Snow mushroom extract for hydrated skin

The Hydrating Mystique of Snow Mushroom

As beauty trends ebb and flow, we all seem to strain forward, desperately seeking whatever is new and next. Our eager eyes are fixed on the future, ever tempted by the promise of the cutting edge.

But is new always better? What about traditional skincare wonders?

Think of classic icons like Cleopatra or Helen of Troy. They possessed beauty so legendary that it still ripples into the present, celebrated, and eternal. But their looks didn’t rely on “revolutionary” chemicals or lab-synthesized compounds — they cultivated their allure with natural minerals and botanicals from the world around them. 

At Averr Aglow, it’s a lesson we’ve taken to heart. So when we craft products to empower your luminous beauty, we don’t just look to the future. We also look to the past.

A Beauty Delicacy from the Mists of Ancient China

Modern China may seem like a bustling hive of activity, but the veil of history lays thin over daily life. All those current innovations sit elbow-to-elbow with timeworn monuments, and a few steps in the right direction can suddenly lift the veil to transport you back in time.

These pockets exist all across China. When you cross into the sprawling courtyards of the Forbidden City, the smooth-worn stones beneath you seem to echo with ancient footsteps. From the Great Wall’s winding battlements, you can feel the wild winds of ages past. Sip fragrant jasmine tea by the lotus ponds of the Summer Palace, and the years fall away like flower petals.

China is a country steeped in history and culture


In a country so steeped with culture and memories of generations gone, the weight of history settles around you like a blanket. You walk the same paths, pass through the same doorways, and marvel at the same breathtaking vistas. Celebrations still center around meals handed down from antiquity, and traditional remedies are still prized for their gentle, holistic abilities.

One such remedy is a lace-delicate luxury known as snow mushroom.

In China, snow mushroom has been cherished as a beauty-enhancing treasure for hundreds of years. It dates back 1400 years to the Tang dynasty, a golden age renowned for its art, poetry, and opulent way of life. Even the dazzling Yang Guifei, one of China’s four great beauties, apparently attributed her pristine and youthful appearance to the snow mushroom’s enriching influence.

Snow mushroom is an incredible and natural beauty ingredient


Snow mushroom grows in broadleaf forests across southeast Asia, gilding fallen logs like graceful installations of milk-white glass. Even today, its fine, translucent petals are used in ice cream and jelly desserts. And with snow mushrooms in the recipe, these treats are as popular for their skin-hydrating properties as their subtly sweet flavor.

But how has this rare skincare ingredient managed to stand the test of time? Because the moisturizing powers of snow mushrooms are more than the stuff of folklore.

Snow Mushroom’s Unparalleled Hydration

The search for dewy, moisture-rich skin has fueled a craze for modern ingredients like hyaluronic acid. But nature has already given us a better solution, thanks to snow mushroom’s natural potency.

Like hyaluronic acid, snow mushroom helps bind moisture to your ever-thirsty skin. It can hold up to 500 times its weight in water, making it an intensely hydrating addition to any product. Snow mushroom has one additional advantage over hyaluronic acid. Because it is made up of much smaller particles, snow mushroom penetrates your skin more easily and deeply, empowering your complexion with plush moisturization.


Snow mushroom also contains anti-inflammatory molecules called polysaccharides. These valuable compounds help calm irritation, fight oxidative stress, and strengthen your skin barrier to lock in moisture. With soothed skin and improved hydration, your complexion is left looking fresher, smoother, and more youthful. Best of all, you can reap these benefits knowing that you’re rewarding your skin with a clean, natural beauty ingredient.

Such profound moisture payoff is almost irresistibly beneficial, especially for fragile skin. But snow mushroom isn’t easy to find. So how can you put this uncommon botanical to work in your daily routine?

Snow Mushroom for Brighter Eyes and Softer Lips

Thanks to the feather-light glide of snow mushrooms, you don’t have to smother your complexion with heavy ointments to achieve thorough hydration. Even the thinnest skin thrives under snow mushroom’s lightweight finish.

That’s why it’s perfect for the two most delicate areas of your face — your tender lips and your sensitive eyes. The skin around your eyes and on your lips is fragile and easily damaged, so it takes an incredibly special ingredient to treat this skin with the care it needs. Enter snow mushroom.

Seeking a more lush and supple pout?

Snow mushroom extract plays a starring role in our Goodnight Kiss Lip Mask. This long-wear overnight mask, available in our Perfect Pout Lip Kit, imbues penetrating hydration and nourishment. The moisturizing power of snow mushrooms is paired with other enriching botanicals like strawberry extract and illipe seed butter to revivify your lips naturally.

Ready to restore your eyes and diminish bags, dark circles, and crows’ feet?

Snow mushroom also lends its sumptuous hydration to both creams in our Perfectly Fresh Eyes Kit. This AM/PM duo offers complete rejuvenation and helps keep the skin around your eyes silky-smooth. In the morning, the cloud-soft day cream brings your eyes to life with a gentle glide of calming refreshment. In the evening, the thick and velvety night cream deposits deep-reaching nutrients that renew your skin as you sleep.

Averr Aglow Goodnight Kiss Lip Mask and Perfectly Fresh Eyes Kit


The urge for progress is utterly human, but some traditions are worth holding onto. Century upon century, snow mushroom has proven that its skin-enhancing properties are more than any trend or fad. Like the lasting monuments of old China, snow mushroom has endured, and now we can reap the benefits.

But your quest for snow mushrooms doesn’t require a trip to Asia’s distant shores. With our Goodnight Kiss Lip Mask and Perfectly Fresh Eyes Kit, this unparalleled botanical will come straight to you.

Yang Guifei may have been one of China’s four great beauties. But with snow mushroom in your routine, now it’s time to let your unique beauty shine!

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