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melanin beauty

Dark-skinned queens know that melanin beauty is a realm unto itself. Explore with us as we address and celebrate rich complexions!
The Ultimate Guide to Acne Scars
the ultimate guide to acne scars

For 12 years, I tried everything to get rid of acne scars. But one day, I finally found the info I needed to clear up my skin for good! Here is everything you need to know about acne scars.

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How I Stopped Pcos In Its Tracks and Finally Cleared My Acne
how i stopped pcos in its tracks and finally cleared my acne

I have Pcos. Truthfully everything about the sentence sucks. Let me say instead, I am recovering from Pcos and the acne that it caused for years. After trying everything, there was one thing that worked and it seriously changed my skin forever! Find out how I did it!

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