I Wish I’d Known Sooner That I Needed Natural Skincare Averr Aglow

I Wish I’d Known Sooner That I Needed Natural Skincare

There’s a lot of hype surrounding natural skincare, but also a lot of skepticism. As disillusioned acne sufferers, it’s hard for us to put our faith in the newest trends. We’ve gotten our hopes up before and been burned. So burned.

You may be thinking :

Nothing has worked so far. Can natural skincare be powerful enough for my problem skin?

Long story short? Yes, it can!

For years, you’ve been let down by harsh acne washes, drying spot treatments, and ineffective medications. It’s time to change the record.

Try something with wholesome ingredients that support your sensitive skin instead of punishing it. Whether you’re struggling with breakouts, desperate to heal acne scars, or sick of mopping your oily skin, Averr Aglow has a natural skincare solution for you!

Jocelyn's Story: "I Believed That Pain Is Beauty"

Since I was about 13, I’ve measured the success of my day by how many pimples I had when I woke up. Some days were ruined before they even began. 

My story probably isn’t too different from yours. As a girl who just wanted to be accepted by her peers, my bumpy, blotchy skin became my worst enemy.

Magazines, TV shows, and movies showed me that I needed a smooth, clear complexion to be pretty. And boy, did I want to be pretty. Naturally, I stocked up on concealer and foundation (full coverage everything, please, and thank you) and Loaded. My. Face. Up.

Heaven forbid my cheek would start to itch. Any attempt to scratch would leave me with a fingernail full of makeup and a pale line on my face.

It was not a good look for me. To add insult to injury, you could still tell I had acne! Makeup hid the redness, but couldn’t do much about the texture.

I dove into the world of skincare head-first, trying anything that might bring my confidence back. My mom started me with Clinique’s 3-step system. 

It looked so fancy on my bathroom counter but did not feel so fancy on my face. The toner stung (meaning I frequently skipped that step), and the moisturizer smelled funny and dried out my face. 

When Clinique didn’t help, I moved right along to Proactive. Jessica Simpson used it, so obviously it would work for me, too. But the chemical smell of Proactive products blew that Clinique moisturizer out of the water. And they stung even worse!

I began to believe that acne products had to hurt to work. So I embraced the burn, slathering on creams and serums until my face was even more inflamed than when I had started.


Who cared how it hurt, if it got rid of my acne?

Which it did. Temporarily.

Fast forward to my college years. My breakouts were still an everyday struggle, so I finally visited a dermatologist, who prescribed Retin-A and an oral antibiotic. I knew it must be working because it felt like I had dunked my face into boiling water!

But I didn’t have any acne, so...you win some you lose some, right?

I eventually gave up on Retin-A. My skin was clearing, and honestly, I just couldn’t handle the pain anymore. But as soon as I stopped, the blemishes returned, and I was back at square one. 

It breaks my heart to think about all that pain: the burning, itching, and peeling skin that plagued me for my pivotal growing-up years. If only I had discovered the wonders of natural skincare sooner. All the suffering I could have spared myself!

But I was hesitant to try anything proclaiming itself natural. Skincare was supposed to feel aggressive, right? That’s how you’d know it was working. Natural skincare wouldn’t do that.

I Wish I’d Known That Skincare Could Be Gentle and Nourishing

It wasn’t until I started working at Averr Aglow that I learned — and this is going to blow your mind — that YOUR SKIN SHOULDN’T HURT ALL THE TIME!

All those harsh products I’d been using were making my complexion worse, not better.

Averr Aglow’s Clear Skin Kit was the first skincare routine I ever tried that made sense, felt good, and smelled great! All of a sudden, I had the answer to my problems in the palm of my hand.

Let me tell you, it has changed my skin and life for the better. 

Why I Swapped Benzoyl Peroxide for Manuka Oil

I used to look for products with benzoyl peroxide (BP) and salicylic acid (SA). But my skin never healed. It wasn’t until I prioritized natural ingredients like manuka oil that my skin finally began to improve. 

The problem with BP and SA is that they are too aggressive. In their fight to clear your skin, they go too far, killing ALL your bacteria — the bad and the good. Plus, they dry up any oil on your face to the extreme. Your face needs some of that oil!

With BP and SA, I traded blemishes for inflamed, flaky skin. How is that helping?

Manuka oil, on the other hand, is naturally antibacterial. It fights off the same bacteria as benzoyl peroxide but leaves the healthy bacteria behind.

We like healthy bacteria. It keeps our skin happy.

Averr Aglow’s Radiant Cleansing Nectar was a revelation. With gentle, plant-based ingredients like manuka oil and jojoba oil, it cleanses and heals without any discomfort. Plus, its host of antioxidants helps fight off environmental damage. That’s my kind of cleanser!

Did I mention that it smells fabulous? 

And for those zits that just won’t quit, Averr Aglow has another answer: the Clear Skin Elixir.

The Clear Skin Elixir is appropriately named because,      for me (and tens of thousands of other users), it might as well be magic.

Averr Aglow Clear Skin Elixir and Radiant Cleansing Nectar


The true sorcery lies within the French pink clay. Its negative ions attach to the bacteria in your skin and pull them to the surface. 

I went from having cystic acne that lasted weeks to clearing those painful bumps in a matter of days!

My experience using these natural products was an awakening to clearer, brighter skin. Imagine, I can cleanse my skin and feel moisturized afterward instead of dry and itchy. I can heal my zits without causing horrible irritation to my face. Mind-blowing!

Now I have this fresh, glowing complexion that I never found in the harsh products and ingredients I was using before.

Skincare doesn’t have to hurt. IT SHOULDN’T! 

Oh, young Jocelyn, there’s so much I wish I could warn you about. 

But at least I’ve found the answer now. I just hope that someone out there can learn from my mistakes and jump on the natural skincare train sooner rather than later.

All aboard!

Shiloh's Story: "I Almost Lost Hope While Struggling With Acne Scars"

The truth: having acne is a universal pain in the butt! 

For years, I dealt with every breakout known to man. From small zits to big, painful cysts, I had it all. And while I saw a vast improvement in my acne by the time I hit college, there was still one problem — acne scars! 

Just when I thought that I’d made it to the promised land of acne-free skin, I realized that those teenage zits had left a painful and ugly reminder on my face. 

Constantly trying to hide my scars with makeup, I became quite the cover-up magician. But I still never felt good about my skin or myself. 

Why? Because I knew what was really under my makeup. The flawless skin I saw in the mirror was all an illusion. 

The dark marks that covered my face were like my label screaming, “You’re not beautiful.”

I was at my lowest, and I couldn’t see a way out. 

So that’s when I decided to throw every possible solution at my acne problem and see which one would work! I tried dermatologists, chemical peels, DIY masks, every grocery skincare product I could find, and even whitening lotions. (Which were prescribed to me, believe it or not!)

Was it exhausting? DEFINITELY!

Did it work? Not even a little.

All of the methods that were supposed to help my acne scars made my face worse by causing me to break out all over again.

I Wish I’d Known That There Was a Solution to My Acne Scars!

It was a hot mess of a situation. But just as I was about to give up and accept my fate as a hermit, I gave Averr Aglow a chance. 

At first, I was skeptical, betting on these products to fail (like every other product I had tried). I gave the Luminous Complexion Toner and the Perfectionist Overnight Serum one month to prove themselves. After that, they’d be tossed in the pile with the other rejects.

The results took me by surprise!

When I reached the end of the month, the difference was astonishing. Scars that I’d had for years were starting to disappear, and new ones that had just formed were nearly gone.

At that moment, I knew that there was something to this brand, and I was not going to stop the progress!

Gradually, I watched my scars diminish, my complexion become brighter, and the oiliness that had plagued me from my youth start to subside.

I became comfortable with the appearance of my skin on its own, and never felt irritation the way I had with other products. I was convinced: Averr Aglow was helping my skin!

Averr Aglow Luminous Complexion Toner and Perfectionist Overnight Serum


Did I go through a purging period? 

Absolutely! But with my skin already looking like something out of a horror movie, I had nothing to lose. The dirt and impurities pushing to the surface of my skin were exactly what I needed for a healthier complexion.

If I could go back in time and give my younger self some advice, I would let her know that her acne scars didn’t define her and that there was hope.

Acne scars don’t have to stick around any longer than you want them to, and as cheesy as it may sound, Averr Aglow made that a reality for me. 

These products can do the same for you too!

Anna's Story: "I Lived With Oily Skin For 19 Years, and I Didn’t Have To"

My face turned on me somewhere around the age of 15: massive pores, chronic blemishes, flaky skin, and a permanent, unshakable sheen of oil. I was deeply embarrassed but knew nothing about makeup, so I couldn’t even hide my shame.

My only comfort was that it was a temporary situation. In my head, all these skin problems would magically disappear when I went to college.

Yeah...that was wishful thinking.

By the age of 30, I’d more or less given up. My face was oily. The end.

And thanks to my oily face, I had even more problems:

  • I still had regular breakouts.
  • I couldn’t do fancy makeup looks without it smearing everywhere.
  • I couldn’t go without makeup, either! I relied on powder and matte foundation to look like a normal human (albeit a very pale, overly made-up, cake-faced one).



Progress was being made, but I was Still. So. Oily.

I had tried every drugstore cleanser and every moisturizer option unearthed on Amazon. Some products were better than others, but nothing made a noticeable difference.

Then I stumbled across Averr Aglow.

Wish I’d Known That Natural Skincare Would Save My Oily Skin

I’ll admit, I was doubtful at first. After all, dozens of other brands had conditioned me for disappointment. But Averr Aglow’s before and after photos were compelling, the products were straight-up cute, and I was interested in the company’s commitment to natural, botanical ingredients.

I’d had so much trouble with over-the-counter face washes and chemical-laden “sensitive skin” cleansers. Maybe natural was the way to go?

So I tried it.

And I am so glad I did.

I dove in with the full Clear Skin Kit, hoping to attack my skin problems from all angles. The Nectar helped me remove all the makeup and impurities I was hiding under, and the Elixir kept my face from staging a mutiny of new blemishes overnight.

But for my oily skin, the real one-two punch came with my dream duo:

The Clarifying Hydration Dew and the Flawless Nourishment Cream.

I loved the Dew at first sight. It’s pretty and pink, the scent is enchanting, and it just feels great on your face. Most importantly, it makes each of the other products work better.

Averr Aglow Clarifying Hydration Dew and Flawless Nourishment Cream


Whenever I moisturize, the Dew is an absolute must. It helps the Nourishment Cream glide evenly and silky smooth across my face.

Now, I’ll be honest: I wasn’t sure about the Cream at first. The color is nice, it smells amazing (like a Creamsicle, almost?), and I use so little that my one pot will last forever. But it is intensely hydrating, the most moisture-rich face cream I’ve ever used, by far.

My oily face didn’t know what to make of it.

For two or three weeks, I felt greasier than ever. I shone so brightly, that they could probably see me from the space station.

But I stuck with it! I had a great first impression of the products, and I understood (reluctantly) that my skin needed time to rebalance itself.

My patience paid off.

Something in the Flawless nourishment Cream — probably the pumpkin seed oil, which is full of zinc and vitamin E — spoke to my shiny skin type. Gradually, my oil-producing sebaceous glands took their foot off the gas and fell into a healthier rhythm, moisturizing my skin without drowning it.

My complexion went from full-on oil slick to pleasantly hydrated. I was no longer clutching my blotting papers like a blankie, and the less oil I wore on my face, the fewer blemishes and breakouts seemed to appear.

Why hadn’t I tried natural skincare sooner? All those years were wasted!

At last, the change in my complexion was visible. Even my husband noticed, repeatedly complimenting the new, gorgeous glow to my skin.

Minor miracle!

Granted, I’m not suddenly an airbrushed supermodel. Thanks to genetics, my pores are probably never going to be tiny and invisible. But that’s okay!

Because when I get up in the morning, I can look in the mirror and feel impressed by the new brightness and clarity of my skin. Now, I go out regularly with zero or minimum makeup and don’t feel stressed about constantly wiping at my shiny cheeks and forehead. I can just...exist.

And that, my friends, is worth every penny.          

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