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How Do I Know What to Use for Acne or Other Skin Related Issues


How Do I Know What to Use for Acne or Other Skin Related Issues?

How many of us stand dazed at the skincare aisles in our local drugstore, or gaze slack-jawed at online stores, just completely overwhelmed by the brands, names, ingredients, advertisements, and products?

You can spend an hour frozen in place, with no idea what you’re even looking for. And then the inner questions arise. If you have acne - what works best for that? If you have deep, underlying cysts that are extremely painful, and you’ve been told that treating them as they arise is not the answer (because it becomes like a whack-a-mole game), and neither is picking at them - then which is the best brand and ingredient to heal it?

There are so many products yelling your name, promising to heal you, and yet, here you stand, years after trying your first product, and nothing has changed. It’s gotten worse and now you’re close to tears (or yes, actually crying. It’s okay. We’ve all been there). 

Clean Beauty

You may have been reading recently about something called “Clean Beauty,” which sounds so magical, almost mystical! Imagine getting rid of your dark spots and cysts and attaining simple, clean, clear skin and makeup-free beauty. But how are we supposed to know what to look for? I mean, we know the terms we’ve heard about, what to avoid, and what to look for, but it’s hard to make sense of so much information. And when you pick up that bottle of toner or cream, and the ingredients are listed so small that you can’t even read them without squinting! And they are long. So long and strange. Like, what is “sodium hydroxymethylglycinate?” That sounds terrifying! I’m supposed to put that on my skin?

Luckily, Averr Aglow has made the entire process simple, within the product presentation, the product ingredients, and the way the products benefit your skin. It’s easy to become informed, enlightened, and excited about your skincare regime while working toward achieving that “Clean Beauty.”

Clean Ingredients

Which set of these ingredients sounds healthier, cleaner, more alluring, easier to understand, hydrating, and all-natural?

Clean Ingredients


I’m going to bet that 100% of you chose the second set. I don’t know about you, but I would jump fully clothed into a barrel of the second set of ingredients and just immerse myself! How good would that feel? Those are just a few of the many natural Averr Aglow ingredients!

And get this - the minerals and vitamins within those ingredients, like Zinc, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Antioxidants – do everything from minimize scars and dark marks, to eliminate oozy bacteria that cause breakouts, heal old scars, encourage fresh skin growth, help prevent breakouts, reduce inflammation, reduce fine lines, and the most important thing for acne-prone skin: help shed that exasperating triad of dead skin, offensive oils and bacteria.

Another thing we mentioned above regarding how difficult it is to choose between store products is that we don’t even know what’s IN those bottles --- most of the time they’re plastic and covered in advertising!

Averr Aglow Skincare – Combination of Beauty and Strength

Averr Aglow jars and bottles, however, are made of see-through glass, so what you see, is what you get. Loveliness abounds in peaches, golds, and pinks, ocean blues and sky blues, midnights and creamy clays, grapefruits, and nectars. Just looking at the array of luminous colors reflecting through the glass on your counter will make you want to dive in and pamper your face and body.

One illuminating combination that will conquer your acne while brightening your day is our Clear Skin Kit. It’s like Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman – both beautiful AND strong! With four products that are both independently delightful and as a collection, mighty, the Clear Skin Kit will soon become a gratifying part of your day, addressing each aspect of skin health from cleansing and hydration to detoxifying and balancing.

The Clarifying Hydration Dew, with a tint as light as lemonade, is your blast-off for both waking and sleeping. As you spray, the refreshing mist alights your skin, and the fresh scent of rose petals and cucumber envelops you.

Clear Skin Kit


Then, keep that mist on your face as you move onto the Radiant Cleansing Nectar, a stunning double-layered hue that, after shaking, becomes a hue as delicate as a grapefruit, and is gently stroked on your skin to remove any dirt or grime underneath the surface. How can something so pretty be so robust?

Step 3: Now that your face is fresh and clear of any impurities, it’s time for the Clear Skin Elixir, a gentle and light pink French clay that you’ll use overnight. The scent is as natural as hiking through caves out west, yet home in your jammies – the combination of which will make you feel like you’re both of the earth and of your bed. (Speaking of which, after setting in for just 10 minutes on your skin, the clay is SO light it will not come off on your pillow! Bliss!)

And then, in Step 4, waking up and using the mist and nectar again, it’s time for the Flawless Nourishment Cream. The dewy texture is the color of a natural cheek blush and feels luxurious as you take a tiny dab from the provided tiny golden spoon, massage it between your fingers, and dab it in dots across your skin. It adds a glow to your cheeks with its rosehip, pumpkin, and camelia seed oil, while also calming inflamed skin, fighting breakouts, balancing healthy oil, reducing fine lines, and firming and calming inflammation. Can you think of a better way to wrap up your routine before heading out with friends or to work?

This is just one of the many Averr Aglow ways to fight acne or just maintain a clear, clean face.

Body Acne Can Be Healed Too!

Let’s not forget, that sometimes our body can get acne as well – such as the dreaded “Bacne.” Luckily, Averr Aglow provides products for your body as well! Hopefully, we are all realizing that we should be focusing on health rather than a certain body type – we’re not in the “diet” generation anymore, thank goodness; we recognize that all body types are beautiful! We realize that just like we need to say “thank you” to the muscles that serve us each day by gently exercising, walking, and stretching, we also need to show gratitude to the skin that protects us. Using products such as the Body Glow Duo is the perfect way to pamper yourself – exfoliating gently in the shower to prevent breakouts and boost elasticity with the Rejuvenating Essence Body Polish, and then our Pure Whipped Body Butter to moisturize and glow in the sumptuous mix of fruits, vitamins, and rich hydration.

Rejuvenating Essence Body Polish


Body Glow Duo



"I have been using the kit since early July and I am loving the results! Out of nowhere in January of this year, I started having the worst acne ever. Saw an ad on Instagram just one month before my wedding and decided to go for it. While I wasn't 100% clear for the big day, I was in no more pain and the redness was now something I could correct.

It wasn't until just the last few weeks I looked in the mirror and realized that my troubles seemed to be fading away! I will still have one or two baby zits now and then but wow! So 3.5ish months in I am so happy I saw that ad! Thank you for an amazing product!"

Melissa D.

Aliquippa PA

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