The Secret of Apple Cellular Water: A Sustainable Beauty Treasure Averr Aglow

The Secret of Apple Cellular Water: A Sustainable Beauty Treasure

Is there anything more wholesome and satisfying than a perfectly ripe apple?

It’s no wonder that this fruit has become an everyday icon of warmth and domesticity. Just think of all the familiar imagery:

  • Place a shining red apple on your favorite teacher’s desk.
  • Embody a domestic goddess with a fresh-baked apple pie.
  • Greet each autumn by collecting apples out in the crisp fall air.

Can’t you just feel it? Try holding a firm, round apple in the palm of your hand and see if it doesn’t awaken a sense of nostalgia.

Apples are so familiar that you might even mistake them for mundane. But these essential fruits are anything but! Beneath those polished exteriors, apples are hiding a wealth of skincare benefits just waiting to be discovered.

At long last, the wait is over. Now, you can harness this secret strength in your skincare routine, all thanks to one potent ingredient:

Apple cellular water.

What is Apple Cellular Water?

Apple cellular water has a scientific ring to it, but this incredible ingredient couldn’t get more natural. It all starts with whole apples plucked fresh from the tree.


Once they are ripened and ready for harvest, many apples make their way from farms and orchards to food companies. These companies then transform them into tasty snacks like dried apple chips.

As the apples are carefully dehydrated, they release all of their moisture. This fresh liquid is cellular water, drawn straight from the heart of the fruit. Pure and natural, it emerges with a subtle apple scent and dozens of healthy, botanical nutrients.

This valuable cellular water would often be discarded by the snack companies, who have no more use for it. But this resource isn’t useless — it’s just waiting for the right chance to shine.

That’s where we come in.

Why We Use Apple Cellular Water For Your Skin (Instead of Pointless Fillers)

Most skincare lines build their formulations around plain water, using this inexpensive filler as an unremarkable base for a few active ingredients. Your average skincare product is so diluted with water and other fillers that it only contains around 10% actives.

At Averr Aglow, we take a different approach. Why waste time, money, and bottle space on ingredients that do nothing?

That’s why we love using Apple cellular water in our products. Like regular water, it provides a fluid base for other ingredients, so you can bathe your precious skin with ease. But unlike ordinary water, our super-rare apple water pulls its weight with high concentrations of skin-enriching vitamins and minerals.

Specifically, our apple water is imbued with a hydrating cocktail of vitamins A, B, C, D, and E, plus an extra helping of vital minerals, essential oils, and cell-rejuvenating pectin. These organic nutrients drench your thirsty skin with a boost of deep moisture and elasticity.

Naturally graced with vitamins and minerals, apple cellular water is your clean answer to true skincare nourishment.

With our apple water, all that wasted filler space in other products becomes an opportunity to create thoroughly supportive skin care. So you get the most bang for your buck and the best progress toward your radiant skin goals!

Could it get any better?

Actually, yes. Because there’s another heartwarming benefit to including apple cellular water in our skincare: it’s a win for the environment.

Using leftover ingredients from other industries is an exciting trend among environmentally-conscious brands like Averr Aglow and is sometimes referred to as “byproduct beauty.” Instead of letting useful resources be dumped by the wayside, byproduct Beauty makes the most of existing supply chains and overlooked skincare gems like Apple cellular water.

Averr Aglow infographic - The Benefits of Byproduct Beauty


Why let the skin potential hidden in these powerful, natural botanicals go to waste? Instead, we put them to work refreshing and renewing your complexion!

How to Add Nutrient-Rich Apple Cellular Water to Your Skincare Routine

Eager to see what apple water can do for your unique skin? It couldn’t be any easier, because we’ve included this restorative resource in every single product across our Forever Radiant line.

You can find it in each one of these unparalleled preventative aging products:

  • Opulent Hydration Dew: A light, enlivening facial mist to awaken your skin and begin your routine.
  • Refining Cleansing Nectar: A stormy-blue rinseless cleanser that purifies the depths of your complexion.
  • Invigorating Renewing Elixir: A marbled overnight mask crafted with glacial oceanic clay for unsurpassed rejuvenation.
  • Decadent Restoring Cream: A cloud-soft whipped moisturizer that infuses your skin with all-day hydration.
  • Ageless Eyes Day Cream: A silky-smooth morning cream to soothe and brighten the delicate skin around your eyes.
  • Satin Eyes Night Mask: An enriching under-eye balm that deposits revitalizing nutrients throughout the night.
Averr Aglow Forever Radiant Bundle


With any of these six products, you can finally experience the premium quality of Apple cellular water for yourself.

But why pick and choose when you could treat your skin to the benefits of an all-encompassing, natural-based skincare routine? Get started with our simple, 4-step Forever Radiant Kit, and upgrade your daily skincare to daily self-care. Or luxuriate in our whole preventative aging line, eye creams, and all, with the full Forever Radiant Bundle.

No more settling for half-effective products. It’s time to invest in your skin with the high-caliber skincare you deserve!

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