How to Find the Best Skin Care Routine for Your Skin Averr Aglow

How to Find the Best Skin Care Routine for Your Skin

Did you know that on average, people use a skincare line for 6 months before switching it up? Something is not working.

Even products that worked, in the beginning, might not go the distance for your skin. If you find yourself stuck with a vanity top full of products that don’t do what they’re supposed to, it’s time to reevaluate and find a routine that works for you.

With the number of products available that promise imminent success, it can be confusing to figure out what will work for you.

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Is it worth it to pay more for the specialty cleanser when the drugstore brand has the same guarantees? Do you need a different cream for day and night? Will a serum do anything or is it just an expensive bottle of lies?

The questions are valid and the answers are not readily available. Instead of resigning yourself to randomly picking something in a bout of exasperation, or trusting the salesperson who works off commission, learn what your skincare needs to do to keep you healthy, and how to know which products will fit the bill.

Focus on the Skin Care Trifecta

It plumps! It tightens! It exfoliates! It brightens! It mattifies! It clears pores! It balances! It soothes! It clarifies! 

Do you have a headache yet?

Focus on the Skin Care Trifecta


Before you can choose a skincare regimen, you need to know what you want it to do. With all the pretty labels, everything seems like a critical must-have. In actuality, there are only three main things that your skincare should focus on, a trifecta if you will.

When your goal is to take care of your acne, your products and routine should be 1) exfoliating dead skin cells, 2) balancing oil production, and 3) killing bad bacteria, primarily P. Acnes. 

While this trifecta is commonly associated with clearing acne, it’s an excellent skincare foundation that will keep anyone’s skin healthy and thriving. 

Choose a Multi-tasking Cleanser

Your cleanser has to do more than just cleanse. Removing makeup is a must, and you want to get rid of the grime of the day, but what about the dead skin cells collecting on your face and the oil build-up? 

Choose a Multi-tasking Cleanser


Your average heavy-duty cleanser uses harsh ingredients that might get your skin squeaky clean but it also strips your skin of necessary bacteria and oils. It might work for a minute, but in the end, it’s only going to make your skin worse

A safer alternative is a cleanser that removes the grime, gently exfoliates the dead skin, and deposits nourishing vitamins and minerals in the process. The Averr Aglow Radiant Cleansing Nectar does just that.

This multi-tasking miracle cleanses and replenishes so your skin stays healthy. Buff it on with a cotton round and it gently exfoliates off the dead skin and bacteria, while leaving behind vital antioxidants, fatty acids, and vitamins that keep your skin healthy and thriving.

Our unique formula doesn’t require a sink! Without the need for a rinse, you can complete your skincare routine anywhere. Many who’ve tried it swear that they’ll never go back to the traditional way of cleansing again.

Balance with a Toner

Original toners of yesteryear were filled to the brim with alcohol, meant to annihilate any trace of oil on your skin. But we’ve learned a thing or two since then like skin needs some oil, so don’t get rid of it all please, and thank you.

Balance with a Toner


These days a toner is an optional boost to your skincare regimen. While not critical for a healthy complexion, it certainly helps with fine lines, large pores, and adding brightness. 

Our Luminous Complexion Toner gets the job done with antioxidants galore and vitamin C like you wouldn’t believe. With regular application, you can expect to see skin cell stimulation that promotes a bright complexion and diminishes lines, marks, and scars.

Find a Serum for Damage Control

Like toners, a serum isn’t a necessity but it can do wonders for your complexion. Formulated with a high concentration of potent ingredients, a serum will deeply penetrate your skin and work to solve a specific skin concern.

Find a Serum for Damage Control


There are serums on the market for everything from wrinkles to dark spots, to acne, to dullness. Advice on how and when to apply your serum varies between dermatologists and estheticians. Some say it’s safe to layer serums but they might be less effective. Others suggest using a serum based on how your skin is feeling that day.

Our suggestion? Find an all-in-one serum that you can apply regularly without the confusing decision-making process. 

Our Perfectionist Overnight Serum targets all your pain points: marks, breakouts, texture, lines, and radiance. With this serum, you don’t need a slew of other options cluttering your medicine cabinet; no layering or decision-making is necessary.

Make Your Face Mask Work for You

There are unending options for face masks from $1 sheet masks to $60 luxury brand miracle potions. You want to find one that packs the most punch. Most face masks are so potent that they are designed to be worn once or twice a week so they don’t irritate your skin. These masks are an optional addition to your skincare routine.

Make Your Face Mask Work for You


At Averr Aglow, we have two face masks in our lineup. The Clear Skin Elixir is an overnight face mask and spot treatment that gently clears your existing breakouts while pulling other imperfections out of the skin to prevent new blemishes. It creates a barrier that makes sure your other skincare is penetrating your skin and does its best work at night when your skin is already healing and restoring itself. This mask is gentle enough to use every night.

The Illuminating Essence Exfoliating Face Mask takes your exfoliating game to the next level. Use it a few times a week to detox and brighten your skin.

Never Stop Moisturizing

Whether you’re oily, dry, or combo, you need a moisturizer. Hydration is paramount to a healthy complexion. Without enough hydration, your skin could have a whole host of regrettable results, like dryness, flakiness, deeper wrinkles, and inflammation.

Never Stop Moisturizing


It’s a common misconception that if you have oily skin, you don’t need moisturizer. In actuality, you need to balance your oil production and replenish it with a healthy dose of hydration. 

Our gorgeous Flawless Nourishment Cream is the perfect step to help you achieve a flawless complexion. Not only does it provide the necessary amount of hydration, but it also has ingredients like pumpkin seed and rosehip that heal and prevent breakouts. Talk about two birds with one stone!

Add On Some Extras

Now that you've established a solid foundation for your skincare routine, you get to add on some fun extra products to further nourish your skin.

Fun fact: damp skin absorbs products faster than when it’s dry. How should you take advantage of it? Facial mists!

But wait. Why would you need to buy a bottle of liquid to damp your face when you can splash some water from the sink?

Clarifying Hydration Dew


Besides the fact that your tap water likely messing with the PH levels in your skin, most facial sprays offer extra nutrients to soothe and balance your complexion.

Like our Clarifying Hydration Dew. Use it before you cleanse, moisturize, or apply your serum. We love it so much, we’ve included it in our Clear Skin Kit

Another extra that is more of a necessity is a makeup remover. Sure, you can remove your makeup with a wipe, or even your cleanser. But to ensure that you get it all off, we suggest using a designated makeup remover.

Our Completely Clear Gelee Makeup Remover does the job in a flash without any unnecessary pulling and rubbing on your tender skin. Most makeup removers leave an oily film on your skin, but not ours. You'll wipe away any trace of foundation, concealer, and even waterproof eye makeup and finish feeling clean and refreshed.

Other helpful products that your skin will love:

Lip balm: Your lips need hydration, just like your face, and no, licking them is not going to cut it.

Sunscreen: We love the sun and everything, but its harmful rays can wreak havoc on a perfect complexion. Slather on a good mineral-based sunscreen daily to stay safe and protected.

Spa treatments: We fully support a good facial. Facials help with a deep pore-clearing, not to mention they’re relaxing and a lack of stress is good for your skin.

Perfect the Sequence

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, but it’s often overlooked. You need to make sure you’re giving it the love and care it deserves. 

Your skin is supposed to keep out the gunk and keep in the moisture. Think of it as a wall that’s trying to protect you. So when you want it to absorb healthy nutrients instead of acting as an impenetrable barrier, you have to do some prep work.

Perfect the Sequence


The order you apply your skincare products is crucial for your skin to absorb nutrients and get the full benefits. 

The general rule is to layer your products from thin to thick, but you also need to prioritize the most important ingredients that need to be absorbed. Any products that need to penetrate your skin should go first. End with a moisturizer, or similar product, that sits on top of your skin and traps those healthy ingredients inside.

In the A.M.

Start with exfoliation, like with the Radiant Cleansing Nectar. This is going to clear your face of dirt and dead skin to make room for nutrients. In our Clear Skin routine, we recommend prepping your face with the Clarifying Hydration Dew, to ease the exfoliation and encourage healthy ingredients to penetrate through layers of skin.

Clarifying Hydration Dew


For your daytime routine, follow your cleanser up with toner. A toner is an optional boost of nutrients. It’s not critical for a healthy complexion but it can help with brightening your skin tone, adding hydration, and minimizing pores.

Whether or not you decide to use a toner, you have to have a moisturizer regardless of how dry or oily you are. This product comes at the end of your daily regimen because it’s more important for it to sit on the skin instead of fully absorbing into the deepest layers.

Before you head out for the day, you need to slap on sunscreen. Not only will it reduce the occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles, but it prevent skin cancer.  We recommend a mineral sunscreen to avoid the harmful ingredients in the chemical counterparts. 

In the P.M.

Your evening skincare routine will look a little different than the one you use in the morning. Instead of prepping for the day, you’re focusing on an overnight healing process. Skin naturally repairs itself at night, so your goal for nighttime skincare is to aid that process.

The Overnight Perfectionist Serum


Clean off the day with the combination of your Clarifying Hydration Dew and Radiant Cleansing Nectar. You can apply your toner in the evening, but we recommend going straight in with your serum. 

The Overnight Perfectionist Serum is an all-in-one restorative product that helps with surface-level concerns, like skin tone and fine lines, as well as deeper issues, like elasticity and breakouts. 

Finish with the Clear Skin Elixir. Once again, the final step is meant to sit on top of the skin and clear existing breakouts as well as draw toxins from your pores.

Your Perfect Skin Care Routine is Waiting

You know what your skincare needs to clear your complexion and keep it nourished and healthy with essential vitamins and minerals. You could search the interwebs to find a regimen that fulfills the skincare trifecta and repeat the process of trying out pricey products only to find they don’t work. Or, you could get started with the Clear Skin Kit which has proven results and research-driven formulas.

Your Perfect Skin Care Routine is Waiting


We know what works because we’ve tried it. Your perfect skincare routine is just a click away. Concerned that your results aren’t coming fast enough? Read all about purging to know what to expect when you start a new, effective skincare line.

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