New Season, New Skincare Routine Averr Aglow

New Season, New Skincare Routine

The “Ember” Months! (Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec)

I know maybe one or two people who actually mourn the end of summer. Like lizards, they love to bask endlessly in the hot sun.

But the rest of us feel the temperature drop and we feel the sudden need to snuggle – whether solo, with a partner, or with a pet. As the temperature dips, we’re bringing out the couch blankets (multiple, so soft), wrapping ourselves up like a burrito, putting out gourds for the fireplace, and waiting anxiously for Starbucks to drop its fall flavors, switching from iced coffee to hot, holding it cupped in our hands with contented smiles, breathing in the steam.

And you better believe we are bringing out our jeans, fall vests, our knee-high boots, and…of course….sweaters! So many sweaters.


Skincare Routine in Cooler Weather

It’s also important to note that with the new season comes a new skincare routine, and we’re ready. September, the approaching fall, and before-you-know-it winter months mean dryer skin, itchier skin and the yearly effects of wind and brisk temperature battles. We go from protecting our skin from the relentless sun to the intense drying effect of air conditioning, cold outside temperatures, wind, central heating, low humidity and lower levels of moisture in the air. How do we combat this change in routine? In this article we’ll cover all the tips and products you can use to keep your skin dewy, clear, fresh and clean.

Effects of Cold Weather on Skin

Sensitivity and dehydration- The harsh weather can strip the skin’s natural protective barrier, creating gaps in the outermost layer, allowing water to escape (dehydration) and irritants to get in (sensitivity). Moisture is essential for the skin barrier to perform well. Research has shown that there is less moisture in the skin during winter than in the summer, as well as fewer lipids in the skin barrier. (*)

Itchy Skin - The cold dry environment may be responsible for the itchy sensations, as the inflammatory response kicks in and releases histamines.

Inflammatory Skin - It can exacerbate inflammatory skin diseases such as rosacea, eczema, ichthyosis, and psoriasis, which suffer due to an impaired barrier function. All of these skin conditions are affected by extremes in temperature and can cause serious irritation, cracking, and pain.

Dry cracked, sore lips – We have all been there! One minute you’re at home admiring your lovely supple lips in the mirror, and the next you’re on the subway or in a car pleading with the heat to start, feeling your lips start to dry, crack, bleed, and hurt! Read further below to see how you can keep your lips hydrated all season long.

Depletion of essential fatty acids: Studies show that during winter, the skin produces lower levels of essential fatty acids, ceramides, and cholesterol, worsening dermatitis and eczema.

Skincare Tips in Fall and Winter

  • Use the right products! (see below for luxurious details!)
  • Reduce the temperature of your bath and shower and apply moisturizer immediately after your shower..
  • Do not over-bathe, over-strip, or be too harsh with the skin. Treat it with kid gloves!
  • Avoid licking lips; digestive enzymes and bacteria in saliva can damage the lips. (*)
  • Limit the use of hot water and soap.
  • Humidify

Protect your skin from the sun – sunscreen is still important in the winter! Read our previous blog here: “while the sun can still give you a sunburn in the winter, ultraviolet rays are even more powerful. The snow reflects the sun's rays, which can increase your exposure by two to three times.” It's important to use high-quality sunscreen in winter in the likes of our broad-spectrum Pure Protection Invisible Mineral Face Sunscreen SPF 30.

Effects of Cold Weather on Skin

  • Take vitamin D supplements
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!💧
  • Superchargeyour sleep (use our overnight masks - see below!)
  • We repeat, use the right products! That is crucial and can make all the difference.

Best Products for your Cold-Weather Skincare Routine:

It’s time to switch things up! Just like we put away our summer clothes and bring out the cute scarves, we also combine and enhance our routines by using some products that last year-round (especially if you already love your routine) but making sure we add or switch out some of the products with those that will best keep you feeling confident and keeping that dry itchy skin at bay.

Best Fall and Winter Exfoliators

Exfoliation - best done 1 to 2 times per week - extracts dead skin, toxins, and bacteria. Our favorite product for this skin is like a Zamboni (you’ve seen these clean the ice rink during hockey games or ice skating performances) for your face!

Our Exfoliating Face Mask is Infused with Cloudberry Oil, Volcanic Ash & Silica, rich in Omega fatty acids, and can be used on a variety of skin types like sensitive, oily, acne-prone and dry skin!

Best Moisturizers

Moisturizers nourish your skin, especially on all different kinds of skin, hydrating and renewing your skin to retain that youthful glow, etc.

No. 1 Opulent Hydration Dew Is that the ocean 🌊 I see? No, it’s our lovely sea blue hydration dew, packed with peptides and vitamins like organic apple cellular water, finger lime extract and pineapple extract - all added for extra nourishment and hydration. This can be used to prep the skin for moisturizer OR as a hydration mist throughout the day - and it’s safe over makeup! 😍

Best Products for your Cold-Weather Skincare Routine

No. 4 Nourishment Cream This yummy, luxurious cream is perfect for acne-prone skin, as both an everyday moisturizer and way to keep your skin dewy and hydrated! No.4 Decadent Restoring Cream This is an age-defying moisturizer packed with pomegranate, candyleaf extract, blue tansy, and collagen support and production!

Best Skin Barrier Repair Products

Skin barrier repair products can help to boost the skin’s ability to absorb nutrients and provide intense nourishment and hydration, bringing moisturizing to a GLOW level!

Product: Essential Renewing Serum The Goji Berry Seed Oil helps protect against environmental stressors and the other ingredients, like Dragon Fruit Seed Oil and Elderberry and Açai oils, help repair the skin for the extra moisture in the winter!

Product: Satin Eyes Night Mask - Its creamy milk thistle acts as a barrier repair while the Kahai and Licorice promotes moisture and diminishes hyperpigmentation. Literally dreamy!

Best Products to Tackle Itchy Skin in Fall and Winter

Our products both soothe skin, protect it, and moisturize it, all while feeling like you’re at a spa day with your girlfriends. What could be better than spoiling your skin with buttery creams and polishes?

Body Butter

Body Polish

Exfoliate the dry, flaky skin with the body polish, then soothe and moisturize with the body butter!

Keep your Lips Supple in Blistery Weather

Lip balms should always seal in moisture for ongoing hydration and lip health through a unique blend of high-quality natural ingredients - and our Lip Mask does just that! Even Brydie rated it as the best overnight lip mask!

Goodnight Kiss Lip Mask - Formulated with antioxidant-rich properties, our customer Leah says, “This stuff is AMAZING. Even though it's a goodnight mask, I love to wear it throughout the day - it brings out the natural color of your lips and creates such a natural, dewy look. 10/10 recommend!!!!!!”

New Season, New Skincare Routine Bottom Line!

The bottom line is, it’s time to snug-bug into your couch, lots of pillows, Netflix and a hot chocolate with whipped cream, and pamper your delicate face with rich, moisturizing ingredients. This way, when you venture outside, you’ll feel just as confident in your puffer jacket as you did in your shorts. In this new season, continue to celebrate your unique YOU.

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