A Personal Note from Our Founder, Cami, as We Enter 2021 Averr Aglow

A Personal Note from Our Founder, Cami, as We Enter 2021

Dear friends and Glowgetters,

As we approach the turn of this wild year, I wanted to check in on our Averr Aglow community. How are you? How have you overcome the obstacles that have come your way this year? Excited to see how we can grow and shift in 2021?

I’ve also been reflecting on the months gone by, learning from the wins and challenges I faced this year, and refocusing my energy for the months to come. If you have a few moments, I’d like to share my thoughts...and some announcements you won’t want to miss!

Looking Back on 2020

Ah, the end of 2020. This year, we’ve seen unparalleled circumstances unlike any other time. To say there were no surprises along the way would certainly be an understatement!

Reflecting back, it was a pivotal time spent reviewing priorities, redefining self-care, and discovering new ways to cherish our loved ones. For me, 2020 included many lessons, both in business and in my personal life.

Averr Aglow staff poses in heart shape with masks on

2020 brought amazing growth for Averr Aglow, and that growth brought new challenges. We’ve tripled our staff, moved operations twice, and worked diligently to keep up with the ever-changing nuances of our business. As a founder, I love crafting the vision and strategy of Averr Aglow’s future. Celebrating our company’s 5 year anniversary pushed me to levels I never thought possible. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, and asked myself many times: what am I in business for?

To be quite candid, it’s been for you, dear reader. The gratitude I have felt serving you in a time and place of uncertainty has been an incredible honor. Thank you so much for allowing me to enter your personal space and world. As a founder, it’s been quite the journey, and the fact that you gave our products a chance is something I do not take lightly.

It’s always exciting to enter a new year. My goal is to fill the year with hope, happiness, and further growth. I am here to bring you the best, no matter what challenges the world brings your way!

Looking Ahead to 2021

The team at Averr Aglow has been hard at work on some new surprises, and I can’t wait to share them with you.

  • Averr Aglow is evolving! January marks our move into a huge new facility, with room to expand every department and make our team the very best it can be. Watch as we take this extra space (five times larger!) and transform it into a gorgeous hive of beauty, empowerment, and creativity. The more we grow, the faster we can create those new Averr Aglow products you’ve been dreaming of!
new averr aglow warehouse

  • New deals and perks! 2021 will bring unforgettable sales and a reimagined VIP program. You’re helping make Averr Aglow a success, and we want to reward you for it. Be sure to follow us on social media and email to get all the updates as details are released.
  • And now, for the biggest announcement of all: you asked, and we listened. Coming soon is a WHOLE NEW LINE of Averr Aglow products, bursting with rejuvenating ingredients. Following our commitment to nature-based, high-quality products, this new line features unique botanicals, fresh scents, and incredible skin benefits. Trust me — I’m obsessed with these products, and you will be, too! (... What’s included in the line? You’ll just have to wait and see!)

Averr Aglow is gearing up for our best year yet, and we owe it all to you. Thank you for allowing us to serve you and enter your homes and hearts throughout 2020. Without our incredible community, there would be no Averr Aglow, and we are so grateful and honored to play a part in each of your clear skin journeys!

From all of us here at Averr Aglow, we’re wishing you a bright 2021 full of joy, love, and glorious self-confidence.

To 2021, full of fresh promise and living our best lives!

xx Cami

Camille and Levi, Founders of Averr Aglow

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