29 Photos of Dreamy Bathtub Decor That Will Make You Swoon

Anna Denson
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Anna Denson

We have a lot of #lifegoals. But is there anything more aspirational than the perfect, most inviting bathtub?

Each of these pictures makes us long for scented candles, fluffy towels, and a hot, relaxing soak. Maybe we'll pick up a jar of luxurious body polish and treat ourselves to a bath tonight. (Or this weekend, or the next time we're actually in a house with a tub. Alas, tiny apartment life!)

Until then, we'll just gaze adoringly at these photos and dream of baths to come.


1.  This Romantic Cottagecore Bathtub

White clawfoot bathtub with flowers and candles


2.  This Stunning Copper Bathtub

Stunning pink bathroom with copper bathtub


3.  This Bathtub With a Snowy View

Snowy winter bathroom with large windows and natural wood


4.  This Fresh Blue and White Bath Aesthetic

Blue and white bathroom with clawfoot bathtub


5.  This Sweet Neopolitan Ice Cream Vibe

Pink bathtub with striped neopolitan wallpaper


6. This Tempting Pink Bath Soak

Pink aesthetic bathtub inspo


7.  This Pure White Bath

Clean white bathroom with clawfoot tub and sheer curtains


8.  This Mystical Stone Bathtub

Gorgeous stone bathtub with roses and crystals


9.  This Artsy Centerpiece Bathtub

Classy blue bathroom with floral vine bathtub


10.  This Bathtub With Tropical Floral Inspo

Tropical floral bathtub inspo


11.  This Lush Outdoor Bathtub

Stunning outdoor clawfoot bathtub with live plant wall


12.  This Charming Rustic Bathtub

Porcelain bathtub with live flowers and brick wall


13.  This Vision in Pink

Stunning pink bathroom inspo with pink clawfoot bathtub


14.  This Bath With Good Vibes Only

Cute bathtub decor inspo


15.  This Bath With Classic Style

Blue and white tiled bathroom with clawfoot bathtub


16.  This Perfectly Pink Bathwater

Pink water bathtub


17.  This Inviting Pastel Bath

Blue aesthetic bath with tulips


18.  When Modern Meets Vintage

Sleek oval bathtub with gilded mirror


19.  This Casual Clear Skin Bath

Bathtub tableau with Averr Aglow products

Pamper your complexion while you soak! Our botanical-based skincare products naturally nourish your skin.


20. This Bath for Plant Lovers

Turquoise bath inspo for plant lovers


21.  This Spa-Worthy Circle Bathtub

Round wood-finish bathtub with tall arched window


22.  This Understated Tropical Bath

Cozy white bathtub with candles and botanical prints


23.  This Simple and Perfect Bubble Bath

Bubble bath with book and white wine


24.  These Expertly Mixed Tile Patterns

Pink tiled bathroom


25.  This Soothing Skylight Bath

Dreamy bathroom with white bathtub and skylights


26.  This Subtly Chic Earth-toned Bathroom

Round bathtub inspo


27.  This Spa Night Bubblebath

White bathtub with wooden shelf  and eucalyptus


28.  This Bath for Free Spirits

Modern bathroom with built-in bathtub


29.  This LBT: Little Black Tub

Girl with bouquet in black bathtub


Which one was your favorite?

We'll happily bathe in them all, as long as we can bring our Illuminating Essence Exfoliating Mask...and maybe a glass of rosé. xx

Anna Denson
Written by
Anna Denson
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