Does Washing Your Face Cause Acne?

Does Washing Your Face Cause Acne?

How often should you wash your face?

“Do you ever wash your face?”

“How often do you wash your face?”

“Have you considered doubling up     on how much you wash your face?”

All of these annoying questions were actual comments that I received throughout my acne journey. The notion that a person with acne is in some way dirty or lacking the basic understanding of proper hygiene is a real thing, friend. And as insulting as it is...


This idea has etched its way into our understanding of acne formation.

Today, we put this idea to rest! Keep reading to learn the truth about traditional face washes and how an all-natural solution changed the acne game.

What Science Says

There is a villain in every story, and in your problemed-skin story, acne is most certainly the bad guy!

Acne is a tough foe with a lot of accomplices. Every zit is a result of dead skin, bacteria, and excess oil. Once they get together, inflammation can occur, and the skin can form various acne lesions (feel free to read about here).

When you use a traditional cleanser, it can help remove some of the excess oil and bacteria, but it's not going to help what's happening beneath the skin. (No matter how much you use a traditional cleanser, it will always leave behind harmful bacteria.) Once the pores become inflamed, getting your skin back on track is a rough process. The inflammation that arises once a breakout is set in motion needs special attention. Something far more than a run-of-the-mill face wash.

That is why dermatologists agree that a specialized cleanser is needed. An ideal cleanser will take away the bad stuff (such as bacteria and dead skin) while keeping the skin's microbiome untouched. Is it hard to take the bad and leave the good? Absolutely! That is why you need a heavy-duty cleanser. But more on that later!

Does Washing Your Face Cause Acne?

So, as you just learned, a lot goes into clearing acne.

As you start your healthy skin journey, naturally, having a clean face is a priority. But washing your face with the right cleanser is essential. Not having the right cleanser leaves the skin without its defenses. Many face washes give the illusion that they are making your face clean when, in reality, they are just stripping the skin of essential nutrients. Hence, the squeaky clean feeling that many face washes produce. This feeling is a sign that your skin has been stripped of everything it needs to thrive (often with the help of salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide). This stripping can lead to accelerated aging and dry skin. That is a high price to pay for so little return!

Is a bar soap any better? Not! Traditional bar soaps have the same effect on the skin because they often disturb the skin's acid mantle (which only inflames it more).

If proper hydration is not restored and the skin remains in this state, the skin will overcompensate with high oil production levels. This can start the acne process all over again.

The Best Face Wash

So, now that we've learned everything about traditional face washes, what is the solution? A good cleanser that can unclog pores, reduce acne-causing bacteria, and hydrate the skin is the golden ticket in your story. There is no doubt that your skin will have a fighting chance if you fortify its defenses with the best that you can give it.

Acne-prone skin can be sensitive, nutrient-deprived, and stubborn. The solution is all-natural skincare.

It's essential to provide your skin with the best nutrients so that your skin can start thriving on its own! A healthy skincare regimen includes vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants. That is why we have infused all of these things into our Radiant C     leansing Nectar.

Radiant Cleansing Nectar


With over 14 plant-based, active ingredients, this product is one-of-a-kind! You will also never need to rinse this cleanser off because it is rinse-less. All you need is a cotton pad, your beautiful face, and the cleanser. You can cleanse your face anywhere!

Clean, clear, and rejuvenated skin can be yours! Say goodbye to the rest, and level up to the best cleanser on the market!

That beautiful face of yours deserves nothing less!


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