Announcing Our “Healthcare Worker Wellness” Campaign and Giveaway Averr Aglow

Announcing Our “Healthcare Worker Wellness” Campaign and Giveaway

Welcome, Glowgetters. Are you ready to spread the glow with #AverrAglowCares? Because we are excited to share a very personal announcement with all of you.

2020 has been a strange, tough year for everyone, and no one has been put under more stress than those in the medical field. They have to stay strong through difficult shifts, increased anxiety, and endless exhaustion in the wake of COVID-19.

Medical professionals are working tirelessly day and night to take care of those in critical condition, but who is taking care of them?

The rise of stress among healthcare workers is such a big deal that university researchers have already done a study on it. We’re all feeling the emotional effects of this pandemic, but healthcare workers are getting the brunt of it. According to this study, their depressive systems are even more severe than those of the general public.

And for many of our loved ones in the medical field, these overwhelming issues are compounded by smaller daily struggles like mask-induced skin irritation and a lack of time for positive self-care.

It’s too much. These healthcare warriors can’t do it all on their own.

We want to help.

Averr Aglow has put our heads together and found our own way to give back. We’re calling it our “Healthcare Worker Wellness” campaign. As a gesture of support and gratitude to our heroes on the front line, we’re giving away 1000 free Maskne Relief Kits to doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals across the US.

1000 free Maskne Relief Kits = more than $73,000 in goodwill to support our frontline workers.

For our founder, Cami, this cause is an especially meaningful one. “We have close friends who are healthcare workers, and we know how hard this pandemic has been for them. Just relentless.”

“On top of that, many of them are struggling with skin issues after wearing their masks all day. They’re seeing dry skin, redness, and breakouts. I’ve experienced some mask irritation myself, and I can only imagine how awful it is for healthcare workers wearing masks during a long, 24-hour shift. These workers are already dealing with so much stress. More than anyone, they deserve to feel confident and comfortable in their skin.”

Cami added, “We’re also concerned that healthcare workers don’t have opportunities to practice any self-care. Skincare can be very mentally restorative. You’re doing something that directly nourishes your wellbeing. Isn’t that what self-care is all about?”

The Maskne Relief Kit

When Averr Aglow saw this growing need among our healthcare workers, we decided to rise to the occasion. Our whole team, led by expert chemists, immediately hit pause on other projects to focus on developing the Maskne Relief Kit.

Averr Aglow Maskne Relief Kit

Each kit contains two full-size Averr Aglow products: the Clear Skin Elixir and our brand-new Maskne Face Spray.

Specially designed for mask irritation and breakouts, the Maskne Face Spray features a botanical blend to soothe both body and soul. Natural-based ingredients like rosemary and cucumber help counteract harmful bacteria and environmental damage, while calming chamomile helps reduce inflammation.

The spray also gives you a mental aromatherapy boost with its light yet invigorating scent, featuring refreshing notes of peppermint and lemongrass.

“The more we thought about our friends on the front line, we knew we had to create this product. It really came from the heart.” — Cami, founder of Averr Aglow

Part two of our Maskne Relief Kit is our Clear Skin Elixir. This overnight mask helps draw impurities from the skin with 15+ naturally active ingredients like coral and French pink clay. Paired with the Maskne Face Spray, it will help soothe skin, remove trapped dirt and bacteria, and reduce mask-induced breakouts.

Part of our signature product line, the Elixir is a fan-favorite that has been instrumental for many customers’ path to clear skin.

“We have customers in our Facebook community that have become like family,” Cami said of our beloved Averr Aglow tribe. “We’ve watched them journey from red and painful skin toward freer, happier lives. Seeing some of them struggle again with mask irritation is so upsetting. We just hope that this Maskne Relief Kit is truly that — a relief.”

How You Can Help:

Easy: help us spread the word about this initiative!

As Cami said, “If you have friends or family that work in the medical field, tell them about our giveaway. Share it on your social media. Shout it from the rooftops! We want to reach as many healthcare workers as possible.”

The campaign can be shared online using #HealthcareWorkerWellness and #AverrAglowCares.

“Frontline workers, especially in healthcare, need our support. We all have to do our part, however we can.” — Cami, founder of Averr Aglow

How to Get Your Kit:

To apply for the “Healthcare Worker Wellness” giveaway, check our social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook for submission details.

Not a healthcare worker? You deserve fresh skin, too! If you are dying to try the Maskne Face Spray or Maskne Relief Kit, watch this space for their public release date. It won’t be long now, so get ready to order your own kit for a clearer complexion and a calmer soul.

Remember: in these “unprecedented times,” we all need to take extra-special care of both our bodies AND our hearts. xx

Love from the whole Averr Aglow Glowteam

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