Meet the Pep Squad: What Peptides Can Do For Your Skin

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Anna Denson

Are you a science girl? Or more of a zoned-out-in-biology, please-don’t-ask-me type?

Glancing at a typical skincare ingredient list can be enough to make anyone’s head spin. What are all these syllables? Should you be worried about all these unfamiliar compounds?

It can be a lot to take in. Luckily, you don’t have to stress when you see terminology like “peptides.” Peptides may sound intensely scientific, but these helpful molecules couldn’t be more natural!

At Averr Aglow, we like to keep it simple. Our ingredient lists are full of wholesome, easy-to-read minerals and botanicals.

What Are Peptides?

Spoiler alert: peptides are already a part of your skin. They are the building blocks that make up proteins like collagen and elastin, which give your skin structure and keep it bouncy and firm.

Great! That’s all you needed to know, right? Since your skin already produces peptides naturally, you can just sit back and relax now. ...Can’t you?

Nice try. But as you get older, your skin needs all the extra help it can get, including with its peptide levels. Collagen begins degrading as early as your 20s, and as the years roll by, it becomes harder and harder for your body to keep up collagen production.

Enter your friendly neighborhood peptides. This pep squad is ready to stimulate collagen and prep your skin for glowing longevity.



The Benefits of Peptides for Your Skin

Want to preserve your skin’s innate glow? Peptides are here for you. Their buddy-buddy relationships with proteins allow peptides to strengthen your complexion in a number of ways.

Reduce Wrinkles

True to their name, collagen-based peptides can boost the collagen and elastin in your skin, helping keep your skin taut, smooth, and wrinkle-free.

Calm Inflammation

Feel like you’re stuck with a permanent case of bed-face? Peptides can help ease inflammation, reducing swelling, under-eye bags, and general puffiness. Net result? A sleeker, well-rested, and more youthful appearance.

Defend Against Environmental Damage

Many peptides act like antioxidants, reinforcing your skin barrier. This helps protect you against harmful environmental threats like air pollution, dirt, cigarette smoke, and even those cancerous UV rays.

Fight Bacterial Invaders

Like to keep things extra-clean? Peptides can also help protect your skin from harmful microbes and bacteria. This is an advantage for all skin types, but especially if you are sensitive or acne-prone.

Improve Skin Healing

Since peptides deal with pesky distractions like bacteria and inflammation, your skin can focus its energy on the actual healing process. This paves the way for quicker recovery from damage, blemishes, and wrinkles.

And these are just a few of the incredible, natural ways that peptides can help set your skin up for luminous success. 

So, on to the most important question: how can you get these peptides into your routine?


Peptides in Skincare

One of the easiest ways to introduce skin-enriching peptides to your busy lifestyle is by picking the right skincare products.

To ward off the signs of aging, you want to pump up the collagen in your skin. So you’d better grab every collagen-laced skincare product you can get your hands on, right?

Actually, collagen molecules are too big to absorb into your skin. They end up just sitting around on the surface, basically useless. And all that money you just dropped on collagen skincare isn’t going to deliver the results you’ve been hoping for.

You were on the right track, but clunky, collagen-infused products just weren’t the right choice. The real answer to younger-looking skin? Peptides.

Because peptide molecules are much smaller than proteins like collagen, they can actually penetrate into the deeper layers of your skin. There, they encourage your cells to produce collagen and elastin from within.

Basically, peptides + your face = skin that’s more empowered to care for itself.

So by including peptide-rich products in your skincare routine, you can infuse your complexion with skin-enhancing goodness and help release a fresher, younger glow.


The Peptides in Our Forever Radiant Kit

Counting up your age and wondering if peptides are for you? Girl, yes. There’s no such thing as “too early” or “too late” for extra collagen. Wherever you’re at in your life journey, you can incorporate peptides. That’s why we’re thrilled to include peptides in our innovative preventative aging line, which is specifically designed to protect and revitalize your skin at any age.

And the best part? The earlier you start, the longer you can maintain and cherish your own natural beauty!



Averr Aglow Forever Radiant Kit for preventative aging skincare



Since our beginnings, Averr Aglow has valued high-quality, natural-based skincare that actually works. So of course, we wanted our preventative aging products to deliver unparallelled results for your skin. Before we formulated our Forever Radiant Kit, we set ourselves three peptide criteria to create the best products possible.

1. Pair peptides with the right partners.


Remember that old chestnut, “Teamwork makes the dream work?” Peptides work especially well with vitamin C and other antioxidants, so we matched them up with vitamin-rich botanical ingredients like Kakadu plum and kahai oil.


2. Long-wear peptide products are always better.


The longer a product sits on your skin, the deeper all those peptides will be able to sink in. How can they even make a dent if you rinse them off right away? That’s why we prioritized peptides in long-wear products like Forever Radiant’s overnight mask and rinseless cleanser. We even infused peptides into the Kit’s face mist, so you can get a collagen boost with every midday spritz. 


3. Choose the most effective peptides for your skin.


Alas, not all peptide products are created equal. There are many different peptides out there, and some don’t do anything for your skin. But that doesn’t stop certain companies from including them as a sales strategy, bragging on their useless peptides to confuse and mislead you. Why settle for these subpar peptides? At Averr Aglow, we weren’t interested in any of this marketing trickery. For our Forever Radiant line, we wanted first-rate, rejuvenating peptides that deliver real results.

With these criteria in mind, we intentionally chose only the best peptides to restore and nourish your precious complexion.


We love this superstar peptide so much that it appears in three out of four products in our Forever Radiant Kit. Like a kinder, gentler alternative to Botox, hexapeptide-8 softens the muscle contractions beneath your skin to help reduce and prevent expression wrinkles. Crow’s feet? Nope. Laugh lines? Never heard of them.


This restorative peptide is the perfect relief for stressed skin, which is why we included it in the Forever Radiant Kit twice: specifically, in the Kit’s moisturizer and overnight mask. These longwear formulas give nonapeptide-1 time to sink deep into your skin, where it helps improve your circulation and lock in moisture. Bonus: this peptide can help ward off unwanted dark spots by blocking excess melanin.

Trifluoroacetyl Tripeptide-2

Our Kit’s overnight mask also includes this little charmer, which lovingly sculpts your face into it’s most supple and ageless self. Tripeptide-2 controls aging from multiple angles. It helps reduce sagging and wrinkles, block cell-aging proteins, and improve your skin’s firmness and elasticity.



Averr Aglow Invigorating Renewing Elixir



Our trio of peptides are a triple threat, taking your preventative aging skincare game from good to great. All around, topical skincare is an excellent way to support and reinvigorate your timeless skin.

Can’t get enough of these powerful, illuminating peptides? If you’re a fan of the holistic approach, you may want even more ways to introduce peptides into your life. Ways like...


Peptide Supplements

If you occasionally haunt your drugstore’s shelves of bulk vitamins and protein mixes, tubs of peptide powders may have caught your attention.

Do they work for your skin? Can you even absorb peptides by eating them?

Research is still underway, but it definitely seems possible. In the same way peptides are smaller and easier to absorb through your skin, they may be easier to digest than full-sized proteins. And once digested, these little peptides can slip quickly into your bloodstream and get to work.

“Great! Question answered. I’m gonna go grab the first peptide supplement I see!”

Not so fast, mi amiga. There is more than one type of peptide supplement on the market, so you need to make sure you’re choosing one that’s right for your skin goals. The two most popular peptide supplements are:


Creatine peptides


Which are for building muscle mass. These won’t help your skin (but might help you get swole).


Collagen peptides


Which are probably what you’re looking for. These supplements may give your skin health a boost — especially if paired with peptides in your topical skincare products. Why not nourish problem areas from both inside and out?

Similar to your topical peptide products, the aim of skin-friendly peptide supplements is to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve elasticity. However, supplements aren’t closely regulated by the FDA, and their quality can vary wildly. So make sure you source any supplements from a company that you trust!

Not sure whether you’re ready to take the peptide powder plunge? Try dipping your toe in to test the waters first. Instead of splurging on a pricey supplement tub, you may be able to naturally increase your peptide intake with collagen-rich foods.



Peptide-rich foods can help your body produce collagen and elastin



    For best results, why not go for a two-pronged peptide campaign? By upping peptides in your diet and using nourishment-infusing peptide skincare, you can take your complexion to the next level.


    You’re worth it. Isn’t the health and radiance of your skin worth it, too?


    Get your Forever Radiant Kit today, and experience the power of peptides firsthand.

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