Business as usual? Not quite.

Averr Aglow is all about helping people.

In fact, it’s been our mission since day one!

These days, people need help more than ever. The world is faced with a problem unlike any we’ve ever seen. Here at Averr Aglow, we’re committed to being part of the solution — and you can help!

Right now, every Averr Aglow purchase will provide a $6 donation to the CDC Foundation and their efforts to fight the coronavirus.

We're also shipping a free hand sanitizer with every order to help keep our communities safe!

How each donation helps:

In response to the coronavirus outbreak, doctors at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are working day and night to curb the pandemic and save lives.
The CDC is located right here in Atlanta, the same city that Averr Aglow calls home, and we are so proud to support their efforts!
By contributing to the CDC Foundation through your purchase, you help us fill a vital need.
Our teamwork will fund medical supplies, deploy emergency staff to health agencies, increase lab capacity in the race for a vaccine, provide support to vulnerable communities, and much more!

Averr Aglow is taking all possible steps to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Our safety precautions:

  1. All office staff are working from home to help flatten the curve.
  2. We are sterilizing our workstations daily.
  3. We have cold plasma O3 generators running 24-hours in our facilities to kill bacteria, mold, and viruses.
  4. We’ve installed plexiglass dividers in our workstations.
  5. All production and fulfillment staff are gloved and masked.
  6. On-site employees are encouraged to reduce points of contact (i.e. bringing lunch from home rather than going out during their workday).
  7. No delivery persons or other outside personnel are being allowed into our facilities.
  8. We have hand sanitizer stations set up all around our facilities.
  9. PLUS! To help mitigate supply shortages, we are now making hand sanitizer in-house!

We know that everyone is in a tough situation right now.

Many of us are feeling inconvenienced, lonely, or downright scared.

But we’re in this together!