Celebrity Skin Care Secrets: How to Get Red Carpet Skin Averr Aglow

Celebrity Skin Care Secrets: How to Get Red Carpet Skin

There are few things in life as wonderful as great skin. When a person has a flawless complexion it can add to their confidence, up their level of attractiveness, and cause a total stranger to stare for no reason whatsoever. This is the case when it comes to celebrities. From the red carpet to paparazzi pictures of them eating dinner, it seems that everywhere they are, their skin is laced with an almost unattainable radiance. 

While many of us attribute this undeniable beauty to the thousands of dollars we have to spend on our face and skincare, there are affordable ways to get glowing, dewy skin just like the stars. 

Here are 6 tricks to achieve red-carpet skin for years to come. 

1. Hydrate As      Your Life Depended Upon It

The ultimate celebrity tip? Drink a gallon of water.


Many of us have heard it and may have even tried it for a while (until we ultimately fell off the wagon). But the strange and intriguing part of this story is that there is merit behind the idea of intense hydration. 

While we can't vouch for you drinking a whole gallon of water, staying hydrated throughout the day is one of the cornerstone pieces to dewy, luminous skin. As cliche as it sounds, there is no way around this piece of the puzzle. 

First, understanding that your body is over 60% water gives you a clue to just how important water is to your overall health. It not only helps every organ function properly (with the skin being the largest organ of your body), but drinking at least eight full glasses a day helps the skin and the rest of your body rid itself of toxins. Studies have also shown that people have achieved a more hydrated, youthful appearance just by increasing their water intake.  

More than an old wives tale, water is the answer to skin health. 

2. SPF is Your Friend, Promise!

In all of its splendor, the sun has a way of making everything just a bit better. From early morning strolls around the park to backyard BBQs, everyone wants to take advantage of a day where sun rays kiss your face to remind you that you're alive. 

You probably begin to make plans when you see that the forecast is calling for a sunny weekend or you see the first rays of the sun peek through a cloud-covered sky. 

The truth? This distant orb is both delightful and dangerous. When the sun radiates light to the earth, there is a trail of invisible UV rays raining down. If these rays reach your skin, they can cause a mess of trouble, including tanning, burning, and boils. In addition, UVA rays can cause premature aging, and wrinkling, and are linked to skin cancer. So, what can you do? Wear that SPF like it's going out of style. 

An SPF of at least 15 or higher applied every few hours you're outdoors can save your skin and help you keep a healthy glow. 

Bonus: When those high sun days aren't around, and all you see is overcast, just know that the sun is still lurking somewhere in the background. Even on non-sunny days, those invisible UV rays are peeking their way through. Sunscreen is the answer to everyday skin health. 

3. Troubleshoot Breakouts Before It's Too Late

Did you know that the sooner you get on top of your breakouts, the greater chance you have of preventing breakouts? Even if you just feel a slight bump underneath the surface of your skin or experience inflammation and redness, you should get on top of it immediately. How do you do this? Instead of using a bunch of different products sporadically (we're all guilty of it) or trying to pick at your skin in hopes that it will help, it's best to consistently use a non-abrasive spot treatment any time you see something brewing. 

Our recommendation is to use the Clean Skin Elixir as needed to prevent breakouts and keep your skin in great condition. 

FYI: Fewer breakouts equal less scarring. Keep that beautiful face flawless 24/7. 

Troubleshoot Breakouts


4. Fall in Love with Exfoliation

Exfoliation: It seems like everyone is talking about exfoliating, but so few people do it regularly. So, let's do a quick crash course on exfoliation, shall we? To put it simply, exfoliating is the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. How does an exfoliant achieve this? Usually through a chemical formulation, granular substance, or an exfoliation tool.

Exfoliating helps shed dead skin cells and makes room for new, fresh skin. However, most exfoliants can be harsh on the skin and aren't recommended for frequent use. 

There is no debate that the key to glowing, youthful skin is to exfoliate. That is why many celebrities have full exfoliation rituals because they already know that the secret to wonderful skin is regular exfoliation. While dermatologists recommend only once or twice a week when using harsh exfoliators, there are more gentle, natural alternatives that work just as well, like the Illuminating Essence Exfoliating Mask. Not your typical exfoliant, this mask can be safely used daily to ensure a non-stop glow. 

5. Makeup-Free Looks Are a Vibe, Trust Me

What does every freshly exfoliated face need? It’s time to shine!

Give your skin an occasional break and let your skin breathe. For some, this might sound a bit scary, but it can help keep your skin clear and red-carpet-ready. When your skin is already dealing with naturally-produced oil, dirt build-up, and environmental toxins, it can cause pores to clog and acne to run rampant. Adding makeup to the mix can be the final tipping point for your skin. Especially if you already feel inflammation or see redness. 

Think about all of the times you have seen celebrities go solo without makeup. It must be for a reason, right? Add the Perfectionist Overnight Serum to your everyday look to achieve the classic “I woke up like this” glow.  



6. Try the Natural Route 

Natural, effortless beauty is the name of the game when it comes to having celebrity skin. Never overdone, the thing that we envy the most is how flawless their skin is no matter the occasion. 

You don't have to have extraordinary makeup skills or pay for the latest and greatest out-of-the-box facial to have the fresh face effect, all you need is healthy skin. How do you achieve this? By giving your skin the love it deserves with an all-natural system, like the Clear Skin Kit.

This uniquely enriching kit targets inflammation, redness, discoloration, and acne. Designed to get your skin healthy from the inside out, it is a full AM/PM, around-the-clock collection for optimum nourishment. 

Completely natural-based, it features ingredient superstars like jojoba oil, rose water, french pink clay, tea tree oil, and vitamins A, C, D, and E. Thousands of customers have seen this kit help their skin: 

  • Balance Oil Production
  • Fight Breakouts
  • Detoxify Impurities
  • Gain a Smoother Texture
  • Stimulate Cell Turnover

Achieve the dream celebrity glow and let your skin make the grand, red carpet entrance. Give yourself the ultimate reset with the Clear Skin Kit today. You glow girl! 

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