included in our recommend facialist list, please contact our support team

We are not responsible for return shipping costs and do not refund the original cost of shipping.