The word DIET seems to be the most popular word of the 21st century. Everyone you talk to is either

A. on a diet
B. wanting to go on a diet
C. just came off a diet
D. all the above

I am guilty of all 3, so I guess I am D, all of the above. Over the years I have tried various diets on and off until I decided to change my eating habits.

However, diet seems to be a subject that keeps coming up more and more with questions on acne like:

  • Do the foods I eat cause me to break out?
  • Can I clear up my acne through diet?
  • Are there any foods that I should avoid since I have acne?
  • What’s the best diet to clear up acne?

So I thought I would share with you my experiences of dieting and how it affected my acne.

When I was in my early 20’s I went on birth control. While this did clear up my acne for the moment. It also caused me to gain weight and have other side effects, so after 2 years of being on the pill, I went off of it. Only to gain more weight and have my acne show back up. :(

So I set out to lose weight and resume my quest of the holy grail. (How to get rid of my acne)

I joined the gym and started a diet plan. I worked at this for over a year, eating clean and healthy every meal, and exercising at least three times per week. I was the poster child for a diet plan. Ok, maybe not poster child, as I would sneak in a cheat day or two, here and there. :)

I was doing everything right and I was losing weight and it felt great. However, my acne stayed the same through it all. There never really was a time when I looked in the mirror and said hey, my skin is really starting to look good.

I must admit that at this moment of my life I didn’t understand much about acne besides that it was ruining my life, my self-confidence, and I wanted it gone.

So the thought of my acne going away because of my dieting never really crossed my mind and since I never really saw any results of clearer skin while I was dieting, I never thought the two had anything to do with each other.

Fast forward a few years and after a bunch of research, I discover that your diet will affect your acne no matter what is the root cause of your acne and it will even help clear it up. This left me confused since I never felt my acne was any better when I was eating well.

In fact, when I finally did clear up my acne, I was eating anything I wanted along with drinking alcohol on a regular basis.

I started digging deeper into my research and I discovered that diet can and does affect your acne, however, it is a very slow process. The truth of the matter is when I was dieting very strictly, I was getting results on clearing up my acne, but I was doing it from the inside and the skin is the last place for it to show up as being corrected.

Now if diet can and does affect acne, how did I clear my acne up while breaking all the rules of dieting, so to speak?

Basically, the biggest thing diet does for your acne is helps balance your body back out. When you have acne there are different imbalances going on. The food we eat is designed to help keep our bodies balanced by providing the needed nutrition. Healthy, clean food that is, not Oreos, cupcakes, or grilled cheese sandwiches.

So when I truly cleared up my acne I wasn’t on a strict diet but, I was on a good supplement plan that was helping balance my body back out.

Supplements are like life hacks that allow you to get the targeted nutrients you need. This helps when even the best diets derail. In fact, I was deficient in many nutrients that I couldn’t physically eat enough food to get what I needed to balance my body back out. This is where supplements become very handy.

So when suggestions pop up like go vegan, vegetarian, or to remove certain things that you love, know that you don’t have to do this just to have clear, beautiful skin. Also, it is important to note, that if you do plan on clearing up your acne just through diet, plan on it being a long journey.

That probably has you questioning then what is the fastest way to clear up your acne with the quickest results? Focus on what your body is lacking from a nutritional standpoint (depends on what stage acne you are at),  supplements you need to clear up your acne (this depends on what stage of acne you have) and a great skincare regimen. In a general sense, removing foods that are specifically related to acne will definitely help, but it is not 100% necessary for clear skin. Also, there are a lot of misconceptions out there on which foods really contribute to acne.

It is ideal to balance what is bothering you internally but I cleared my skin up with supplements, the correct skincare products, and making some tweaks to my daily eating habits. This allowed me to have clear skin quickly, while I was able to address the problem going on the inside of my body at a more relaxed pace, without the stress of looking in the mirror to see how bad my breakouts were every day.