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Averr Aglow Ambassadors Program

Averr Aglow ambassador program is an exclusive membership for the most loyal & influential supporters of our community who are very passionate about our brand and the purpose of it.

Why join us?

Get more followers

We’ll help you increase your following by featuring you on our social media channels.

Earn money

Receive monthly 15% of the total value you’ve brought through your referral code.

Reach more people

Reach millions of people in the US. We’ll give you a chance of spending money on your account to reach more people.

Get free products

FREE Products monthly. You’ll get free products from us on a monthly basis.

AMBASSADOR Requirements

Good on camera

We’ll ask you to post 1-2 photos every 2 weeks. Send us 2 videos per month sharing your experience using our products.

Positive Attitude

We want our ambassadors to have a positive attitude towards life and share it with our customers!

Have a following of at least 5k

ambassador responsibilities

As an Averr Aglow ambassador, you will actively promote us throughout your social media accounts and/or blogs to your community.

You will also provide us with content, such as photos and videos of you using Averr Aglow from different angles.

You are expected to have some knowledge about the brand and its products so you can promote not only the brand image but also the specifics and help people by including links to our website and answering questions they will have.

How to Apply?

We only choose ambassadors who really match our brand and are willing to actively participate in this program and help us grow our community. Your job as an ambassador is to passionately represent Averr Aglow and promote us actively.