8 Reasons Women Love Averr Aglow® Averr Aglow

8 Reasons Women Love Averr Aglow®

Are you in a skincare rut? Ugh. Nobody’s got time for all the research and wasted money that comes from trying product after product to no avail. Lucky for you, we’ve got the answer!

That’s right, you’ve found the ultimate solution to your skin woes, whatever they may be, and we’ve got the results to prove it. Check out the top eight reasons women are ditching their old skincare for good.

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1. Harsh Chemicals of Other Brands Aren’t Cutting It

You’ve tried the medical-grade acne solutions, and so have we. They might seem to work, but they leave your face feeling irritated, inflamed, and in pain.

There’s a reason that your doctor-prescribed acne medications are so aggressive. The FDA determined that for a topical product to be considered an acne treatment, it has to have specific ingredients like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.

While these ingredients might help clear a breakout or two, they also over-cleanse your skin and rid it of healthy bacteria and needed oils.

In the end, your skin starts overproducing oil (or sebum), to make up for all the oil that’s being removed through your acne products. This only exacerbates the acne cycle, and your skin gets irritated and breaks out all over again.

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Averr Aglow scoffs at harsh chemicals and instead opts for ingredients that are as safe as they are effective. Ingredients like raspberry seed oil, used in our Clear Skin Elixir, contain vitamins A and E that help soothe your skin and reduce inflammation while fighting off breakouts.

100% pure and safely harvested, raspberry seed oil won’t leave you with the itchy, painful complexion that you’re used to after starting a new skincare.

2. It Helps to Calm and Soothe Your Irritated Skin

Each product in our lineup offers a calming dose of comfort for even the angriest skin. We know how exhausting the journey to clear skin can be, and we want to make it as pleasant as possible. That’s why our ingredients are chosen to soothe and assuage.

All of our products have at least one ingredient meant to calm your skin. We believe that each step of your skincare regimen should be working to gently heal and soothe.

Even our makeup remover contains Euphrasia Officinalis Extract, which has inherent anti-inflammatory properties.

Your skincare shouldn’t ever hurt, burn, or itch, and with Averr Aglow, it never will.

3. We Prefer to Keep it Au Naturel, with Top Quality Everything

Natural ingredients are just healthier. Plus, they’re less likely to irritate sensitive skin. Listen, if we can avoid causing more damage to your agitated complexion, we’re going to do it.

Some brands boast natural ingredients, but their sources are questionable. Extracts and essential oils are impacted by pesticides, chemicals, soil type, and other conditions used in the growing process.

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The method used in harvesting and processing the plants might make the resulting product unfit for topical use. Some companies even dilute their oils and extracts to save a buck, making your product expensive and ineffective.

You also have to watch out for companies that grow ingredients in a lab or create ‘synthetic natural ingredients.’ Many synthetics are untested, and the side effects are unknown.

At Averr Aglow, we take extra time to find out how the ingredients are grown, harvested, and produced to ensure they will be safe and effective. Our tea tree oil, for instance, comes straight from the source, Australia, where the melaleuca tree grows in its wild habitat.

When it comes to the ingredients we use in our products, second-best is not good enough.

4. We Don’t Use Harsh Ingredients That Must Be Avoided During Pregnancy

You have to be careful about what you put in and on your body when you’re pregnant, and when those pregnancy-induced breakouts pop up, your acne-fighting options are limited.

In places where your skin is thin, like the face or under the eyes, topical ingredients can seep into your bloodstream and head straight for your baby.

To protect mamas and their growing offspring, doctors have created a list of products that pregnant ladies should avoid. At Averr Aglow, we’ve decided to avoid them too.

You should always consult with your doctor when using topical products during your pregnancy. But if you’re looking for a natural-based skincare option for your doctor to sign off on, we suggest starting with our Clear Skin Kit. We avoid harsh ingredients that cause problems for your unborn baby, but can still give you the pregnancy glow you deserve.

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5. The Formulas are Effective for All Skin Types

The slew of products in the drugstore labeled for oily, dry, or combination skin is enough to confuse even the most seasoned skincare customer.

The problem with these products is that they often target a specific area of concern, like dry skin, and aim to treat the symptom and not the cause. If your skin is dry, you don’t necessarily need a deluge of hydration that instead makes it too oily. You need to balance your oil production so that your skin is creating the appropriate amount.

Gone are the days when you have to search for a specific mix of ingredients for your particular skin. Averr Aglow’s products are created to help skin stay healthy and nourished, and that goes for all skin.

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By using ingredients like acai, prickly pear, and passion fruit, we can create products that help your skin reach a balanced level that keeps it happy. Whether you’re oily, dry, or concerned with fine lines or redness, our products can help balance and heal your skin.

6. Our Ingredients Help Balance Oil Production

Too much oil or not enough? It doesn’t matter — at Averr Aglow, we’ll help take care of either. Our ingredients react to your specific skin to help balance your sebum.

We rely on jojoba oil to help your skin produce just the right amount of oil. Jojoba oil is a wax ester, so it feels and acts a lot like your skin’s natural sebum. By using it in your daily skincare routine, it tricks your skin into thinking it’s already created enough sebum, so it doesn’t overproduce.

Likewise, if you need a little extra in the way of hydration, it fills in your sebum gaps.

7. You Can Kiss Your Acne Scars Goodbye

If you’ve struggled with acne, you probably have the evidence marking up your face. You already got rid of the acne, you don’t want to be reminded of it.

If it’s not acne scars, it could be dark spots or hyperpigmentation. We want you to have a smooth, even skin tone, so we implement ingredients that help fade scars and diminish marks and lines, leaving you with the glowing complexion of your dreams.

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Kakadu plum in our Luminous Complexion Toner is full of Vitamin C that helps brighten skin.

Manuka oil in our Radiant Cleansing Nectar is antimicrobial and helps heal old scars and marks.

We use coral in our Clear Skin Elixir. Full of over 70 minerals, coral helps repair damaged skin while healing current breakouts.

8. Finally Feel Comfortable in Your Skin

We love hearing that our customers feel comfortable leaving the house without makeup. Don’t get us wrong, we love makeup, but no one should feel controlled by it. Plus, we have a sneaking suspicion that your skin after Averr Aglow is going to look way better than any foundation ever could.

Our customers have found great success using our Clear Skin System. Over 29,000 women have seen their whole complexion change and finally achieved their skin goals.

Clearing up acne helped one of our customers decide to enroll in college on campus instead of sticking to online courses where he could hide behind his computer. Another person cleared her complexion just in time for her wedding!

So go to the party, meet friends for dinner, leave the house without a full face of makeup, and show the world your gorgeous face!

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