The benefits of sea buckthorn make it a perfect ingredient for preventative aging skincare

Sea Buckthorn, the Botanical Secret Behind our Preventative Aging Mask

How far would you go for a product that could truly transform your skin?

At Averr Aglow, we would travel to the roof of the world: 


Observing the high-altitude landscape, it’s no wonder how Tibet earned its nickname. The plateaus of Tibet lie nestled among the towering Himalayas, surrounded by soaring snow-capped peaks. Above, the skyline is crowned by the lofty summit of Mt. Everest. Below, the rolling scenery is punctuated by frozen icefields, verdant valleys, and long stretches of barren tundra.

Imagine yourself traversing this rugged terrain: around you, the wind whistles sharp and pure through the cliffs, thinned by the dramatic elevations. Beneath your boots, you feel the crisp crunching of rock and ice. You hear, ever so faintly, the murmur of rushing water as crystalline lakes pour into rivers fed by melting snow.

It is one of the most remote areas in the world, and every native plant and creature is a wonder of nature’s perseverance. These are species that have adapted to survive — shaggy mountain yaks and gazelles grazing the meadows, while Tibetan foxes and snow leopards prowl through the mountain shade.

Among all this tenacious wildlife grow unique botanicals. Studded across the pristine landscape, you’ll find small, steadfast trees gilded with brilliant orange berries: sea buckthorn, the hidden jewels of the Himalayas.

Grown in the Himalayas, sea buckthorn benefits your skin with vitamins and nutrients


Sculpted by the inhospitable environment, sea buckthorn is a testament to resilience. Against a backdrop of cool mountain tones, their vivid orange fruit seems to blaze.

Here, at the top of the world, every resource is precious. And it is here, from this exceptional habitat, that we source the skin-enriching sea buckthorn in our Forever Radiant Kit.

Embracing Ageless Skin with Rejuvenating Sea Buckthorn

From the ancient practices of traditional medicine, sea buckthorn has reemerged as a nutrient-rich treasure for your skin. These tart berries, once fed to horses to keep them strong and glossy-maned, have long been revered for their therapeutic qualities.

Our sea buckthorn oil is an exclusive blend with extracts from both berries and seeds, so your skin receives the full benefits of this exotic ingredient. By weaving these illuminating extracts into a single, unified product, our sea buckthorn oil achieves a rare balance of fatty acids essential to your skin: including omegas 3, 6, 7, and 9. 

This complete array of omegas, which is rarely found in a single ingredient, works in perfect synergy to enhance the health of your skin. Omega-7 is particularly hard to find, making sea buckthorn’s lush supply all the more remarkable. These omega-7 levels are the highest of any plant species, making sea buckthorn uniquely qualified to calm your skin and promote regeneration.

The abundant benefits of sea buckthorn also emerge from its potent variety of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Containing nearly 200 compounds, sea buckthorn is celebrated by researchers as “one of the most valuable natural products in the world.”

Perfect for soothing dry or sensitive complexions, sea buckthorn bathes your skin with a full array of regenerative properties.

Sea Buckthorn Benefits for Skin

  • Calms inflammation, easing puffiness and under-eye bags for a more taut and youthful complexion.
  • Stimulates collagen with its reserves of elusive, collagen-boosting omega-7, which helps keep your skin firm and elastic.
  • Retains precious moisture in your skin, warding off dehydrated wrinkling and promoting a supple, radiant finish.
  • Shields your skin from environmental damage with its high levels of skin-defending antioxidants. Sea buckthorn has even been used by cosmonauts to preserve and protect their skin from solar radiation as they weightlessly orbit the Earth.
  • Helps heal existing damage and improve skin cell regeneration so your complexion appears fresher, dewier, and more lustrous.
  • Oxygenates your skin for a healthier complexion and a brighter, plumper glow.
Sea buckthorn benefits your skin with potent vitamins and minerals


These benefits are only the beginning. Sea buckthorn is a skincare virtuoso and an invaluable addition to any skincare routine. That’s why we’ve included it in our revolutionary preventative aging line.

Preventative aging skincare is a simple, holistic philosophy that puts the health of your skin first. Other products provide short-term results, too focused on the surface-level appearance of your skin. But preventative aging products work from within, naturally nourishing your complexion with botanicals like sea buckthorn. This allows your skin to thrive by enabling it to better replenish and care for itself.

This is the concept behind our innovative Forever Radiant Kit. Forever Radiant begins by transforming the very foundations of your skin and revitalizing the health of your complexion with four simple steps.

Averr Aglow's Forever Radiant Kit is the premier preventative aging line


Sea buckthorn plays its skin-enriching part in the Kit’s third step, our #3 Invigorating Renewing Elixir. Light and creamy, this restorative mask glides onto your skin with a marbled, stony tint, as if mined straight from the craggy Himalayan heights.

The Elixir isn’t your typical mask. Specially crafted for overnight wear, it’s applied before bed and absorbed while you sleep. This long-wear formula allows the Elixir to infuse minerals and nutrients deep into your skin, far beyond the limited reach of your average 10-minute mask.

It’s an unparalleled botanical solution. By pairing sea buckthorn with other nourishing natural ingredients like blue tansy, French plum oil, and glacial oceanic clay, the Elixir empowers your complexion to begin each day with a rejuvenated glow.

For a product like that, wouldn’t you also journey to the far slopes of Tibet?

With Averr Aglow’s Forever Radiant Kit, you don’t have to. We hope that someday you do find yourself in those peaks, standing with the entire world spread like carpet below you. But until then, we’re bringing the Himalayas to you. 

At last, bathe your skin in wildcrafted nourishment and reveal a complexion as fresh as mountain snow.

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