Become A Skincare Influencer

Averr Aglow Ambassadors Program

The Averr Aglow Ambassador Program is an exclusive membership for our most passionate and loyal customers! Ambassadors work together with the Glowteam to spread the joy of clear skin.

Why join us?

Big Discounts

Get 20% off your favorite Averr Aglow products for the duration of your time as an ambassador!

More Followers

Expand your reach when we tag you in the content we post on our instagram pages.

Money in the Bank

Earn a 10% commission on each purchase made using your unique discount code for friends and followers!

FREE Merch

Get a welcome package at the start of our partnership with exclusive Averr Aglow merchandise!

AMBASSADOR Requirements

Passion for Averr Aglow

You know the brand, you love the products and you want nothing more than to share your success story with the world!

Positive On-Camera Energy

You already spend an innate amount of time on camera (what else are smartphones for??) and you’ve got that million-watt smile that turns heads. You’re as comfortable chatting on video about your clear skin journey, as you are gossiping with your bestie about your weird coworker.

Belief in Clean, Organic Beauty

Natural ingredients are important to you, not just in your skincare but in your life. You look for ways to live a healthy lifestyle because you’ve already noticed the snowball effect your health has on everything else.

ambassador responsibilities

Share Your Skin Journey

You’ll send us videos that tell us all about you, your skin, where you started, and what stage of the journey you’re in now. You’ll explain any hesitation you’ve had about trying different skincare and the success you finally found with Averr Aglow.

Spread the Love

Send your unique affiliate link to everyone! Family, friends, acquaintances, followers, etc. The more people who use your link to purchase their Averr Aglow products, the more money in your pocket.

How to Apply?

Applying is simple! Fill out an application with all your important information and submit a 30-second video telling us why you want to be an Averr Aglow Ambassador. Remember, we want to see your passion and personality.