Volcanic ash from France? Really?!

As I said before, that’s the main ingredient of the pink clay used in our Clear Skin Elixir.

Now relax, we’re not risking our lives by running around French volcanoes, everytime they erupt, just to collect some ash for you…

Although, we’d do it if it meant you having the skin you’re dreaming of.

What we actually do is, we import...

The highest quality pink clay right from France.

Called by many experts, “the most gentle of all the clays”, pink clay is perfect for sensitive and irritable skin types.

Rich in minerals, it helps to improve cell renewal and skin elasticity.

Also, because of its negative ion charge, it actually pulls the toxins out of the skin giving it a more refined look.

Many skincare brands claim they use this amazing pink clay, but what they do instead is mix white and red clays. Or even worse, some add artificial colors to white clay so it looks pink.

The genuine product can be found in a very few places around the world, like France and Australia. That’s why we order just enough to produce only small batches of our Clear Skin Elixir.

That’s not the only thing I talk about in this short “Ingredient Spotlight” video.

I firmly believe…

You need to know what goes into your skincare products!

So, here are some more natural ingredients found in Averr Aglow’s products:

Raspberry Seed Oil - building block of our Flawless Nourishment Cream and our Clear Skin Elixir, this cold-pressed oil has a natural SPF (protects your skin from the sun), helps it retain more water so it’s hydrated throughout the day, and helps it heal wounds and breakouts faster.

Prickly Pear Seed Oil - used in our Perfectionist Overnight Serum and sourced straight from Morocco, this natural oil is filthy rich in Vitamin E. Even richer than Argan oil, widely regarded as the best source of the vitamin. Its magic is that it helps the skin reduce inflammation.

The truth is we use 60+ plant and mineral based ingredients when making the Averr Aglow products.

It’ll take me much longer to list all the amazing benefits they deliver.

So for starters, check the short Ingredient Spotlight video and learn how we use nature’s gifts to nourish your skin.

I hope you enjoy it!