Blue Tansy, the Essential Botanical That Inspired Our Preventative Aging Line Averr Aglow

Blue Tansy, the Essential Botanical That Inspired Our Preventative Aging Line

When I discovered that our new Forever Radiant Kit was inspired by Moroccan blue tansy, I was transported. The intense cerulean color, the evocative floral scent...each new product spoke to me of palm-shaded courtyards and warm desert winds.

What is Blue Tansy?

A few years ago, I spent a week in Morocco, trekking through the markets of Marrakech. Each day I awoke to the sound of muezzin chanting and slipped past the guesthouse’s cool mosaic fountain to venture out into the desert heat. It was a land of mystery and enchantment that remains emblazoned like a beacon in my memory.

I remember taking a long day trip into the Atlas mountains. We were driving from Marrakech to Ait-Ben-Haddou, an ancient kasbah that perches at the edge of the Sahara like a glistening sandcastle. Across the hillsides, flowers punctuated the rugged and rocky terrain in rare bursts of light.

I didn’t realize, then, that the flowers were called blue tansies and were more than they appeared — wild, tenacious, and deeply restorative.

What is Blue Tansy


What is Blue Tansy Oil?

Magical Properties:

Tiny tansies dot the Moroccan landscape in elusive pockets, beginning their lives as tall, weedy plants crowned in golden clusters. Picked in their thousands, the yellow buds and their chamazulene oils are transformed through steam distillation, transforming and emerging as an oil blue as the Mediterranean Sea.

What is Blue Tansy Oil


Scent: What Does Blue Tansy Smell Like?

This sapphire-hued essential oil gives the blue tansy flower its name and carries blue tansy’s signature perfume, a sweet and herbal bouquet prized in aromatherapy. Even a subtle waft can soothe and lift your mood, creating a moment of perfect tranquility. It’s the same honeyed scent that strikes me when I use the Forever Radiant Kit, drifting from sun-drenched Moroccan memories to ease my spirits first thing in the morning or as I prepare for a restful sleep.

Forever Radiant Kit


As I first explored each product, I discovered that this enticing indigo oil goes far beyond aromatherapy. Growing in challenging, rocky climates uniquely infuses blue tansy with nutrients it needs to survive, and these same nutrients bathe your skin in illuminating nourishment.

Blue Tansy Benefits

Preventative aging is about supporting and empowering your skin to keep your innate beauty at its peak. For this holistic goal, Blue Tansy is a perfect fit. Our gentle blue oil helps restore peace to your sensitive skin with lush reserves of sabinene, chamazulene, and camphor. These botanical compounds reduce inflammation, repair damaged skin, and enrich your complexion with protective antioxidants to help preserve its natural glow.

Camphor, in particular, makes blue tansy the perfect balm to cherish and maintain your youthful skin. While some people have asked if it will stain your skin - “How can it possibly be so drenched with illuminating color, and yet be so transparent?” – the answer is: it will saturate and replenish your skin, but never stain. 💙

In the Forever Radiant Kit, the cornerstone of our preventative aging line, you can feel the soothing, therapeutic qualities of blue tansy first-hand.

How Does Blue Tansy Work Its Magic?

  • Calms inflammation, irritation, and puffiness
  • Repairs damage to maintain smooth, unblemished skin
  • Re-energizes your elastin and collagen for a firmer, younger appearance
  • Defends your skin from bacteria to keep your complexion pristine

Soothing, nourishing,’s no wonder that blue tansy has been treasured for generations. Trends ebb and flow, but skin-enhancing botanicals like blue tansy stand the test of time.

Using Blue Tansy Oil With Confidence

Blue tansy oil is almost too valuable for its good. As the secret of its true worth trickled out from Morocco to the rest of the world, demand rose and wild blue tansy was nearly harvested out of existence.

Even now, it is one of the most expensive and coveted essential oils on the market. Some suppliers cut corners by mixing blue tansy with cheap vegetable oils or replacing it with oil from the common tansy — which lacks skin benefits and is dangerously toxic.

But cheap products produce cheap results. That’s why Averr Aglow uses nothing but the best.

Our pure blue tansy oil is of the highest grade, suffusing your skin with nutrients for an authentically luminous finish. And because we are conscious of preserving this precious resource, our blue tansy is collected with sustainable practices. So you can embrace this incredible botanical with utter confidence and care for the world around you.

Blue tansy is a gift from nature, and we feel so fortunate to share it with you through several luxurious and indulgent products.

No.2 Refining Cleansing Nectar:

Blue tansy joins its counterparts within this bottled-gradient sky, like Chaulmoogra Seed Oil, Kahai Oil, and Fig Seed Oil. This family of natural botanicals and ingredients blends to embed deep within and illuminate the skin, all as a no-rinse cleanser, so you can easily indulge on the go.

No.2 Refining Cleansing Nectar


No.3 Invigorating Renewing Elixir

This ménage has many preventative aging components, in addition to blue tansy, including Organic Apple Cellular Water, Bakuchiol, French Plum Seed Oil, and Glacial Oceanic Clay. As a night mask, it’ll nourish your skin at serum strength all night long.

No.3 Invigorating Renewing Elixir


No.4 Decadent Restoring Cream

Blue tansy is just one of many moisturizing, age-defying natural ingredients packed into a lovely, creamy jar of restoring cream, which will also soothe dry and irritated skin.

No.4 Decadent Restoring Cream


By including blue tansy in our products, we hope not only to fill you with the confidence of lasting, beautiful skin — we hope to bring you back with us to the untamed blooms on that high Atlas overlook, with sunlight dappling the mountains and the North African breeze in your hair.

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